Cryptocurrency ICO Guest Post Guidelines

iCoin Blog is looking for original, exclusive cryptocurrency articles and whitepapers to put on iCoin Blog.

If you are looking for more media attention to your new ICO or token sale, iCoin blog will get you the traffic and attention you need.

Submission guidelines:

  • Must be exclusive to this website and not shared anywhere else, except social media sharing.
  • Must be at least 700 words.
  • Must not be promoting scams.
  • May add up to 2 External Links.

Normally we charge $200 to feature third-party articles on iCoin Blog – but for the first half of 2019 we will be offering this service for $25 Per Article.

All submissions will be checked for originality and will either be approved or disapproved in a few days.

Please send inquiries to:

Please Pay with Paypal. ($25 Per Article)


Erik Christian Johnson