CoinRace: The New Cryptocurrency Betting Game

A new game, built on the Ethereum blockchain has been released with ambitions to match.  Like the CryptoKitties, CoinRace is a platform where players can enjoy and use their cryptocurrencies in an entertaining manner.

The game focuses on a race track. Here, users can place their bets on a particular car that represents a certain cryptocurrency.  At CoinRace, smart contracts built on Solidity are the driving force of the game. This means that all transactions are done in an organized manner, making the process quick and safe.

Currently, cryptocurrencies remain volatile. Though there have been some decentralized games since the popularity of the blockchain through bitcoin, most of the games are copies of previously deployed ones – like the many copies of the cryptokitties blockchain game.

This does not only stagnate innovation, but does not lead to more earnings for the investor. Additionally, many blockchain games are either whitepapers for life or remain in beta versions for so long a time, scaring many players and investors away, not to talk of issues of identity.

The unpredictable manner of this industry makes it an advantage for CoinRace to leverage the ecosystem and make things better from other decentralized race games. Hence, this makes the platform an exciting spot for crypto-enthusiasts and even critics.

The potential of this game becoming big in the future is great as it comes with several perks. In terms of rules, everything is explained clearly and concisely. The gameplay is simple as well, so newbies can instantly jive in.  Additionally, CoinRace has a decent interface, so it’s definitely visually pleasing for users.

The Beginning of CoinRace

In the past, a tote was practiced by the Romans. They use this betting method during gladiator fighting events. However, today, this is already practiced in a lot of sporting games like football, baseball, and several racing events. That’s why CoinRace is practicing a tote system in their games too since it’s just like a digitalized version of a racing competition, but with a spicy technology, the blockchain.

How to Start Playing CoinRace

Simply visit the site at and click on “Play on Ropsten” or “Play on mainnet” at the latter part. To begin, you can choose from four racing categories:

  1. Smart Coins Race – cryptocurrencies that are supported or are about to be supported by smart contracts and have their own blockchains on which other decentralized systems can be built are found here. Currently, you can bet on currencies like NEO, EOS, Ethereum, or Cardano.
  2. Old School Race – This category is for the old cryptocurrencies that we know. You can bet on Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin here.
  3. Bitcoin Forks Race – This is where players can focus on Bitcoin Forks like Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash during a race.
  4. Anonymous Race – Some players prefer to play in an anonymous setting. Bets can be placed on Slash, Monero, Dash, and Bytecoin here.

Betting on a Cryptocurrency Car

With a MetaMask plugin installed on your computer, you can already start playing. Just pick a type of race and choose a coin to bet on. The plugin is necessary since this allows the transactions between your browser and the Ethereum network to happen.

Right now, you can already bet on races that would last for four hours. After the race, the speed of every car is determined through the percentage rates of the coins in USD.

Future Endeavors of CoinRace

  • Betting Variety

As of today, players can only bid based on the rising rates of the coins. However, CoinRace wants to broaden their race variety. Now, they’re already planning to include the maximum drop of the coins and a lot more choices as well.

  • Raiden Network Integration

To make everything scaled and sped up, the platform will partner with the Raiden Network and with the possibility of including Plasma too. With this upgrade, a payment channel between the race and the users of the game will be allowed.

  • Internal DEX Upgrade

DEX or a decentralized exchange is going to be upgraded into the system of CoinRace. With this, ERC20 token will be accepted and will be integrated into the smart contract, thus creating a much more decentralized environment on CoinRace.


With this amazing blockchain, the possibilities of making more totes are endless. At CoinRace, people can not only make more similar games but earn as well.

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