The 3 Main Types of Bitcoin Wallets That Are Commonly Used

The 3 Main Types of Bitcoin Wallets That Are Commonly Used

Bitcoins are precious currencies that one has to always keep safe and secured as it can be stolen. Just like other valuable solid materials that can be kept in wallets, bitcoins can also be kept secured in a wallet.

This wallet is no ordinary wallet but a wallet made specifically for keeping bitcoins. This wallet is referred to as Bitcoin wallet. The bitcoin wallet is a wallet where bitcoins are kept safely.

Via the bitcoin wallet, one has the opportunity of executing with the world by making use of the crypto-cash. One’s ownership and access to the virtual wallet is notified via one’s Bitcoin wallet address.

One is permitted and given the platform to send bitcoins to various addresses and receive bitcoins from other persons. Furthermore, using Bitcoins wallet has an added advantage as it works and functions just like sending messages via Facebook and email.

One is able to get bitcoin even when he is not logged on. Most Bitcoin wallets are in tandem with one another. This makes it easy for one to get bitcoins.

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There are 3 major sorts of wallets that one can store and keep his bitcoins. They are software wallets, web wallets and mobile wallets. Apart from the aforementioned wallets, there are other wallets like universal wallets, hardware wallets, physical wallets and desktop wallets. It all depends on one’s inclination and the one that one is comfortable with and suits his taste.


Mobile wallets are regarded as one of the most genuine wallet as one can carry his bitcoins in his pocket everywhere he goes. Mobile wallets are the most useful kinds of wallet as one can carry it along to places and get to easily trade or purchase items anytime. One can trade his bitcoins and purchase items at stores by checking the QR code or using the “tap to pay”. is regarded as the most mainstream website that gives mobile wallet. Mobile wallets are not just accessible but practical. It is advisable that small amount of bitcoins are kept in mobile wallet. The mobile wallet has a little disadvantage of not being too secured as a result of it being carried about. Hence, one should just keep little amount of bitcoins to avoid unwanted occurrence with the bitcoins. There are different types of mobile wallets and they include:

  1. Mycelium: it is regarded as the most recommended and safest mobile wallet. It has high bank grade security. Private Key Deletion, hierarchical deterministic wallets etc.
  2. Wirex: It is a bitcoin service provider that offers mobile and online bitcoin wallet. The basic difference between Wirex and other bitcoin wallets is that it can be easily used without compromising security.


Web wallets allow one to have access to his bitcoins via the web with means that one would not have to exert much effort to have his bitcoins secured. When bitcoins are kept in the web wallets, the website shields and protects bitcoins from burglary. Bitcoins destinations that provide web wallets are Electrum, Coinbase and Blockchain.

  1. Blockchain: It is the most common website used for checking and performing bitcoin transaction. It features ease of use, cross platform capability and multi country support.


They are regarded as the most secured bitcoin wallet in terms of bitcoin storage. One has to download the software on his computer and perform transactions on it. The little disadvantage is that it cannot be carried about like the mobile wallets. Examples of desktop wallets include Bitcoin Core, Multibit and Armory.

There are some basic things that one needs to know and understand before putting bitcoins in virtual wallet. Firstly, one has to be very careful and cautious with online wallets and trades as control over the security of bitcoins would be lessened. One should also reinforce and encode his wallet and also log the wallet off for investment funds as the most heightened security amount is given.

Besides knowing insights and tips about Bitcoin wallets, one needs to pick the best Bitcoin wallet that he would be comfortable with. The bitcoin wallet is more like a safe where bitcoins are saved. Hence, one has to be very careful and ensure they are not stolen or accessible by other parties. It is also very important for one to understand the structure behind his Bitcoin wallet.

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