AWORKER ICO Altcoin Token REVIEW – Is it Legit?

AWORKER ICO Altcoin Token REVIEW – Is it Legit

You may or may not be seeing this but with Aworker, a new trend of Human Resource and Performance management is being ushered in. Many call it the Rise of Comprehensivism where traditional job description won’t matter no more for employees to be defined.

Slowly evolving is the energy and creativity sapping need of employees to be confined and fed with simplistic tasks specific to a given department. The new trend in human resource is to exploit the full potential of every employee, allow liberalism and multi-tasking as long as they are talented enough to handle any project outside of their department.

Aworker looks to align itself with the future and that’s not all. With their perfectly designed Reputation Building System, specialists skilled in a niche field are well placed to be poached the more they receive endorsement and backing from colleagues.

Backing this new realization is concrete data that shows that any form of feedback or recommendation is all but important in this new age of self-steering and development in human resource management. Aworker is in thick of things and they need you to assist them be part of the future where your initial input shall be well rewarded.

On the economic front, Aworker wants to encroach and get share in the ever growing Human Resource industry pie placed at $429B and continuously expanding at a rate of 5% and 15% each year. It won’t be usual banal and opaque stuff we are used to. Instead they want to do things differently as they shape in with trend.

Sooner or later, gone will be days of vetting and submission of CVs to say a specialized HR company. What they want to do is launch platform built on top of Ethereum where employees can grow their careers, earn money and even be rated Aworkers.

Corporate wise, Aworker will be a cheap and efficient platform for companies seeking talent because their top rated talents are vetted over time not by defined systems but by their colleagues and work supervisors.

Aworker Problem Statement

Like any successful business, Aworker identifies the main problems facing the Human Resource and Recruitment Industry in general:

Finding and Hiring Of Good Employees

Admittedly, every entrepreneur knows that employees are the backbone of any successful company and once you find one, building a strong team to push the business’s objectives is imperative but here comes the bummer.

First, it is really hard to find these industry “gurus” and secondly, once you find them, it is a mountain cliff to assess them objectively.

HR Managers and Recruitment Agencies know how difficult it is to use readily available social media information as a first filter when assessing or verifying talent.

On the other hand, assessment based on data from centralized recruitment firms is a futile since most lack quality as we are made to think.

Candidate Evaluation is Tough

There is a big elephant in the room even when a HR Manager has this irrevocable illusion that he got right candidate. What if they can revamp and write all the right things you want to see on their CV? What if they information is unreliable and worse still have different CVs suiting different vacancies? You see, what is needed here is a base where objective and credible information can be extracted from and used during assessment. Compounding this is the lack of proper tools for verifying professionalism.

It’s Expensive to Hire a Candidate

Did you know that in the US the cost of replacing an industry proven expert is $8000? The cost can even spiral out of control assuming the employee his on boarded but then decides to quit because they don’t like the place.

Searching For Jobs Is Increasingly Becoming Complex

Do you know what cause this? Competition and the influx of CVs. When you factor in lack of credible information where reference can be made from, it becomes a tall order for HR mangers.

What they instead do is play cautious when conducting an interview and this gives the candidate leverage because they now know that his/her is the only reliable information and they have a loophole to talk their way through.

Free Use of Professional Related Data by Big Corporations

The momentum you login to Facebook or LinkedIn, just know that they have an eagle watching you. No, there is a combine harvester behind all the keystrokes you made and what do they do? Yes, they sell this free data to the highest bidder. So next time you wonder why you getting a very specific ad, fret no more. You willingly gave them out for free and now you want to smash your phone with all these ads popping up.

Aworker Solution

What could be a long lasting solution to all these quagmires? It couldn’t be better. Aworker introduces the element of smart contracts and a reputation system that will inject credibility and reliability.

Since it is based on smart contracts, the platform is based on Ethereum blockchain and as mentioned before employees will earn money from their data input while employers searching for skills will find a ready marketplace where all skills mentioned has been verified and rated.

Their main solutions will be to:

  • Avail all the benefits of smart contracts for employers
  • Develop and encourage employees to upgrade their skills
  • Add an extra revenue streams for employees
  • Create a reliable and effective tool for rating skills-reputation building
  • Create a universal, decentralized market place where employers and employees can interact or even recommend others for open positions.

At the core, Aworker mission and vision is to build this platform where HR managers and recruitment firms are bypassed because information submitted is verified. Besides that, they want employees to earn based on their skills and data.

Aworker Cogs

For Aworker to be actualized, for types of users must be involved:


He/she can be working or even looking for a job. Knowing that reputation is an asset, employees can participate and be rated on the Aworker platform every month with ratings directly proportional to job titles.

Under his/her profile, they can choose three statuses: Open to offers, seeking a new position or not looking for a new job.

While on the platform employees earn from receiving offers and going to work, by being in the top 10 specialist list, confirming skills, attending interviews or when the platform sells your private information.

This can be an employee, Human Resource manager or manager who has a reputation of more than 3 on the platform with proven skills.

Aworkers are proven headhunters and specialist of networking and can be relied on for talent search. They earn money when they recommend acquaintances or correct skills or evaluation of candidates.

Human Resource Manager

These are the external links informing the network of open vacancies.

Besides that, they can check assessments or view employee’s ratings. Their main work is to get in touch with Aworkers seeking for jobs and communicate with them when they are satisfied with their vetted ratings.


If three or more employees from the same company confirm that you are their immediate supervisor than you will earn the manager tag.

Managers can review employees and even vote for them if need be. Manager ratings and selection all lies on Aworkers who are tasked with voting and selection of who they think is the best manager.

The Team behind Aworker

Aworker is a platform fuelled by Innovative and experienced guys. In total, there are 11 team members and 1 advisor-Vasily Kuznetsov a tech entrepreneur and marketer. It is lead byAnton Cherkasov is the CEO and Co-Founder. He is a blockchain enthusiast with SaaS and e-commerce experience having have founded Kelper Leads.Sergey Streltsov is the CMO and Content Director, Michail Doshevskii is the CTO and Co-founderand 8 other team members.

ICO Details

Aworker will be shelved if the soft cap is not reached and interested investors should channel their gas to this project. To make this a reality, head up to Aworker platform and sign up.

Investments can only be done in ETH and each purchase rewards you with ERC-20 compliant WORK utility tokens.

These tokens are what will be used as rewards and released after terms of the smart contracts have been met. Furthermore, WORK tokens are limited and shall appreciate depending on their demand which is also dependent on the reception of the Aworker platform.

The soft and hard cap is 2079 ETH and 44,987 ETH respectively.  WORK tokens will be crowd sold in 4 phases: Token Sale#1 to 3 with the main ICO capping it up as Token Sale#4 and will last for 31 days.

213,778,700 WORK tokens will ever circulate with 60% available for crowd sale. 15.8% will be reserved and 10% for the team. However, tokens reserved for team members will be unlocked after 12 months.

55% of the funds will be used for platform development, 25% will go towards marketing and 10% will meet the operational needs Aworker ecosystem.

The main ICO begins on May 26, 2018 and ends on June 26, 2018 or when the hard cap is reached, whichever comes first.

Early investors or those buying between Token Sale#1 and 3 will get their discount at a 30% discount. 6,018,908 WORK tokens have been set aside for this pre-sale.

Final Thoughts

This platform has a potential as it solves real life issues plaguing the HR industry.

All authenticity problems will be solved once Aworker comes to force while employees and recruiters will have a field day selecting vetted employees as they please.

That’s not all, the platform is build and overseen by professionals and the market is ripe for this revolutionizing technology.

Thanks for reading!

This is not an investment recommendation, do your own due diligence.




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