iCoin Pro: First Ever Cryptocurrency Educational Platform MLM

iCoin Pro: First Ever Cryptocurrency Educational Platform MLM icoin pro review

iCoin Pro: First Ever Cryptocurrency Educational Platform MLM

iCoin Pro began pre-launch Thursday May 25th 2017. They are the first ever Cryptocurrency Educational Platform MLM. Here’s our review:

We all know Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are huge right now.

Bitcoin is going for $2283 as of May 28th, 2017.

When it started in 2009, Bitcoin was going for .0008 a share.

Bitcoin was started in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto and was officially launched 2009 with a block of 50 Bitcoins called the Genesis block.

Nakamoto disappeared shortly after handing the control of Bitcoin over to Gavin Andresen who then formed a Bitcoin Foundation.

In 2011, Wikileaks began accepting Bitcoin as donations, Bitcoin magazine was formed by Vitalik Buterin, and a patent was registered for “Creating and using digital currency” in the United States.

In 2013, Coinbase reported that $1 million worth of Bitcoin had been transacted with at $22 per Bitcoin.

Today, more and more retailers are using Bitcoin.

Japan and South Africa have seen huge trends in widely accepting Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The Problem with Cryptocurrency

The problem with Bitcoin and other digital currencies is that not many people understand it.

Many people believe it will be terminated by the government, or that it’s just some gimmick.

But, a lot of other people have already made fortunes from it and see no slowing down of the digital currency’s price.

Digital currency will not be stopped.

If anything does happen, it will find a way around the issue.

But, what about the average person who wants to capitalize on digital currencies?

Bitcoin transactions icoin review
Bitcoin Transactions

iCoin Pro: A Solution for Average People to Capitalize on the $75 Billion Market Capitalization

According to coinmarketcap.com, the total market now for digital currency is $75 Billion.

Many investors believe that Bitcoin itself will rise to $30,000 a Bitcoin.

In that case, Digital Currencies have barely begun.

Enter iCoin Pro.

iCoin Pro is the first ever educational platform designed like a network marketing business to not only provide essential training modules on how to trade and mine crypto, but also profit by sharing the platform with others and creating an income stream.

There is still a lot of money to be made in Cryptocurrency.

iCoin Pro does not sell the actual Bitcoin, instead it’s an educational portal that empowers the average investor the tools they need to fully understand digital currency.

iCoin Pro Commission Structure

iCoin Pro uses a “forced matrix” compensation plan that goes down 10 levels for the monthly plan and 14 levels on the annual plan.

Everyone who checks out iCoin Pro for the free tour is placed down the “powerline.”

When you upgrade as a representative, you will lock in your spot and capitalize on anyone who joins after you.

For $49 a month, you can’t beat this business model, and the commission you receive from all the other upgrades makes this a solid residual income stream.

Again, iCoin Pro just began and thousands are already upgrading.

The attention that iCoin pro is so overwhelming that they’ve had to upgrade their servers twice in the last 3 days of pre-launch.

Although you can earn commissions already in iCoin pro, the official launch is June 21st, 2017.

I can’t be more excited about iCoin Pro.

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “iCoin Pro: First Ever Cryptocurrency Educational Platform MLM”

  1. iCoinPro is a forward thinking opportunity…. first of its kind in bringing high order education of the emerging Crypto Currency markets to the masses .

    From a Business Opportunity perspective it is extraordinary and built for speed … first to market, digital product ( not physical), International expansion , Lucrative Compensation , Proven Leadrship, serving an explosive emerging market and true ground floor timing and positioning.

    This is going to be a ‘ Running Giant ‘…… 𝐆𝐞𝐭 𝐆𝐞𝐭 get involved and going NOW!

    1. I agree Mark!

      This combination of Crypto education tied in with an automated email recruiting system under the network marketing business model is going to be incredible!

      iCoin Pro is a flagship platform of its kind and the people who get into the forced matrix can benefit without even recruiting themselves.

      I love that this is a digital product and is available truly around the world. I am so tired of being in MLMs that cannot ship to certain parts of Africa, India, and Asia.

      Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are exploding. As of right now, the market capitalization for cryptocurrencies is $75 billion! That’s with a “B.”

      It took network marketing almost 70 years to get to $190 Billion. Bitcoin is only 8 years old! This is growing exponentially faster than network marketing. But, I’m really glad that the network marketing business model is tied to this program, along with the 2X14 forced matrix that allows even “non-recruiters” to make residual income.

      Thanks again Mark!

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