Dentacoin Might Be the Next Revolutionary Cryptocurrency

Dentacoin Might Be the Next Revolutionary Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology continues to have a huge impact on the financial market. Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies have paved the way for technological leaps and bounds unlike anything before seen in the world.

Blockchain technology can take on many different forms but none more unique that its take on the dental industry. Yes! You read that correctly. There is a new cryptocurrency for your teeth.

This innovative cryptocurrency is called Dentacoin. It has been pitched as an innovative way to improve your dental health by cutting out the insurance company as a middle man.

The overall goal is to create a new relationship between dentists and patients. The question is whether or not such a specifically crafted cryptocurrency can hold up to the biggest on the market. Let’s dive deeper so that we can answer that question.

The Mission

The overall goal of Dentacoin is to create several different parts – a platform for reviews, an innovative insurance system, and a healthcare database that is built directly into the blockchain.

In the beginning, Dentacoin focused on reviews alone by launching the Dentacoin Trusted Reviews Platform. It became the world’s first ever blockchain devoted solely to providing dental service reviews.

The mission was always to allow patients to use this blockchain to share their honest reviews of experience with dentists. In return, they would receive Dentacoins.

On the flip side, dentists were given access to accurate research that was based on patient feedback. If you’re an entrepreneurs, then you understand just how valuable feedback is to growing a business. This is a big incentive for dentists.

Dentacoin uses a system called the Smart Contract System that’s developed around speed, security, and pure autonomy. Since blockchains are impossible to manipulate, this data is secure in ways that no other review system could be.

Patients are allowed to use their Dentacoins at participating dentists or they can save them as an investment. The overall mission is to boost the efficiency of dental care worldwide!

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Features and Uses

Let’s look at some of the features that set Dentacoin apart from other cryptocurrencies. There are a bunch of them so bear with me!

Trusted Review Platform

This program is a huge asset to both patients and dentists. This blockchain-based system is designed to develop trust. Its trust is built solely around the fact that blockchain technology is completely secure. Unlike other review systems, it’s impossible to fake the blockchain system!

Patients get two huge benefits from this platform – they can find better dental care while getting rewarded for leaving feedback.

Dental Insurance

Dentacoin will eventually launch a new blockchain based dental insurance system. This is still on the drawing board so it’s impossible to say for sure that it will work as well as the review system. Basically, the idea is that responsibility for an individual’s health is shared between dentists and patients, aligning interests between patients and dentists.

Healthcare Database

This unique healthcare database is a completely decentralized system that contains a patient’s medical records. Patients can choose to securely share this information by using private keys, just like with cryptocurrency transactions.

Aftercare Mobile App

One of the biggest struggles in the dental care world is ongoing dental care. Dentists often struggle with treating patients with aftercare treatments. Dentacoin’s Aftercare Mobile App is designed to allow dentists to finally address that problem by providing users with long-lasting hygiene habits.

This app works in alignment with an educational website that’s focused to solve the same problem – ongoing dental hygiene.

Store of Value

All Dentacoins in the system are legally linked on a single share of the Dentrcoin foundation. This includes both the immaterial and material assets that are associated with this organization. All Dentacoin holders are allowed to vote on important decision. In essence, they are shareholders of the company!

Dentacoin’s History

Founded by Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev, Dentacoin has been developed by a group known as the Dentacoin Foundation. Dentacoin is comprised of developers, marketers, engineers, and dentists from all around the world! It’s quite the versatile team. In fact, there are 120 people who have contributed to this project since its inception.

The company is located in Maastricht, The Netherlands, but its unique use of blockchain technology allows its reach to extend around the world. It launched its first cryptocurrency presale back in July 2017 while its full token sale is scheduled for October 2017.

Total Supply and Circulating Amount

(As of September 2017)

Circulating Supply: 303,095,254,787 DCN

Total Supply: 8,000,000,000,000 DCN

dentacoin stock price altcoin chart


I will be the first to admit that it’s refreshing to see such an innovative platform launched that focused on the much neglected issue of dental care. Dentacoin’s mission is admirable and its features have the potential to revolutionize the dental health industry. It sure seems like it might be a sound investment to make.

Thanks for reading!

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