How to Earn Free Bitcoin Daily: Choosing between Bitconnect and USI-Tech

How to Earn Free Bitcoin Daily Choosing between Bitconnect and USI-Tech

Bitcoin was created in 2009 and has brought a new face to the world of digital currency. In fact, bitcoin is considered the first decentralized digital currency system. This system has become a favorite for many entrepreneurs when it comes to investment. According to financial advisors, a majority of their clients are curious about how bitcoin works and whether it is safe. However, the creators of bitcoin give assurance that the system is secure.

Due to its popularity, more than 100,000 vendors have embraced this digital currency as a form of payment. Therefore, individuals can make purchases and pay for the products or services with their bitcoins. The number of bitcoin users is estimated to continue growing in the next few years. However, a lot of people are not aware of how bitcoin works, which we will discuss below.

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How Does Bitcoin Work?

The process of generating bitcoins is known as mining. However, to get started, you must first install a bitcoin wallet on your phone, a tablet or computer. This wallet will generate your bitcoin address. You are required to use the address only once, and you can generate more anytime. You are also free to share this address with other people. Many people opt to use this address to make or receive payments.

The digital currency uses a shared public ledger known as a blockchain. The blockchain records all transactions. Therefore, you can always keep up with your spending. Cryptography enforces the public ledger which enables it to maintain a high level of transparency and integrity.

For security purposes, the wallet owner is given a private key. The owner has to use this key when making any transactions. The key ensures that no one else apart from the owner has any access to the wallet. The process before a transaction is confirmed is known as mining. However, for any transaction to go through the confirmation process, it must be packed in a block.

There are many sites offering bitcoins. But, before choosing any bitcoin site, an individual has to ensure that the site is safe and secure. One crucial factor to consider is whether the site is offering a transparent data of coins. It is also advisable to find out which currency pairs are available in that particular bitcoin site. Some well-known bitcoin sites to consider are Bitconnect and USI-Tech. These sites have a good reputation. Discussed below are some of the similarities and differences between the two sites.

Top 3 Reasons to Join BITCONNECT In 2018

Bitconnect vs. USI-Tech

Both of these sites offer bitcoin, and a person can earn profits of about 30-40%. However, people have different preferences depending on an individual’s wants. So how are these two sites different?

  • Unlike Bitconnect, USI-Tech offers bonuses on a regular basis. You may receive a trip bonus or even a car.
  • Bitconnect usually provides its investment in U.S. dollars. On the other hand, USI-Tech is a little flexible when it comes to currencies.
  • USI-Tech allows the wallet owners to witness the appreciation of the bitcoin. Therefore, the moment you buy into any bitcoin, you will have the privilege of seeing it increase.
  • Bitconnect returns invested principal in a matter of days making it unique from the others. However, the number of days is dependent on the amount of money a person has invested.
  • Before getting started with Bitconnect, you must at least invest $100 which is different from USI-Tech. USI-Tech offers packages for 50 Euros which is beneficial for people with little money to risk.
  • The payment period for these two sites is different. But Bitconnect provides a seven-day payout. But USI-Tech offers a five-day payout which a lot of people find to be limiting.
  • Bitconnect does not offer a high level of transparency. The lack of transparency may be a turn off for many people. On the other hand, USI-Tech seems to excel in this.


Both of these bitcoin sites can generate coins at a profit which is something everyone wants. They are safe when it comes to transactions. The sites also have affiliate programs that offer payments when your team members buy something. They are reputable sites, and it is clear that they have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before choosing either of the two, be well informed.

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