Hayver’s ICO Cryptocurrency Rewards Recovering Addicts

Hayver’s ICO Cryptocurrency Rewards Recovering Addicts

About half of all Americans know somebody who struggles with an addiction problem. Statistics show that the struggle continues even after an addict has been through rehab: As many as 97% of recovering addicts relapse within 5 years.

What’s missing from the recovery equation that causes so many addicts to relapse again and again?

According to the team behind the Hayver app, the problem is that rehab programs lack the ability to provide a long-term support system after the recovering addict leaves the rehab center.

Science Matters When Improving Recovery Success Rates

Hayver aims to solve this problem through the use of random testing, access to a support network, and cryptocurrency rewards for staying on track.

The team cites scientific studies that show that the “carrots and sticks” approach to helping recovering addicts beat odds that are stacked against them can be highly effective.

As Hayver’s Chief Medical Officer, John Copenhaver, told me in an interview, “The main thing, after 40 years of research, has been shown that the daily possibility of being drug tested that day is the largest psychological deterrent to help people stay in recovery. … They’re just now coming out with papers, just in the past five years or so, [that] are showing that real, tangible rewards also help people stay in recovery.”

Sound like common sense?

Sure it is. Retailers already recognize the benefit of offering small rewards for shopping with them and science is just now starting to catch up. By basing the app’s features on solid science, Hayver can boost the odds that a recovering addict will still be clean and sober in five years from a paltry 3% to a more impressive 78%.

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Haver Recovery Score

One thing that makes Hayver unique is the use of a Hayver Recovery Score. This score is calculated based on activity on the app.

The Hayver Recovery Score some similarities with a credit score that calculates how likely it is that an individual will pay back a loan in that this app’s score calculates the probability that the recovering addict won’t relapse.

The recovering addict will get an additional psychological boost when he or she watches that score go up. This score is also the basis of the cryptocurrency rewards.

Connect With Support Groups

Hayver makes it easier for recovering addicts to connect with friends and family by adding them to the support group feature. This feature works best if the recovering addict already has a pretty solid support group to begin with.

The Haver app just makes it easier for the addict to get hold of them if needed. This alone is likely to improve the chances of recovery when the addict knows that he or she can get hold of somebody who can just listen without judgment when the addict feels tempted to relapse.

The Hayver ICO

Not surprisingly, Hayver is having an ICO in order to fund the cryptocurrency rewards and also support charitable efforts to improve access to services for recovering addicts.

To support the token, the Hayver team plans to build an economy around the token that could include the option for similar endeavors to build apps around the token.

That means earning the cryptocurrency rewards won’t necessarily be the same thing as getting Reddit karma and Hayver investors could get something out of the ICO besides a cut of the profits.

Likely investors will probably have a personal incentive to boost tools that can improve the odds that a recovering addicts will still be clean and sober in five years: They’ve had to watch a family member go through rehab only to relapse over and over again.

If they can improve the odds of staying clean and sober from 3% to 78% with an app like Hayver, they might be more willing to take a chance on it even if they aren’t willing to bet the farm on yet another ICO.

The Hayver app is already ready to go and shows signs of already being successful when it comes to helping addicts stay on the road to recovery. The team doesn’t sound like they’re just pulling that 78% success rate out of their ears or like they’re just making promises that they can’t deliver.

They’re basing the app on solid science that shows that random testing, rewards, and easier access to support groups can improve the success rate of recovering addicts.

So it’s fair to say that Hayver sounds like a good idea that just needs funding even it they don’t sound like they intend to pay dividends on the tokens.

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