iCoin Pro Review: First Week, Not What I Expected

iCoin Pro Pre-Launched May 25th, 2017. They are the first cryptocurrency training platform. Here’s my first week iCoin Pro review.

I’m really excited about iCoin Pro because it’s very unique and the first of its kind.

It’s a cryptocurrency training platform (think MLSP for network marketers) with an affiliate/mlm program attached to it.

For $39 a month, you can become a representative and lock in your position into the 2×14 forced matrix comp plan.

I’ve never done a forced matrix before, but after viewing the iCoin opportunity video the company states that you can earn up to $4,000 a month without recruiting.

What is a little confusing is their forced matrix comp plan says that you can potentially make $2,046 unranked from the matrix, not $4,000 like the opportunity video states.

Where do you get the extra $1,954 from if you’re not recruiting?

iCoin Pro forced matrix

If you get out your calculator and input: 2x2x2x2x2 etc, 10 times you get 2,046. That means there’s 2,046 boxes in your matrix.

The comp plan picture says I would get 2.5% from each box.

2.5% of $40 is $1.

So, 2,046 boxes at one dollar is $2,046.

You get this amount if all 2,046 boxes are filled.


Last night was the first official cut-off day.

Every wednesday night at midnight cut-off, the paid members rise above the unpaid members.

iCoin Pro has an awesome automated email system with a “fear-of-loss” component, meaning they will email your prospects and warn them that they need to upgrade before midnight on wednesday before they lose the potential paid members under them.

icoin pro geneology

When I woke up this morning, I had two “active representatives” in my default matrix view, which means I got two members without recruiting in my matrix.

This is pretty cool.

I could essentially fill up 2,046 boxes along with my own recruiting in a couple months and be making $2,046 or more each month.

That’s not a bad residual income per month for only paying $40.

I still don’t understand the forced matrix, as I got 2 of my upline’s representatives in my matrix even though he only recruited 6 people.

His upline and his upline and his upline brought in over 300 people but I didn’t see any spillover from them.

In fact, in my powerline alone there were 16,019 pre-enrollees and 2,506 paid representatives, yet I got only two members from spillover?

So, iCoin Pro Review: First Week, Not What I Expected

I’m glad that i didn’t get my hopes up and expect hundreds of members from spillover.

The company is also only a week old and there are going to be hiccups.

By far, iCoin Pro is the pioneer in Cryptocurrency training and education.

All new companies have problems.

I’m willing to stay in and see how it develops.

Their cryptocurrency training looks fantastic and you can always go back in and re-read chapters of material on how to invest in cryptocurrency to profit handsomely.

iCoin Pro Update: 6/12/2017

Almost a week away from the official iCoin Pro launch June 21st, and there’s already 7,000 members!

This is huge. I know that most new MLM companies get a huge spike in the beginning, but I feel that iCoin Pro is truly sustainable: It’s the first complete cryptocurrency training program.

Now, who doesn’t like being educated on something that is the future. Paper money will become obsolete in 10 years and Bitcoin is growing quickly.

iCoin Pro has smoothed out all the hiccups of being a new start-up. The automated email marketing system is working great, as now my leads are getting compelling daily emails from iCoin Pro, which greatly improves my conversion rate of promoting this company.

I am truly excited about this company as a MLM/Affiliate Marketing/Educational platform that will empower millions across the world. If you want more info on this exciting company, go to the far right tab at the top of this blog that says: “What is iCoin Pro?”

Thanks for reading!

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