iCoin Pro: Why I Love Their 2×14 Forced Matrix Comp Plan

iCoin Pro is the first ever Affiliate/MLM cryptocurrency training platform. Here’s Why I Love Their 2×14 Forced Matrix Comp Plan.

iCoin Pro: First Ever Cryptocurrency Educational Platform MLM icoin pro review

iCoin Pro officially pre-launched Thursday May 25th, 2017.

Their official launch is set for June 22nd.

A friend introduced me to this platform two days into pre-launch.

I’m not easily swayed and have been devoted to one MLM for over 3 years, even through a rocky merger.

But, I have always been curious about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and apparently iCoin Pro was the first ever training platform of its kind.

iCoin Pro is like the MLSP or Elite Marketing Pro for cryptocurrency education attached to it is a powerful 2×10 to 2×14 forced matrix comp plan.

What is a forced matrix comp plan?

icoin pro geneology

I forced matrix puts people down under you.

The first row is two, second row is 4, third row is 8, etc.

This matrix gets filled not only by who you personally sponsor, but also by people above you (your upline) who recruit people and from the people you bring in who recruit their own people.

What happens is you get paid on active members in this matrix every month, even though you may not have personally recruited that person.

For instance, in my first week, two active members were placed in my matrix who I didn’t sponsor.

I will get paid on these two people every month they stay active, and can also get paid on everyone they bring in.

What is a 2×10 to 2×14 Matrix?

iCoin Pro forced matrix

A 2×10 Matrix is 10 levels deep.

This is the matrix you get when you’re unranked.

If you multiply 2×2 10 times exponentially you get 2,046.

That means there’s 2,046 spots in your 2×10 matrix for members to fall into.

iCoin Pro pays 2.5% on each spot filled per month.

2.5% of the $40 monthly membership fee is $1.

If all your spots get filled, you earn $2,046 each month, possibly without recruiting anyone.

A 2×12 Matrix, which you get by paying more or by naturally recruiting 3 and having 40 active members in your matrix is 8,190 spots.

That means you can earn up to $8,190 per month by filling this matrix through your efforts and your team and your upline.

This is serious income.

A 2×14 matrix, which you get by paying more or having 100 active members in your matrix gives you 32,766 spots.

So, if you fill those spots, you’re making $32,766 a month without counting overrides and check matching.

This is why some of the biggest internet marketers are jumping in this as quick as possible.

iCoin Pro fills the need of educating the average person about cryptocurrencies and how to invest in them.

Bitcoin is predicted to become worth $100,000 a bitcoin in 10 years.

Cryptocurrency already has a market capitalization of over $75 Billion.

Digital currency isn’t going anywhere, and iCoin Pro allows the average person a chance to make great passive, residual income while learning about cryptocurrencies.

I’ve never seen a program like this and I’m BLOWN AWAY.

I’ve always had to build two legs in a MLM binary comp plan, and if one leg diminished because of attrition, I wouldn’t get paid.

With this forced matrix and low monthly membership fee, I feel that not many people are going to quit when they understand the power of the matrix.

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Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “iCoin Pro: Why I Love Their 2×14 Forced Matrix Comp Plan”

  1. It’s pretty refreshing to see an MLM that isn’t based strictly on how many people each person can personally recruit to it. Having your matrix filled by people in your upline is a definite perk here. 2,000- and 3,000-person matrices offer some serious income potential even accounting for attrition, so my interest is piqued. I also like having the option of either earning or buying your way into higher levels.

    I have a question, though, for clarification. iCoin Pro’s training modules about all things cryptocurrency are the product, right? Is the $40 the monthly subscription fee for access to the training materials? Do any other perks come with the fee? Help me sell it!

    1. Hi Erika!

      Yeah, I’m pretty excited about iCoin Pro myself. Having a 2×10 to 2×14 matrix plan really does put a friendly face on MLM and does greatly reduce attrition.
      iCoin Pro can be considered an affiliate program as well as a MLM.

      The main product is indeed cryptocurrency training modules (think of MLSP for cryptocurrency) which will be expanded upon and will also include video training as well.

      You can buy the monthly package for $40 or buy a whole year for $599, which places you at a 3 star level which opens 4 levels of commissions and many other bonuses.

      Also, as a 3 star paid representative, you now have the 2×14 matrix instead of the 2×10 or 2×12 matrix.

      The 2×14 matrix has 32,768 spots which can be filled by people your sponsor brings in, people you bring in, and the people they bring in.
      This creates exponential growth and on the second month and beyond when people in your matrix reorders (if they have monthly subscription) you get paid $1 a spot.

      If you fill your matrix, that would be anywhere from $2,000 (2×10) to over 32,000 (2×14 matrix) per month. This is pure residual income. This doesn’t include the three other types of commissions.

      It’s truly an exciting opportunity paired with the ever increasing popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, iCoin Pro is going to dominate!

      1. Thanks for clearing that up for me. One more question. How much are the 2- and 3-star levels if you pay by the month?

        1. Hi Erika!

          All the levels down 14 pay 2.5% every month that a rep orders. The price of a package is $40 per month. 2.5% of $40 is $1 dollar.

          So, if you had a 2×14 matrix, that’s 32,768 spots. If they were filled, you would make $32,768 a month and a lot of that income comes from people you didn’t recruit!

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