iCoin Pro: Earn Up to $2,046 from Just Spillover with a Forced Matrix Comp Plan

The best no-recruiting cryptocurrency training affiliate/mlm marketing opportunity has officially launched June, 2017.

6,000 new members during the two week “pre-launch.”

They are called iCoin Pro, and it’s the first cryptocurrency education/training platform.

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iCoin Pro is perfect for newbies interested in Bitcoin and other other alternative coins, or for a seasoned investor who wants to promote an educational platform to clients and friends about cryptocurrency 101 and investing.

So, How Would You Earn Up to $2,046 a Month without recruiting?

One out of the five ways you can get paid for promoting iCoin Pro is by a compensation feature called the 2×10 forced matrix.

You get the 2×10 forced matrix whether you bring in your own people or not.

You can upgrade to bigger packages and receive either a 2×12 matrix or a 2×14 matrix.

But, in this article I’m just featuring the basic package for people who are not prone to recruiting themselves.

The basic package is only $39 a month, with a first time starter fee of $40.

iCoin Pro also can pay in Bitcoin which you can then invest in different cryptocurrencies on different platforms.


A 2×10 forced matrix has 2,046 available spots for members to be placed in.

These spots can be filled by your sponsor as well as people above your sponsor. This is called “Spillover.”

The matrix can also be filled by people under you that bring in their own people.

This creates exponential growth.

Within a relatively short time, your matrix will fill up and you will get paid monthly residual income from it.

If you have 400 spots filled each month, you’ll get paid $400 a month.

If you have 987 spots filled, you’ll get paid $987 a month.

Where does the money come from?

The money comes from the 2.5% commission you earn from each spot filled in your matrix.

2.5% of $40 (the price of the monthly iCoin Pro package) equals $1 dollar.

iCoin Pro Earn Up to $2,046 from Just Spillover with a Forced Matrix Comp Plan

As you can see in this picture:

A 2×10 matrix has 2,046 spots with a potential payout of $2,046 per month.

A 2×12 matrix has 8,190 spots with a potential payout of $8,190 per month.

A 2×14 matrix has 32,766 spots with a potential payout of $32,766 per month.


This is completely residual income paid out each month!

You can earn $2,046 per month without recruiting one person!

If you want to really blow up this compensation plan and make more money, I suggest you recruit at least 3 people, or more if you can.

The potential is enormous.

If you found a leader or your sponsor brought in a leader, and they built a large team, you could be making $2,000 a month within a few months!

This is the best compensation plan I have ever seen, and I’ve been a full-time internet marketer for years.

For more information on iCoin Pro, visit HERE.


Thanks for reading!

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