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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bitcoins have managed to effectively revolutionize the way our online transactions work. Having gained widespread media coverage and international fame, cryptocurrencies look primed to truly become the currencies of the future.

But before we start transacting with Bitcoins, we must first understand what a bitcoin wallet is, and how it is used. Wallets or e-wallets to be precise, serve as online repositories for your Bitcoins and can even act as a gateway for buying or selling Bitcoins.

If there’s one thing that such wallets guarantee, it’s the safety of your coins and a secure gateway for when you need to make purchases or transfers. However, choosing a wallet isn’t as simple as it seems, for there are a few things you must consider.

These wallets are after all, responsible for holding a good portion of your money, and must concur with every manner of safety protocol available. Also, you can’t talk about security without mentioning privacy. If a safe environment for your coins is what you seek, then you must, under all circumstances, keep your transactions private, and that calls for anonymous wallets.

Here are a few of the best anonymous bitcoin wallets available:


BitLox is an e-wallet that deals in Bitcoins and endeavours to ensure your anonymity in all your transactions. With this high powered hardware wallet, you get to maintain as many as a hundred wallets, each associated with its own unique brand of cryptocurrency. This way, you get to maintain a vast archive of wallets and currencies, all of them neatly organized and always available at your disposal.

Another feature you get with BitLox is that they make use of data that is no different from random byte combinations, and the fact that they protect your digital signatures with a random number generator which is certified by NIST. If you still somehow manage to land yourself into a pickle or if the safety of your coins seems to be threatened, you can simply enter a pre-designated emergency pin to wipe the slate clean and format all data from the device.


Although new on the market, this one is already making waves as one of the safest and most private wallets out there. Although currently in the alpha testing mode, you can use it only if you have an Android phone. With an intuitive design that will appeal to all customers and an easy-to-use interface, Samourai gives its users the power to carry out major functionalities simply via text messages.

The wallet is built in a way such that, it produces a new address every time a transaction is made, making it impossible for hackers to even track your proceedings. Apart from all of this, the wallet gives you additional features such as VPN support, blockchain obfuscation and TOR support.

Electrum on Tails OS

Created way back in 2011, this one happens to be one of the most experienced and sturdy wallets out there. While it has been touted as a wallet which runs best on the Tails OS, it can still remain operational on other operating systems.

The best part happens to be that it doesn’t ask for any personal information to set up an account. It even creates entirely new addresses for your wallet every time a transaction takes place. It is free of cost but it does come with the additional burden of heightened complexity, such as working on alternative operating systems and using the command prompt.


Darkwallet happens to be one of the leading players in the field of anonymous Bitcoin trading and transactions. While it happens to be in the beta testing version, there has been a bit of a conundrum with regard to the status of the program since the GitHub page hasn’t been updated for as long as a year. Currently, it is available as a plug-in for Google Chrome and includes intuitive functionalities such as escrow support and multisig.

As far as the anonymity of your transactions and protection of user data is concerned, Darkwallet comes with CoinJoin compression and stealth payments, making it the best Bitcoin wallet for darknet. In conclusion, if the questionable status of their website and inactivity on the GitHub page isn’t enough to deter you, then Darkwallet is one effective solution to your cryptocurrency problems.


So far, we’ve only discussed one hardware wallet. KeepKey happens to be another. With a stylish design, compact size and an interactive digital screen, the looks of this wallet are enough to impress. But if that doesn’t work for you, KeepKey even has several features to offer. The LCD screen is used to display useful information such as your wallet balance, security pin, etc. The only downside is that it comes with a heavy price tag. If $99 sounds like too much to spend on a wallet for you, then you might want to consider cheaper options.


Exodus is a desktop wallet, with features that tend to delve more towards providing anonymous services and offering full nodes. The dashboard of the program has been designed to be space efficient and organized, with a summarized view of your portfolio. Another advantage is that you get to store not just three but many more types of coins in it including Dash and Litecoin. While the design is great and the scope of the application is extended, Exodus does suffer from one serious flaw. It lacks 2FA, or 2-factor authorization, for your digital wallet, making it slightly more susceptible to foreign threats or attacks.


Blockchain has been touted as the number one cryptocurrency wallet in use today, and the reasons are aplenty. First of all, the simple interface makes it highly user-friendly and convenient, while repeated tests for vulnerabilities have ensured that most of the chinks in its armour have been knocked out. A unique feature that is often associated with Blockchain is that it has been created specifically for beginners in the field of cryptocurrency, and doesn’t explicitly require any advanced knowledge on the subject to operate.

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