Could CEEK VR Change The Way Live Events Are Done?

Could CEEK VR Change The Way Live Events Are Done

You might have heard by now that big-name artists like Bjork are getting into cryptocurrencies as a way to interact with their fans. They may secretly like the potential of this new technology to protect the rights of artists and give them a way to work more directly with their target audience without a middleman taking a large cut of every transaction.

With new applications like the free-to-listen live streaming platform Musicoin, independent artists can organically reach their audiences without having to put up with major studios making decisions about their careers without their input. Apps like these put control back in the hands of artists who have given up on getting a fair shake from studios that hold all the good cards and want to strike out on their own.

CEEK Connects Fans and Entertainers

CEEK wants to take that one step further with a new VR application that will act like a stadium with unlimited seating. If an artist wants to go on tour, he or she can ask the venues to set up CEEK’s infrastructure so that they can sell tickets to people who may not have the money to pay for a front row seat at the actual cite but can slip on their VR headset. The same can be true for sporting events, trade shows, and sci-fi conventions.

Because CEEK runs on decentralized blockchain technology (to be more specific, the Ethereum network), it can cut out large ticket sellers like Ticketmaster, which can get away with charging a “convenience fee” because that’s where most people go to buy tickets to local events. Because it’s an Ethereum token, it might charge for “gas” to process the transaction. However, the price of that gas is likely to be a very small percentage of the price of a ticket for as long as the network doesn’t get hit by the CEEK version of CryptoKitties.

This creates a platform in which fans get a reasonable compromise between watching an event in person and seeing it on TV. The TV won’t provide the same impact as actually being at a concert or a championship game no matter how big the screen is.

Sometimes fans can’t afford the price of a front row seat for the actual event or just plain wouldn’t be able to make it to the venue because the weather is going to be miserable. CEEK promises to provide the best of both.

If I could make a suggestion for improving the platform, it’s that fans should be able to trade a ticket for the actual venue for a virtual ticket if they get sick or their car breaks down on the day of the event and they can’t make it.

However, because token holders can vote on new features for the platform, that’s something that the token holders might decide they want at some point in the future.

Get Some Swag & Support Your Favorite Celebrities

As importantly to proud fanboys and fangirls, celebrities can use the CEEK platform to issue their own token and sell merchandise. If an artist wants to record an experimental new album but the studio won’t back the idea, then that artist can turn to CEEK’s community of token holders for fundraising with a token that can be redeemed for music downloads, swag, or tickets to a future concert.

This is good for audiences because they don’t have to put up with studios dictating to them what the hot new music is and good for artists who like earning a living with their work, but also like the idea of trying something new without a limiting contract with a major studio hanging over their heads.

The good news here is that the CEEK team already has its patented VR headgear available for purchase at major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Target, as well as some snazzy-looking virtual venues and a deal with Universal Music Group to make live events available to the fans of big-name stars. So it may be worth checking out if you’re one of those people who regrets that you can’t make it to concerts or live events as often as you’d like, but would jump at the chance to “attend” using VR gear.

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