4 Key Questions As Eterly Ramps Up For ICO

When I first began to develop the idea for my startup Eterly, a few years ago now, I wanted to build the ultimate platform for health, fitness, and the study of longevity.

Longevity fascinated me because, as a health and fitness fanatic, I knew a great deal about how to live well. Diets, gym work, sleep, how to get the body into the best possible shape – I had studied all of these areas intensively. But when I became aware of the science and the possibilities that Longevity dealt with, I realised I needed to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

The best way to think about longevity, is to think of aging like a disease; the symptoms are all of the other diseases that threaten our lives, including those responsible for the most premature fatalities in developed countries like the US; heart related problems, stroke, cancer, and airway trauma, for example; diseases which, according to the centre for Disease Control, cause 63% of mortalities in the US – of which 20-40 would be preventable if the sufferers had lived healthier lives.

What I also realised as I learned more and more about the science of longevity, was how much technology was contributing to the global medical industry, and specifically in three areas – artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the blockchain.

AI and machine learning (we will discuss blockchain later) enables breakthrough treatments thanks to AI’s ability to complete in minutes, tasks that would take a team of humans’ years to finish.

AI is making the difference across the health industry, creating huge markets such as regenerative medicines, a market projected to be worth $49bn by 2021, cell therapy, set to become an $8bn market this year, global healthcare analytics, a $25bn concern by 2021, biotech, a destination for hundreds of millions of dollars of direct investment into startups, and all this while the AI healthcare market in the US is growing at a CAGR of over 38%.

So I can summarise the past few years as being a time of great excitement, with seemingly unstoppable forces converging on healthcare and transforming the industry, for the better, beyond all recognition.

What I want to focus on for the rest of this post is the answering of 4 key questions I have been running over and over in my mind as I prepare to take Eterly through an ICO. We are also running a Private Sale, which is an opportunity for investors to come on board early and benefit from the early stage growth of the platform. If you are interested in participating at this stage then send me an email and I will provide you with more exact detail.

But without further ado, I hope by explaining these 4 points below I can make clear why I am so excited about this Eterly project. I hope, after reading, that you will share my enthusiasm.

  1. Why Eterly?

The world’s population is aging. The UN estimates that by 2050, there will be 2.1 billion people aged over 60, and that over 60’s will outnumber ages 0-9, and ages 10-24. It is imperative that this older generation is in good health, therefore medical research based guidance is required to help achieve this goal.

You can think of Eterly as both an AI controlled medical health and fitness consultant, and also like the Amazon of health products. Sign up, join the platform, complete the health and fitness assessments, earn tokens for regular data submissions (you always retain full control of your data), listen to the recommendations that the AI driven app makes, and visit the Open Marketplace to see if there are products, treatments, advice or guidance to suit your particular, personalised health needs.

So why Eterly? Because there is an urgent need for such a platform, and because now we have the technology to build such a platform in the best possible way – using blockchain technology.

And it is also worth noting, that is not just the baby boomer generation who are getting excited by the prospect of longevity. The battle for optimum health begins as soon as we are born, and in fact the longevity industry is driven just as much by Generation Z, Millennials, and Generation X as it is by baby boomers. Eterly does not just cater for anti-aging treatments, but for every aspect of a healthy, pain free life.

  1. Why blockchain?

Blockchain is currently at the peak of its hype cycle, but I would not pay too much attention to that. It seems everyone is launching a blockchain startup and asking for funds, but only those companies who truly understand the value of the blockchain will succeed.

At Eterly, we feel we do. Health and the blockchain go together extremely well, perhaps better than any other industry. Blockchain derives its value and usefulness firstly from the fact that every transaction is recorded in such a way that it is time stamped, and impossible to reverse, remove, or destroy, and secondly from the fact that there exists both permissioned, and permissionless blockchains, which means that owners of data have the option to share that data with third parties, or not.

The medical records industry has been crying out for such a system, which has the potential to eradicate fraud, fraudulent treatments, put people in control of their data, and provide drug development companies and the global pharma industry with the valuable patient data that can be used to create better treatments for every kind of disease – but only if users are prepared to share that data.

  1. Why ICO?

ICO’s are synonymous with blockchain, and there are good reasons for this. The creation of crypto tokens allow a platform like Eterly to incentivise the best talent in the global medical, science and research industries to join our platform. It allows us to attract users, also incentivised by earning tokens that will unlock unique features which can help them achieve the best medical care for themselves and their loved ones.

Finally, it allows us to create an infrastructure and ecosystem that can operate in a decentralised, autonomous way. This is the future of healthcare as we see it. We want to build the encyclopedia of modern health diagnoses and treatments and give everybody access to it who wants to use it. This is how almost all modern technology platforms work. Facebook does not create content, it curates it. Amazon does not manufacture goods, it provides a marketplace where people can exchange them. Salesforce are not sales people, they enable salespeople to do good work; and so on.

An ICO, for Eterly, represents the best way to bring key stakeholders to our platform – people with a vested interest in making the ecosystem work. The best scientific talent, the best researchers and academics, the best products and services, and the people who want to benefit from them.

  1. Why Now?

Because there is no time to lose. At Eterly, we know that currently the blockchain and healthcare s a competitive space to be in, with literally hundreds of different solutions being proposed – some good, others more speculative. But we believe that Eterly is the only platform that is taking a fully holistic view; looking outwards, seeing the big picture, and designed to be all-inclusive.

As the self-appointed gatekeepers to this platform, we want to bring every kind of health product and service to it. As I mentioned earlier, technological developments, new ways of thinking about health, notably “personalised health”; the real possibility of prevention over cure, and a new system of merging and sharing this information, are converging together at breakneck speed.

All of the possibilities relating to health that we have always hoped were possible, are beginning to become possible. Now it is time to build the platform that will disseminate this revolution in healthcare and communicate it to every person around the world. It may sound ambitious, but as people often say, the most difficult step taken in any journey is always the first.


Eterly is the world’s first health and fitness app designed and built by longevity experts. The front facing app works seamlessly with fitness trackers to record your daily health and fitness activity, whilst an interactive chatbot prompts for information about diet, medical health and calculates your “Longevity Score”.
Behind the app sits a blockchain platform which provides an ecosystem, powered by internal tokens, where users can learn about all aspects of their health from world class health advisors and research institutions, share data with carefully selected third parties, and purchase health related products, services and treatments.

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