iCoin Pro Review: First Week, Not What I Expected

iCoin Pro Pre-Launched May 25th, 2017. They are the first cryptocurrency training platform. Here’s my first week iCoin Pro review.

I’m really excited about iCoin Pro because it’s very unique and the first of its kind.

It’s a cryptocurrency training platform (think MLSP for network marketers) with an affiliate/mlm program attached to it.

For $39 a month, you can become a representative and lock in your position into the 2×14 forced matrix comp plan.

I’ve never done a forced matrix before, but after viewing the iCoin opportunity video the company states that you can earn up to $4,000 a month without recruiting.

What is a little confusing is their forced matrix comp plan says that you can potentially make $2,046 unranked from the matrix, not $4,000 like the opportunity video states.

Where do you get the extra $1,954 from if you’re not recruiting?

iCoin Pro forced matrix

If you get out your calculator and input: 2x2x2x2x2 etc, 10 times you get 2,046. That means there’s 2,046 boxes in your matrix.

The comp plan picture says I would get 2.5% from each box.

2.5% of $40 is $1.

So, 2,046 boxes at one dollar is $2,046.

You get this amount if all 2,046 boxes are filled.


Last night was the first official cut-off day.

Every wednesday night at midnight cut-off, the paid members rise above the unpaid members.

iCoin Pro has an awesome automated email system with a “fear-of-loss” component, meaning they will email your prospects and warn them that they need to upgrade before midnight on wednesday before they lose the potential paid members under them.

icoin pro geneology

When I woke up this morning, I had two “active representatives” in my default matrix view, which means I got two members without recruiting in my matrix.

This is pretty cool.

I could essentially fill up 2,046 boxes along with my own recruiting in a couple months and be making $2,046 or more each month.

That’s not a bad residual income per month for only paying $40.

I still don’t understand the forced matrix, as I got 2 of my upline’s representatives in my matrix even though he only recruited 6 people.

His upline and his upline and his upline brought in over 300 people but I didn’t see any spillover from them.

In fact, in my powerline alone there were 16,019 pre-enrollees and 2,506 paid representatives, yet I got only two members from spillover?

So, iCoin Pro Review: First Week, Not What I Expected

I’m glad that i didn’t get my hopes up and expect hundreds of members from spillover.

The company is also only a week old and there are going to be hiccups.

By far, iCoin Pro is the pioneer in Cryptocurrency training and education.

All new companies have problems.

I’m willing to stay in and see how it develops.

Their cryptocurrency training looks fantastic and you can always go back in and re-read chapters of material on how to invest in cryptocurrency to profit handsomely.

iCoin Pro Update: 6/12/2017

Almost a week away from the official iCoin Pro launch June 21st, and there’s already 7,000 members!

This is huge. I know that most new MLM companies get a huge spike in the beginning, but I feel that iCoin Pro is truly sustainable: It’s the first complete cryptocurrency training program.

Now, who doesn’t like being educated on something that is the future. Paper money will become obsolete in 10 years and Bitcoin is growing quickly.

iCoin Pro has smoothed out all the hiccups of being a new start-up. The automated email marketing system is working great, as now my leads are getting compelling daily emails from iCoin Pro, which greatly improves my conversion rate of promoting this company.

I am truly excited about this company as a MLM/Affiliate Marketing/Educational platform that will empower millions across the world. If you want more info on this exciting company, go to the far right tab at the top of this blog that says: “What is iCoin Pro?”

Thanks for reading!

Click >>Earn Up To $4,000 a Month Without Recruiting While Learning About Cryptocurrencies.



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12 thoughts on “iCoin Pro Review: First Week, Not What I Expected”

  1. Erik,

    Great insight into ICoinPro first week. I am amazed at the amount of people being attracted to this company in such a short period of time. The draw I think really is the buzz around Bitcoin and Crypto currency. People want to learn so this is a great place for find the knowledge they seek.

    The comp plan is certainly an attraction as well. Many people want simple home business that they can invest their time in. Something that provides additional income. The thought of getting paid to learn is pretty cool.

    I am a member and waiting for progress in my Matrix as well. As of this writing I understand that updates may not yet be complete so maybe there is more news to come. I am standing by.

  2. 7000 people as paid members while still in pre-launch is pretty impressive! It looks like a lot of people are feeling optimistic about the program, or are wanting to learn more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, or maybe both.

    I admit I’m still a little confused too on how your upline works to fill your matrix, and you’re saying you didn’t see any spillover from them. My GUESS is that people are being filled into slots that might be higher than or equal to you because of where the vacancies are in your upline affiliate’s matrix, but I’m not an expert. It’s still pretty cool to have two people under you without having had to recruit them yourself. That’s always where I fall flat. Even when the product is great, I feel bad trying to hawk it to people who I know won’t be interested in it, and my day job doesn’t leave me a lot of time for networking and pursuing salesmanship outside the stereotypical ‘bother your friends’ strategy.

    That said, I have plenty of friends who aren’t going to feel bothered by this one. They’ve asked me to explain Bitcoin to them before and then just gotten glassy-eyed when I’ve started talking about mining and the blockchain and using terms like ‘fiat currency’ and ‘inflation-proof’. Hoping iCoin Pro takes a more layman-friendly approach than my lectures. LOL

    1. Hi Erika,
      Yes, you’re right.
      I have 4 leaders above me who each have a 2×14 Matrix. That means 32,768 slots to be filled for each of them. Once they fill all those slots, then there would be spillover.
      The only spillover I get now is from my immediate upline. Whoever he recruits now falls into my matrix. For the rest of the leaders to spillover to me will take some time.
      It’s all worth it. I still get paid on who my sponsor brings in, who I bring in, and who the people I bring in who they bring in. Ahhhhh! Make sense?!

        1. Hi Tiffany!

          Enroller tree is everyone you personally bring in and who they bring in.

          The Matrix is filled by your people and people from your upline and your downline.

          You get a $1 for every spot filled in your matrix when someone places their second month order and beyond.

          Example: If you have 50 spots filled in your matrix after the second month, you get $50 that month in residual income.

          Hope this helps!

          1. Ok…I signed up at the 3star 12 month package.
            So is it still 1$ per spot?
            How do you know how many is in your matrix?

          2. Yes, every spot in the matrix gets 2.5% commission which is $1.

            Unranked and 1 Star have a 2×10 Matrix which is 2,046 spots.
            2 Star gets a 2×12 Matrix which is 8,190 spots.
            And, the 3 Star and above gets the 2×14 Matrix which is 32,766 spots.

            To see you matrix view, log back into: iCoinPro.com/login

            Go to the tab that says “Geneology” on the left hand side.

            There will be a list of different types of views you want to see.

            You can see your enroller tree as well as your matrix!

          3. Thank you.
            So the matrix is my enroller tree + possible spillover?
            Nothing from powerline?
            100 people in your enroller tree gives you 100$?

          4. Correct, Matrix is some spillover and your reps and their reps.

            Some could come from the Powerline, but the Powerline is EVERYONE that is “pre-enrolling” and upgrading into iCoin Pro.

            The Powerline is an overview of the momentum and growth of the company.

            If you had 100 people in your enroller tree you would probably make more than a $100. It depends on if they are ordering for their first month or their second month and beyond.

            If it’s their first month of ordering, everything goes into the “Fast Start” or Jump Start, I forget what it’s called, but jump start commissions for a 3 star is pretty good, also you earn down 4 levels on a percentage of anything your personal team does.

            The second month of ordering, everyone goes into the Matrix. That’s when you receive the $1 per spot filled, whether you brought them in or not.

            The compensation plan is very powerful. The Matrix is only one of five ways you can get paid. The Leadership Matching Bonus is huge. You can earn a percentage off of any leaders you bring in who decide to grow their own team, up to 60% depending on your rank. This is also a monthly commission, not weekly like Jump Start or Fast start.

            Hope this helps!

          5. It definitely helps some…but I have alot of questions that Im sure over time I will understand better.
            I do know that it going to take along time to fill 32+ thousand spots.

    1. Hey John,

      Here’s the progress:
      Most of my upline have stopped recruiting, therefore I have to build out my own matrix. I am not too bothered by this because I am a strong recruiter. Besides, at $39 a month, it’s worth it to stay in the long term. Every 90 days, the system will clean out the quitters and we will move up the matrix closer to the top.
      What also happens in new MLM companies is that “get-rich-quick” seekers come in first. Then, a few months later they quit and a new group of more seasoned marketers come in and develop a stronger foundation with less attrition. I believe we are on phase two now. Good solid leaders coming in and we are moving up the matrix. As far as income goes, I make weekly income by actively recruiting. The matrix is a long term residual income payoff. Hope this helps!

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