International Auto Club (IAC) ICO Review: Is it Legit?

There are two ways through which a product can reach a consumer. Either he/she purchases the product directly from the manufacturer or he/she gets it from a middle man, the retail trader. If he goes the first route, then there are chances that the household might save a buck or two for obvious reasons. Fact is there are many economic benefits when the objectives of the consumer-who always intend to save-and those of a business always wanting to turn in a profit while reducing expenditure converge.

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4 Key Questions As Eterly Ramps Up For ICO

When I first began to develop the idea for my startup Eterly, a few years ago now, I wanted to build the ultimate platform for health, fitness, and the study of longevity.

Longevity fascinated me because, as a health and fitness fanatic, I knew a great deal about how to live well. Diets, gym work, sleep, how to get the body into the best possible shape – I had studied all of these areas intensively. But when I became aware of the science and the possibilities that Longevity dealt with, I realised I needed to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

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Top 3 Reasons Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt the Healthcare Industry

A long list of industries has been disrupted by Blockchain technology. The healthcare industry is now on that list. And the blockchain may be the solution to a number of current issues in the healthcare industry.

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Globatalent Decentralized Sports ICO Review: Is it Legit?

There is something different about the sporting industry.  It has this amazing power of setting all of us free as we relish all those unique moments without a care in the world.  In fact hard data from Statista shows that by 2017, the total global revenue from sports was expected to hit $91B with revenue from sports merchandising in North America reaching $15B. That’s not to forget the number of international transfers which stood at 14,591 by 2016 translating to $4.79B and this is on soccer alone.

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What is Cryptoflix ICO? Is it Legit?

Cryptoflix ICO Review: Get Paid to Watch Netflix

Cryptoflix is a media company that aims to use blockchain technology in order to disrupt the multi-billion dollar film, TV, and online learning markets. Through developing, patenting, and using new technologies, the team behind Cryptoflix wants to make it easy (and cheap) to stream movies legally.

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Pharmabit ICO Token Review: Is it Legit?

Healthcare requires a smooth system where all parties involved can carry out their mandate without hindrance. While doing so, the system should ensure that patient’s data are secured and remain out of the public eyes even if they are centralized. Privacy is key and cannot be emphasized enough especially when it is related to health matters.

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Enbloc ICO Review: Clean Blockchain Energy for the Masses?

January has been a slow month in the cryptocurrency world. Crypto prices have taken a huge hit after the massive run-up in December. Unfortunately, going into February, this trend doesn’t show signs of reversal, but initial coin offerings (ICOs) continue to sprout up as teams try to leverage the potential of blockchain technology and offer revolutionary, new products and services to the world.

One such ICO that plans to disrupt the huge renewable energy industry is Enbloc.

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