Why Your Child Will Have a Bitcoin Wallet and Is It Safe?

Welcome to the currency of the future: bitcoin. As we progress through the 21st century, technology is moving faster than ever.

Sometimes, it moves faster than the average person’s ability to comprehend.

Perhaps for your grandmother, the concept of bitcoin, is a bit far-fetched, much like a concept imagined in science-fiction novel or movie, but in reality, it is not far-fetched, it is a real currency. It is digital currency.

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Your grandmother may not understand that with Bitcoin, she cannot take out her wallet and see actual “bitcoins,” but that doesn’t make Bitcoin less real or less valuable.

Although the older generations may not grasp the concept of Bitcoin, the current generations are catching on, and here’s why:

Bitcoin is effective, efficient, fast, and secure. Having Bitcoin enables you to provide and receive payment in an instant. Let’s look at five specific reasons why future generations, including children under the age of 10 will have and use Bitcoin:

  1. Accessibility!

Have you ever rushed to the bank on a Friday at 5 pm after work hoping that it wasn’t so closed so you could cash your paycheck?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of not being able to access your money on a holiday, a Sunday, or after 5 pm on a weekday?

Opening a bank account, getting to the bank, cashing or depositing checks, and accessing other bank services can be a hassle to the average worker, who works a “regular Joe” 9-5 job from Monday to Friday.

We’ve all been there, right?

With Bitcoin, this frustration doesn’t exist. Even your young child can pay a bill that you forgot to pay, by paying with Bitcoin online. Don’t worry about bank hours anymore!

  1. Easy Use

Even a 13-year old can use and understand Bitcoin. This may seem like a strange concept, but if you view online forums and discussion boards there are ample discussions about how even young children under the age of ten can use Bitcoin.

Need to register for a paid class? Want to purchase goods online at Amazon.com? Pay for a Netflix account? Buy STEAM computer games? There is an easy answer: Bitcoin.

If you’re a kid, you don’t have to wait for your Mom to get home and give you the pin number on her credit card to make a purchase online if you have a Bitcoin wallet. You can use your Bitcoin wallet.

  1. Get Paid Online with Bitcoin

You also can even get paid online using Bitcoin! If you’re a 12-year old with computer programming, writing, designing, drawing, or other skills you can get a job online and get paid in Bitcoin.

Know a foreign language? Want to offer tutoring services? Want to make quick cash in the form of Bitcoin? There’s already a market for that online today. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself at iCoin Pro.

  1. Security

Living in the digitalized world has made many of us scared. How many times do we hear the big bad phrase “identity theft” on the news?

Bitcoin manages to secure your money in a way that banks cannot do. Bitcoin enables digital security in a way that before was never possible because it is rare and cannot be copied.

If you’ve ever owned a business you may have experienced receiving counterfeit currency. There is no such thing as counterfeit Bitcoin because it’s impossible to duplicate it! Bitcoin offers financial security, that ironically, you simply cannot buy!

  1. Eliminate the Third Party

Bitcoin also enables you to eliminate the third party in any financial transaction.

For example, when you use a credit or debit card, the seller does not immediately get the value of the item that they are selling.

When you use a credit card, you get the item immediately, but the vendor has to wait for the credit card company to reimburse them.

With Bitcoin, you simply purchase or sell an item or service using Bitcoin, and there is no need for third party involvement. It’s easy to see the advantages of digital currencies, especially like Bitcoin, for future generations.

Bitcoin: Payment System of Now

Bitcoin is not just the payment system of the future, it’s the payment system of now.

Whether or not you realize it, Bitcoin is already the payment system of our digital age.

It’s not a surprise to many of those who have grown up in the digital age that digital currencies are becoming popular.

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are easy to use and access, offer unparalleled security, eliminate the third party in a transaction, and cannot be duplicated.

If you are a young person and would not typically be eligible to work in a pizza parlor because you would be considered “underage,”

Bitcoin opens the possibility or work to you. You can even get paid online with Bitcoin when you work from home and receive Bitcoin as a freelancer, a tutor, or other online worker.

Whether you are interested in a Bitcoin wallet for the convenience, to earn digital currency, or to buy and sell goods, Bitcoin is the digital currency of today and the future too. And yes, even your 10-year old can have a Bitcoin wallet!

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Why Your Child Will Have a Bitcoin Wallet and Is It Safe?”

  1. I’d never thought about getting BTC wallets for my kiddos (11 and 14) before, but this is a really great idea. I’m WAY more comfortable with them being having the anonymity of blockchain transactions to keep them safer if they’re going to be shopping online, and I already buy them games through Steam and Humble Bundle with my own BTC.

    The older one’s really into art and already taking some commissions online on Tumblr, and her having an alternative to PayPal would be a really good thing. The kids aren’t as nerdy as mom and dad are, but I guess they don’t have to understand completely what Bitcoin is to get that it = money and they can buy stuff online with it and it might be a good foot in the door for getting them to think about what exactly money IS.

    Then again, knowing my luck, it’ll be “What’s Bitcoin and why are you getting me a wallet?” on Monday and then “Can you help me set up a miner!??!” on Tuesday. Thanks in advance, Google. XD

    1. Haha,

      Thanks for stopping by and checking iCoin Blog out Kim!

      Bitcoin has only begun being accepted by the masses. In fact, the total market cap for cryptocurrencies just hit the $100 Billion mark.

      And, big chains like Starbucks and Holiday Inn are now accepting Bitcoin as a payment choice.

      Big things happening in crypto land!

  2. Hahah, welcome to the future, right??

    I don’t know if I’m ready to think about my kid handling money of any kind– even crypto– but you’re def not wrong about how much Bitcoin ought to be more of a game-changer than it has been so far for freelancers. I’ve been freelancing for almost eight years now, and it’s easier to get freelance gigs for Bitcoin now than it used to be, but people used to not want to get involved with it at all. I’d get the weirdest looks when I’d tell people I was willing to work for Bitcoin, and a few would even come out and ask me if I was crazy since at the time it was jumping around between $90 and $120 USD and I guess they thought I was going to end up working for nothing.

    Obviously, I’m not looking for the market to get too saturated anytime soon, but it’s better for all of us if there are more people who take Bitcoin for their work, and if it’s a way for kids to jump into business and keep their lawn mowing and babysitting money secure without dealing with a bank account, I’m all for it.

    1. That’s very interesting, J. Bitcoin is a truly global currency that is NOT centralized by the banks. A lot more freedom with Bitcoin in dealing with global transactions. Can’t wait to see what else Bitcoin and other altcoins can do!

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