BIORITMAI ICO Altcoin Token REVIEW: Is it Legit?

BIORITMAI ICO Altcoin Token REVIEW: Is it Legit?

It’s a well known concept, that of minimalism and efficiency. You can see it being applied in different quarters and in fact different quality systems have been devised to advance this cause. Talk of Total Quality Management and other Japanese inventions meant to streamline inefficiencies and maximize output. The health industry has not been left behind. Given the pace of smart technological advancement, the pursuit of quality human health care at the face of diminishing resources and ballooning population is a priority.

We have all seen these geometric advancements in radio, mobile and network technology and nothing can be discounted because even if they appear miniscule, their application in medical technology is significant. A huge proportion of capital continues to be sunk in expensive medical equipment but that has not stopped Sudden Cardiac Deaths (SCDs) from spiraling out in the last decade.

In the US alone, the most technological advanced country in the world, not enough innovation could prevent the death of 450,000 Americans from SCDs per year. That’s a disturbing because 15% of all SCD related deaths in the world is concentrated on one geographic location. From these 1200 deaths, most of them-88% can be linked tied to heart disturbances.

Data from the W.H.O attribute cardio-vascular related deaths to be at a tune of 17M while 7.2M perish from corollary heart diseases-CHD. Oddly enough, 5.2M don’t make it because of stroke.

W.H.O’s projection paints a gloomy picture altogether predicting that more than 23M people will succumb to cardiovascular diseases annually by 2030 if something is not done to stop this invisible carnage.

Now, like everybody else, what could be cause of all these deaths? Definitely there had to be some precursors right? It’s the logical question to ask in the face of all these diagnostic equipment as blood pressure and Holster ECG monitoring done routinely.

Problem Statement

It has been noted that apart from the human factor element, these routine diagnostic methods cannot effectively identify life threatening conditions as irregular heart rhythms neither don’t they allow analysis of these factors in time before they turn tragic.

Compounding this is the fact that such tests are often conditional and done by the doctor when deemed necessary.

These limitations-the lack of timeliness and tracking of potential life threats- are leading cause of pre-term mortality rate and proper monitoring and detection systems s should be put in place to prevent further deaths. This is regardless of the chronic shortage of health workers in different spheres of medicine. Treatment should be personalized and artificial intelligence incorporated to analyze and even make prognosis on the current status of CSDs.

Bioritmai Solution

Bioritmai aims to fill this gap and provide that timeliness in forecasting and detection of sudden death triggers or disorders as myocardial ischemia, acute respiratory failures, hypertensive crisis and others.

Blockchain technology will be used and is publically available. Designers behind Bioritmai envision this perfect, flawless world where everything is personalized and it is upon the subjects to monitor their own cardiovascular functioning without interruptions.

To make Bioritmai feasible, a high tech biorhythm bracelet will be availed for patients especially those with chronic diseases. This biorhythm bracelet will run using the Bioritmai app complete with a data display. For statistics to be drawn, high accuracy sensors will be used to completely chart up all the bio markers of the body.

The bracelet is aesthetic, looks like a smart watch but is linked directly to an AI system that make real time decisions based on the fluctuation of biomarkers and if it senses that the patient might be in potential danger of an attack, it sends this information directly to a doctor who then jumps in preventing the problem from exacerbating.

Bioritmai and facilitating bracelet is right on track and helping define what the medicine of the future will be.

Actually, from all indications-judging from the investment being sunk in, online monitoring is the medicine of the future. Everything will be online, seamless and personalized.  Consultation will not be a priority-unless critical- as doctors will always be updated and connect all necessary data in a secure environment for them to make a diagnosis.

Benefits of Bioritmai and Biorhythm Bracelet

  • Patients who have purchased its license will be free to do run their daily errands while at the same time monitoring their health through automation and artificial intelligence. Bioritmai and the complementing bracelet are the absolute keepers of your health.
  • Since everything is done on the blockchain and in real time, patients can rest assured that their data are confidential.
  • Monitoring is done 24/7 and it is recommended that the bracelet be worn every time for best results. Any changes on the biomarkers and the doctor will be on standby. Your health is basically under close supervision with diagnosis done in real time courtesy of AI.

Bioritmai Team

Leading the pack is Vladimir Berzhanin an IT development expert and System engineer with more than 10 years in the industry. He is also an entrepreneur and an investor. Dmitry Voronkov is the system architect of Bioritmai and a proven system administrator and security expert. Aleksey Tarasov is also experienced in IT development and has held several managerial positions in the last 9 years or so and he will be the platform’s programmer. Other team members include Gennady Burkas, Vadim Pankovets, Vladislav Zvansky, Tatyana Berzhanin, Alexander Kraskovsky and Dmitry Kovalev.

ICO Details

Bioritmai consider themselves a not for profit organization and as such services or devices within the system will be purchases using their platform tokens. They plans to sell their Ethereum based RITM and BRM utility tokens in two phases.

The first is the pre-sale phase where the company plans to raise $1.379M from the sale of 1.379M RITM tokens meaning each coin will be available for $1 each. 2.758M BRM tokens will be converted to RITM tokens.

Since it is meant to be public and executed via Ethereum smart contracts, the expenditure of all funds raised is transparent and buyers can track usage at

Besides transparency, liquid coins will be stored in multi-signature wallets with 3 out of 4 directors signature needed to expedite expenditure.

Token pre-sale will begin on January 30, 2018 and end on February 13, 2018.

The main crowd sale-ICO- and the second phase will last for two months beginning April 16, 2018 and ending on June 16, 2018 but that depends on if the hard cap has been reached or not.

Generally, token buyers will purchase each BRM coin at $1.8 and the company wants to raise a minimum of $60M and a maximum of $121.3M from 79M BRM tokens.

All in all there will be 102.758M BRM tokens to ever circulate and 20M BRM tokens will be frozen till Q1 2021.

Like most ICO, buyers will benefit from Bioritmai’s bonus system depending on when they commit their money. There is a 45% discount until the first $10M has been raised and a 15% discount applicable only after $60M has be registered at Bioritmai’s wallet.

After the ICO, 50% of all the funds raised will be channeled towards large scale production of biorhythm bracelets while $6M will cater for team fees. A further 10% will go towards development, testing and creation of a prototype suitable for Bioritmai system.

Note that citizens from China, USA, Singapore, North Korea and other sanctioned countries cannot purchase BRM Howey test compliant tokens.

Buyers who see a future in this niche and purchase more than 500,000 BRM tokens will get a custom design bio-rhythm bracelet as a bonus.

Final Thoughts

The product statement and the vision are awesome but unless the founders have this mind-busting genius of Einstein, implementation will be hard. After all, they need the funds to create a prototype and this will be mainly from their overpriced tokens.

Each BRM token is worth $1 with potential buyers from US and China barred. Even though the token is legally satisfactory and in line with stipulations of Howey Test, we need to see advisors drawn from the medical world. Luckily, those slots are not yet filled at least from their whitepaper.

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