EOSToolKit Now has Testnet Support

Whether you are testing a smart contract or just want peace of mind the EOSToolKit now supports the Jungle Testnet.

The EOSToolkit is configured to be on the Mainnet by default.  You will be required to change networks to which to the Testnet.  This will automatically prompt Scatter to add the new network (providing you have not used the Testnet before). You will need to select your identity on the network for Scatter integration.

Here are is a detailed tutorial

Head over to http://eostoolkit.io/

  1. Attach Identity with Scatter (see herefor tutorial)
  2. Enter your creator account name and account name (usually the same) – this can be found in your scatter identity.
  3. Select the Scatterdropdown


  1. Select Change Network

  1. Review the networks and endpoints and select the one you want

  1. Approve the new network on Scatter (if you haven’t used it before)
  2. If you haven’t used this network before, add new identities in Scatter and attach them like you normally do
  3. Confirm you are on the new network

  1. Enjoy using the EOSToolKit with your Testnet account!


Why is this important?

The Testnet support is important for a few reasons.

The Testnet allows developers the opportunity to launch their smart contracts and test them out before going live on the Mainnet.  This allows developers to test their smart contracts for bugs and ensure that everything is working correctly.

Another reason that the Testnet support is valuable is when it comes to permission management and changing account permissions.  With our toolkit you will be able to change your Owner and Active permission and the account that it is associated with.  It is important that when you change these permissions that you remain in control of the permissions you assign otherwise your account will become irrecoverable.  If you assign an account instead of a key as a permission you risk breaking your account and losing access to your tokens.  For these reasons you should always try our these functions on the testnet and be 100% sure of the changes you are going to make before carrying them out on the mainnet.

Here are some detailed instructions that can be found on the EOSToolKit

You can change active or owner permission or both

Leave blank any permission you DON’T want to change

To change only active permission select youraccount@active for your Scatter identity

To change any permission select youraccount@owner for your Scatter identity

If you change your active permission you have to update your scatter identity to use this new key pair

If you don’t have the key pairs you assign to the active permission you will no longer be able send transactions”


Want a Testnet or endpoint added?

Our toolkit is also able to add additional testnets and endpoints. To add them you will need to checkout our GitHub and create a Pull Request to add the appropriate network or endpoints to the networks.json

More updates coming soon!

We are also working on an Airdrop turnkey table which will allow anyone to send us a token.  This will allow us to immediately list it on our databased so that the community get find all the airdrops in once place.

Remember to use these great features you must install Scatter with your desired EOS Account. We hope the EOS community enjoys these tools and allows them to perform actions on the EOS Blockchain much more easily.  We would love to receive feedback on the features within the toolkit or suggestions on the features you would like to see added. We value your feedback and will keep working hard to be the number 1 online EOS Wallet.

Thanks for reading!



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