iCoin Pro: The MLSP & EMP of Cryptocurrency Training

iCoin Pro is the first cryptocurrency training platform to hit the internet which launched June 21st, 2017. Here’s why iCoin Pro is like MLSP.

MLSP, also known as My Lead System Pro was launched in 2008 by Norbert Orlewicz and Brian Finale.

icoin pro or MLSP

MLSP was created to help network marketers learn how to create a brand presence online for themselves, create content to “attract” prospects to them rather than away from them, and to teach network marketers a better way to promote network marketing.

icoin pro review, what is bitcoin, what is altcoin?

EMP, also known as Elite Marketing Pro, was created a little earlier than MLSP and taught not just network marketers, but also any internet marketer, or small business that wanted to attract customers online.

So, what is iCoin Pro?

iCoin Pro was founded June 21st, 2017 by Paul DeSousa, a long-time investor in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

He created iCoin Pro to educate people about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and how to use them effectively and even profit from them.

iCoin Pro offers digital training modules from beginner to advanced which teaches you everything from what is Bitcoin to micro-investing in cryptocurrencies for maximum profit.

The beautiful thing about iCoin Pro, unlike traditional MLMs, is that their products are all “digital” meaning anyone in any country can become a member. There are no shipping constraints to some countries like there is with MLMs that offer physical products.

Also, with a “forced matrix” compensation plan, you can get paid on members in your matrix even if you didn’t recruit them yourself.

If you look at the 2×10 to the 2×14 matrix picture below you can see the max amount you can earn from this one out of four compensation features in ICoin Pro.

icoin pro or elite marketing pro


As “unranked”, meaning you have not recruited a single person, you can earn up to $2,046 a month!

Take into consideration though, your matrix takes time to fill up and will fill up faster when you recruit people yourself.

But, other than that, I have never seen a compensation plan like this, where you can make great monthly residual income even if you don’t recruit.

Check out the FREE iCoin Video HERE.

Why Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are going through the roof and it’s not a passing fad.

Big corporate chains are already accepting bitcoin, such as Starbucks and Holiday Inn.

Picture of Bitcoin transactions:

Bitcoin transactions icoin review

Bitcoin is close to hitting $3,000 per Bitcoin, whereas stocks like Google are declining.

Cryptocurrency is also safer than paper money and holds it’s value between all countries.

Cryptocurrency is controlled by a “blockchain” which means there’s a group of people, or network, that all transactions have to pass through and every point in the blockchain has to approve all transactions.

Cryptocurrency is NOT controlled by the banks or the government, the user is.

We control how much value is in a cryptocurrency by trading it and buying it.

That is why clever cryptocurrency creators develop websites where users participate and mine for their currency, like with the new blockchain social media blogging platform Steemit.

steemit review, blockchain social media

I predict that in 5 years, 60% of the world will prefer using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for transactions.

The best way to learn about cryptocurrencies and make cryptocurrency a profitable education for yourself and others is to use iCoin Pro.

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2 thoughts on “iCoin Pro: The MLSP & EMP of Cryptocurrency Training”

  1. When will fill my spot in 2*10 matrix?from my joining 1183 members came in company but in my matrix only 1 spot filled,who is from my Sponcer spill.then forced matrix where?I think it is very difficult to earn even 40 USD without recruited.what u think?

    1. Hello Ashok,

      1,183 people came into the company but that means overall growth for the company and does not mean that they are coming in from your sponsors or upline.

      You get paid on spillover the third month.
      First month: all orders go into “fast start”
      Second month: when someone reorders their second month, this goes into the matrix.

      Third month: you get paid on the first wednesday of the third month for how many active spots were in your matrix the second month.

      Think of spillover as a bonus. Yes, I would recruit and build this business like any other online business and not depend on just spillover.

      In the meantime, the cryptocurrency education can make you money. You could learn how to profit from trading currencies while waiting for spillover.
      This education alone would make you a valuable asset to people who don’t understand cryptocurrencies, let alone trade them.

      Hope this helps!

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