Ethic Hub ICO Review – Is it Legit?

Ethic Hub ICO Review – Is it Legit?

Ethic Hub is a cryptocurrency platform that intends to universalize access to international financial markets, easily connecting prospective investors to viable and solvent projects. It provides a broad portfolio of different investment opportunities based on their risk ratings and allows access to many small-scale agricultural producers.

Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology can enable a reliable source of crowd-lending, while improving transparency and security. This can allow for financial transactions between complete strangers.

Costs will be significantly lower as Ethereum-compatible tokens will be directly transferred from an investor wallet to a borrower’s wallets without the need of any financial intermediaries.

Moreover, a truly decentralized system will help give rise to global crowdlending, allowing for risk minimization and diversification. This is because investors can invest in the form of small tickets in several projects.

Ethic Hub aims to capitalize on trust through human-based economics as well as economic credibility, leveraging human relations and the relational assets of the community.

Some of its other core principles are strong communications, proximity, coordination and support, commitment and reference. Project risk assessment and evaluation are performed in a systematic manner, conducted by personnel in direct and close contact with the borrowers.

Additionally, every loan would contribute proportionally to produce a guarantee fund designed to protect all the investors, and will recoup the invested amount in case of any default. LendingDev is an important non-profit organization incorporated to render various services to Ethic Hub.

Its temporary and key function is to clearly define, and firmly establish the different platform mechanisms and procedures to allow for its decentralization as soon as it reaches the right conditions to become fully autonomous.

The vision of Ethic Hub is to improve access to credit and offer better investment opportunities by humanizing the international financial sector. This will be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Only productive or positive projects will be funded as they generate more value.
  2. Financial intermediaries will be eliminated via Blockchain-developed Smart Contracts. This will allow for more efficient, faster, and safer payments. The reduction in operating cost will improve profit margins, benefiting both investors and borrowers.
  3. Ethic Hub is a unique platform and will charge fees only for successful transactions: that is, when the entire loan has been paid.
  4. The platform will provide access to small producers in the agricultural sector through its low-cost system.

Ethic Hub has adopted the decentralized Ethereum ecosystem in order to further improve an already established and popular system which can support complex Smart Contracts.

It is capable of managing all the information needed to uphold agreements between borrowers and investors while maintaining many variables in the duration of a loan such as repayment date and interest rate among others. Smart Contracts can establish conditions that can’t be altered later on.

Tokens will facilitate the smooth transfer of currency between users, lowering overhead expenses and simplifying the system. Ethic Hub has developed an exchange to convert currency tokens from a borrower’s wallet in their local currency. And when it is time to repay the loan using this local currency, the exchange would convert it back to tokens before they are transferred to the corresponding investor’s wallets.

Ethic Hub will offer the following investment and related products:

  1. Institutional investment
  2. Private investment
  3. Financing products
  4. Insurance marketing
  5. Data mining for businesses

Ethic Hub team is made up of entrepreneurs and business leaders with extensive experience in their respective fields such as innovation and entrepreneurship, business management, financial intermediation, technological marketing and development.

Jori Armbruster has a university degree in marketing and a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation. He was the CEO of Thisa, a popular B2B distribution organization in Spain with more than hundred sales points.

Pablo Chang is an industrial and mechanical engineer. He is the CEO and founder of Satori Koan, a financial company in Mexico specializing in intermediating loan and credit facilities to the Mexican agricultural sector. The company has an incredible volume of more than ten million Euros with over 8,000 borrowers.

Raúl Martínez is an industrial and electronic engineer, entrepreneur and software developer. He is the co-founder and lead-developer of BarSpace, a useful app to track and discover different types of events at pubs and bars in London. He also held the position of software engineer at Samsung.

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