Cashing In: Top 3 Bitcoin Lending Sites in 2019

You check your crypto wallet and it turns out you have some to spare. Or – it’s completely empty. You don’t have time to go mining right now, so what do you do?

In the latter situation, you can apply for a Bitcoin loan, from your more flush peers. If you have Bitcoin you want to make some passive money off of – you can go ahead and be the lender.

You can’t go to your bank though, you’ll have to do all your transactions online. Where? We’ve got you covered with the best Bitcoin lending sites below.

A Little Update

Crypto loans and investments are still a risk since we don’t know where crypto is going.

If you know anything about Crypto news at all, you know what happened just a few weeks ago – the market drop of May 30th. Overnight, the market dropped 11%.

It scared a lot of people, though the next day it popped back up within $1000 of its pre-drop numbers.

Those who have a big say in the Crypto industry, like Erik Voorhees, said of the drop “Tulips never re-emerged to hit new ATH’s. Bitcoin does it every couple of years. Anyone equating the two needs to explain this discrepancy”, in a tweet.

This endorsement should show you that the value of crypto is not lost and that the May 30th fiasco was just a glitch in the matrix.

Now that you’re caught up on the news, here are some places you can lend from.

Bitcoin Lending Sites

Where can you go if you want to get bitcoin loans – or lend out some bitcoin that you have, with interest?

You can’t go to a normal bank. They don’t deal in crypto – not yet, at least. You’ll have to go to specialized online sites – like Bitbond.


You can both loan out and invest in Bitcoins on this platform. It’s one of the most sophisticated ones there is, at least in terms of security and transaction matching.

Instead of just approving you for a loan, they make sure they match the right lenders with the right borrowers, and vice versa.

They even have watchdogs that look at transactions to make sure no one is trying to be dishonest. They’re one of the most highly-rated and trusted sites by consumers.

You’re allowed to spend or borrow as much money as you want on the platform, which isn’t the norm. Smaller sites set spending or borrowing limits, based on their user base.

With this site, you get a clear contract of your transaction, no matter which side of it you’re on.

The only downside is, that loans and investments can take up to two weeks to clear. But investing is a long-game, so keep that in mind.

Those two weeks are essential to protect you from getting into any shady or non-reputable transactions.

2. XCoins

This site’s motto is “Bitcoin for everyone” and we’ll give it to them – their site is pretty user-friendly. We’re not saying your grandmother could figure it out, but your mom or dad probably could.

All you’ll need to use this site is a Paypal and a credit card, which is what the money will funnel through.

It’s rare for a crypto site to use non-crypto or mainstream sites like Paypal, so that’s a unique plus.

There is a fee for borrowing, on top of whatever interest you agree to. If you’re looking to lend, though – you’re in the lock.

You may be subject to a processing fee for either type of transaction, but it’s nominal.

However, as far as customer service and watchdogs go, they’re far behind our last choice.

If something goes wrong you can contact support staff, though, but it’s always better to catch a problem before it starts, rather than fixing it.

They’re not known for the fastest response times either.

So if you’re only lending/borrowing small amounts of money – use this site. But for anything bigger, we recommend you get a loan elsewhere.

3. Nebeus Crypto Bank

Remember how we said your bank doesn’t deal in Crypto yet? Well, that’s true for 99.9% of banks – Nebeus being the exception.

They’re a crypto bank out of London that has both crypto-collateral loans and a crypto debit card. If you’re looking for a futuristic bank, then this is it.

You can even take out your cryptocurrency at an ATM – converted for you into Fiat cash. You can withdraw and get currency anywhere around the world.

If you get a loan with Nebeus, they’ll make sure that any market swings (like May 30th) don’t impact your loan’s terms. You’re only tied into the loan for what crypto was the day you signed the papers.

Hopefully, we can see more banks like this one popping up, in other cities and countries. It might not be soon, but we can hope!

Getting Your Bitcoin

You can buy Bitcoin off of others, mine it, or get loans of it. However you acquire your bitcoin, make sure you have a secure wallet to keep your assets in.

Without one, you’re risking being robbed, as you could be by using a non-secure bank server.

Bitcoin lending isn’t that different than regular lending, there’s still interest and payback times. Don’t expect it to be any harder or easier to get than regular loans and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward as a candidate.

If you do that, you should have a fine time getting some crypto in your name.

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