iCoin Pro Review and How to Join

icoin pro review and join

iCoin Pro Review and How to Join

iCoin Pro is in pre-launch. They are one of the first Cryptocurrency MLMs that offer training and an automated recruiting MLM system like SBC.

Paul Desousa iCoin Pro founder iCoin Pro review

iCoin was founded by Paul DeSousa.

iCoin Pro is an affiliate program that is structured like an MLM and offers a wide range of training material to help people make educated decisions on how to buy Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

They are in pre-launch until mid June and the response to iCoin Pro is simply amazing.

Their server crashed for an hour the first day I pre-enrolled.

Within two hours, I had over 200 pre-enrollees and 25 paid representatives.

iCoin Pro uses a forced matrix 2 x 14.

They have overrides, matching bonuses and generous fast starts.

This is such a “ground floor” opportunity, that everything is still open for the masses, as far as creating marketing for this incredible opportunity.

There’s not many digital MLM companies out there, and what better way to get into a digital currency MLM than iCoin Pro.

best cryptocurrency MLM iCoin Pro

Digital MLM versus Regular MLM

I’m used to being in a regular MLM that has consumable products.

I love MLM, but there are headaches associated with consumable products.

Many countries that are very hungry for MLM cannot receive product, such as Nigeria.

Nigeria and parts of India have no shipping or their shipping is tainted by corruption.

iCoin Pro is perfect to literally tap into every market internationally because their is no physical product.

Once you pay $79US the first month, you only pay $39US a month after that.

Autoship is already activated, so you don’t need to worry about placing an order each month, and you can rely on your downline for their monthly order.

I’m super excited about this opportunity.

It’s truly a ground floor and it’s anybody’s game.

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2 thoughts on “iCoin Pro Review and How to Join”

  1. Wow iCoinPro! Speaking of the right program for the right time.

    I am so excited about this. I have had an interest in BitCoin and Crypto Currencies for awhile, but I found that I had to really search to find information to better understand the Crypto world. iCoinPro has done all of the work and put everything you need to know in one program. Learn what Crypto currency is, where it is going and how to profit from it. We all need a better understanding to learn how to use Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies) in our daily lives.

    You can use Bitcoin to pay for coffee at Starbucks, pay for your Hotel room at Holiday Inn, pay for Microsoft services, pay for your stay in Las Vegas, and the list goes on and on. BitCoin is now an approved currency in Japan and other countries. It is amazing because you can send money to anyone around the world person to person. No bank required!

    Bitcoin in itself has been an incredible investment. The value of Bitcoin fluctuates, but is on a steady climb upward. People who buy and hold have already made fortunes and many analysts suggest that everyone should own at least one Bitcoin and hold it. The track record is undeniable.

    I love iCoinPro because it offers everyone the opportunity to learn about this new currency, how to use it and benefit from it. The other thing is that ICoinPro is a business in itself. Share information about the program and make money for informing people. You can feel good about providing them with the knowledge they need and the opportunity to earn income.

    I am a believer in BitCoin, other Crypto Currencies and most of all iCoinPro.

    Kindest Regards to all,

    Mike Dew

    1. I agree Mike!
      iCoin Pro is the first educational platform I have ever seen for cryptocurrencies.
      I’m truly honored for this opportunity and to get in three days after pre-launch.
      The momentum is crazy!
      I have never seen so many upgrades in one hour before!
      Thanks for stopping by.

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