10 Biggest U.S. Companies That Accept Bitcoin

10 Biggest U.S. Companies That Accept Bitcoin

Over the past few years, some of the world’s largest companies began to adopt Bitcoin, embracing its relentless volatility and ever-growing infrastructure. Here’s 10 Biggest U.S. Companies That Accept Bitcoin.

Bitcoin gained even more credibility last April, when Japan voted to officially recognize Bitcoin as a legal tender. And this move triggered a 400% BTC rate increase, so it’s safe to assume that the rest of the world will soon follow suit.

Today, you can use BTC to pay your phone bill, order a satellite TV subscription, book your next vacation, and purchase anything from a t-shirt to a brand new car. The need to browse obscure, off-brand websites is long gone – chances are, your favorite retailers and service providers already accept Bitcoin.

Here are 10 of the Biggest BTC-Friendly Brands in the World

#10 – DELL

Dell has been pioneering the future of PCs and laptops for over a decade. So it’s no wonder that the tech giant was among the first to encourage Bitcoin transactions via dell.com.

In 2014, the company partnered with Coinbase – America’s leading exchange – to simplify the payment process. At checkout, just choose the digital currency as your payment method and you’re automatically redirected to Coinbase for processing. For those who use a different exchange/wallet, there’s also a manual transfer option.

#9 – Expedia Inc. & CheapAir.com

Expedia Inc., the company behind the famous travel-booking site, actually owns most of their competition, including Orbitz, Travelocity, Trivago, and over 200 others. As such, it was definitely a big deal for the conglomerate to integrate BTC payments back in 2015.

On the other hand, the much smaller CheapAir.com website accomplished that task two years sooner. By 2013, their customers were using coins to instantly book flights and hotels.

#8 – Overstock.com

The CEO of Overstock, Jonathan Johnson, happens to be a vocal supporter of the decentralized cryptocurrency. In a July interview, Johnson told Business Insider that he has never been more confident in Bitcoin’s sustainability. He added that retailers who still don’t accept it are “plain crazy”.

As of last month, Overstock.com also accepts a number of “alt-coin” options, including Litecoin and Ethereum.

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#7 – Etsy & Shopify

Despite selling identical services in different packaging, Etsy and Shopify each dominate a huge chunk of the e-merchant business sector. The two companies are competing for the same customer base, which is why each one aims to seem unique in every way possible.

Nevertheless, both agree when it comes to supporting BTC payments. Both platforms are powered by BitPay.

#6 – DISH Network

While it is best known for DISH TV, the global corporation offers a wide range of direct-broadcast satellite services. DISH Network brings interactive television and audio programming to approximately 13.9 million people across the U.S.  As of now, it’s the only American TV & Internet provider that allows you to pay your bills in Bitcoin.

#5 – Steam

In 2014, Steam was named the largest PC gaming distributor on the planet. Since that time, the platform has nearly doubled in size, now boasting approximately 89 million active users. 76% of all PC gamers are members of Steam, so it only makes sense that they accept Bitcoin. The option first became available in 2016.

#4 – eGifter

Surprisingly enough, it takes a whole company to run eGifter smoothly. Sure, it’s not as big as all the others on this list, but it offers a totally unique advantage to BTC users. By buying gift cards, not only do you get to shop at places that don’t normally accept cryptocurrency, but also get to save an average of 20% (compared to customers who pay with fiat).

#3 – Zynga Corp.

You may not recognize the name without the iconic red bulldog logo, but you have definitely heard of Zynga. The corporation’s executive, Mark Pincus, is the original developer of the Social Game genre. ChefVille, FarmVille and every other progressive Facebook RPG game are a product of Zynga Corp. And, in case you weren’t addicted to their games yet, Zynga now accepts Bitcoin in addition to a few other digital currencies.

#2 – Tesla

Tesla makes some of the most stunning, high-performance electric cars on the market. Known for futuristic designs and cutting-edge automation features, Tesla combines superb engineering with unmatched performance and eco-friendly efficiency. So it should come as no surprise that the company adopted the world’s most efficient, paperless payment method. On average, one of every 40 cars they sell are bought using BTC.

#1 – Microsoft

A giant among tech giants, Microsoft put its full support behind Bitcoin in 2014. And commercial/personal software packages were just the start. You can now use the original decentralized virtual coins to buy apps for all Windows Mobile devices. Plus, the option is also available in the Xbox store.

The next Microsoft Office package – in particular Excel 2017 – will feature exclusive tools & features designed for Bitcoin analytics. In addition to that, the Azure Blockchain platform will be getting a full makeover this year.

Why don’t all brands accept Bitcoin?

Since no two companies are the same, there is no simple answer to this question. For most, it’s some combination of concerns regarding the exchange rate stability and an unwillingness to invest the initial overhead costs. Meanwhile, many family-oriented brands fear being associated with dark-web drug dealers, which is still an unfortunate stereotype for Bitcoin supporters.

One thing is for certain – whether big business likes it or not, the blockchain is here to stay. Anyone who is still fear-mongering about “the end of Bitcoin” is either misinformed or in denial.

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