10 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform

Blockchain, the technology underlying the cryptocurrencies has become the new go-to technology by governments and institutions all over the globe. Most Commonly associated with Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies, these might showcase the widely known use of this technology. However, today blockchain technology is revolutionizing almost every other sector. Let’s take a look at those industries:

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Storj Open Source Blockchain Storage Review

storj open source blockchain storage review

How often do you think about where your files are stored when you upload them to Google Drive or Dropbox? Probably not often. These cloud storage options are just out there in La-La Land as far as anyone who isn’t an employee of a cloud service provider is concerned.

The same is true for Storj, with one interesting difference: It’s decentralized.

The decentralization is something that cryptocurrency users have pretty much come to expect and they may actually like that their files aren’t sitting in some data center that might fall victim to hacking, fire, avoidable networking meltdowns, and natural disasters.

Instead, your data could be sitting on the desk of a college student who rents out unused hard drive space to earn some money to help pay for meals.

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