Impact Earth ICO Token Altcoin Review – Is it Legit?

Impact Earth ICO Token Altcoin Review – Is it Legit

How rare is it to come across an investment opportunity that is duo in nature. You see, the type that gives you a chance to make you money while at the same time supporting a worthy cause. Yes, when Donald pulled out of the Paris Agreement we all thought the whole climate change thing is going to collapse because Uncle Sam is no longer there.

The US didn’t in fact support a multi-billion dollar business opportunity while we all know that climate change is a significant risk for global economy that can potentially affect the prosperity and wealth of millions of people.

That’s from a negative point of view, if you flip it and become the protagonist of preserving and conserving the environment, you not only unravel a billion dollar, untapped business but you also became that champion that gives back to mother-nature. That is Impact Earth Foundation for you and not only are they launching their solution on the blockchain, but their founders have African roots.

Introducing Impact Earth Foundation

Viewing the severe effects of global warming, the Netherlands based company is looking to raise funds not for planting trees as you would have expected but for building a solid financial based that is circular and inclusive.

They want to anchor their development agenda on sustainable, environment friendly and energy efficient real estate making use of BIM technology and by availing themselves as a go to company when ventures with similar minds can seek for funds and/or management of their assets.

From the ICO, some funds will go towards improving their innovative blockchain which they aim to will create that much needed transparency and efficiency which investors will need as profits will be redistributed every quarter through their Earth Tokens.

A little bit of Impact Earth background

The Impact Earth Foundation is the company behind this ICO and the initiative was driven by the Kyoto blockchain protocol as well as the much hyped Paris Agreement which was surprisingly supported by China and other industrial countries.

There are three companies involved in this endeavor. Impact Earth Foundation is the face of the ICO and they are the one tasked with fund management. Transparent Concepts Company, better known as Realty Africa Connect is the other company and while it is also registered in Netherlands, their roles will be to create and manage the green solution from which all of Impact Earth projects must have.

Of course, now that there is a lot of money involved especially after the ICO, Delloite will be that guy looking over our funds. This is necessary and as the ever cautious investor will always pose…what if this is another scam? The presence of this global audit firm places that legitimacy stamp.

Mission of the Impact Earth Foundation

So here’s the thing with Impact Earth foundation. They are creating this truly amazing management solution through which their clients can reliably and conveniently manage or even monitor their climate friendly and low carbon dioxide emitting impact assets through the company.

They incorporate blockchain technology and target communities in developing countries and looks forward to helping people gain insight on the requirements for an excellent way to improve their daily operations as well as create a sustainable environment.

Impact Earth Foundation hopes to be the best firm for companies interested on achieving their Sustainability Development Goals (SDG).

The company will combine the power of blockchain to establish a global nature Asset marketplace that removes the current obstacles to participation in activities that conserve the environment while providing stakeholders with tangible assets that values value as the market grows and develops.

Unique Features of the Impact Earth Foundation

The profoundly reliable Impactxo blockchain platform will rely on the Connect Market Protocol, which is one of its main features and backbone that makes investment accessible and transparent for its customers. The connect market protocol will help in reducing the various challenges that people go through when it comes to managing their assets.

The Connect Market Protocol standard will be an open source that developers can develop their smart contracts specific to their investment assets.

On the other hand, the Digital Cryptographic identities of market participants will enable the close monitoring of the client’s assets and recording of all their asset information and details to ensure that a clear and transparent record of their assets and oneself is acquired for future reference.

This is Impact Earth Foundation look to solve

The Impact Earth approach has played a significant role in creating social and economic value for its customers through the provision of education and community building enabled by the Ethereum blockchain for transparency and control.

Funds will be used in reducing energy and fuel consumption and as a result, reduce people’s daily expenditure on such assets. Climate design is the primary strategy that the platform will rely on to produce onsite renewable energy as well as store and distribute renewable energy throughout the smart networks.

Their projects will be environment centric and will be geared towards reducing CO2 emissions. By doing so, global severe effects will be efficiently handled to ensure that the world`s activities are carried out efficiently with fewer difficulties.

Besides, their approach will also efficiently handle the issue of resource shortage like food, water and much more through deriving resource effective strategies.

It will also create urbanization through deriving measures to ensure that the demand for houses and other real estates is efficiently addressed, both in the urban as well as the rural, off grid areas.

This is how you will make your money

Cumulatively, there are around five different services which Impact Earth Foundation will look to offer as it looks to address the above problems. Luckily, despite being wide, the company will address them through the three main revenue generating pillars which the company is investing on.

70% of all the funds will go towards impact assets, 20% towards the blockchain platform-it won’t improve itself without partnership and bug hunting programs and lastly, 10% of the funds will be funneled towards housing.

In their main site they say all their housing projects will be efficient, emits low CO2, cheap and make use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). During implementation, local architects will be involved in designing these cheap but sustainable housing projects.

From this redistribution and obvious diversification, Impactxo coin holders will earn their quarterly dividends from revenue obtained from blockchain based asset management services done on Impact platform, sale of impact assets to governments or institutions, sale of portfolios derived from pre-financed assets, from their real estate projects and from their unique yellow page subscription models.

All in all, there is one thing that you should not miss. The company want to focus on real assets which not only have value but there are high odds of capital gains if there is a robust investment plan in place. Remember that real assets have real value which if push comes to shove can be that reliable collateral.

Other than obvious capital gains, up to 70% of all revenue after tax will be redistributed by Transparent Concepts to coin holders every quarter through what is called Earth Tokens. Lest I forget you can actually redeem Earth tokens for cash which can then be channeled to philanthropic causes.

The brains behind the project

Patrick Chella and Erik Van Eeten are the main faces and cofounders of the project that gives the project the African and Dutch connection. Both of them are multiple master’s degree holders in Finance, equity and asset management. Cumulatively they bring to the table 35 years of experience. Others are Emil Bengtsson, a cofounder but an internet security guru and the company’s CTO who will give blood to Impactxo Platform.

These guys don’t work alone. We have a team of advisors made of Duzan Doepel, Allan Zaramba, Mansi Vromans and others who will give their counsel in matters finance, security, architecture and sustainability.

Impact Earth ICO details

The Impact Foundation will raise funds to implement their firm`s plans through selling IMPACTXO Coins. Each Impactxo coin will cost 1USD and participants can take part in the sale as long as they have a minimum of $10 but individuals can only purchase $1M worth of Impactxo coins.

There will be 100M Impactxo coins to ever supply but from this, a small portion reserved for team members as well as the founders and the bounty program will be deducted and the rest availed for interested investors. Just to elaborate, 5M Impactxo coins will be used for marketing and bounty programs-that’s about 5% of the total coins in supply.

Because not all tokens will be taken up for the ICO, the remaining will be reserved and stored for at least one year. The founder’s tokens for example will be put in storage for six months after the ICO.

Impactxo coin pre-sale is ongoing as it begun on December 1, 2017. Participation grants you a 50% discount if you sink in $2500. High net worth individuals who invest $150K will receive a 5% Impactxo coins as bonus. The ICO ends on January 31, 2018.

Purchase can be made using Fiat or BTC/ETH but all value calculation will be done with USD as base. All Impactxo coins will be redistributed to owners from February 7, 2018.

There is no mention of the hard and soft cap…and this is not ok with me!!

My two cents

Impact Earth initiated projects is one of the most brilliant ways to bring up what is present on the other side of the world. That if sustainability and reduction of carbon footprints whose impacts is felt far and wide.

Even though the project itself look to benefit investors through their revenue generating platforms and eco-friendly projects, I don’t see details on how this is going to be implemented. Plus, the time frame from one milestone to another seems over ambitious.

Anyhow, if this project goes on to fruition-the project is massive let’s not forget that, the investor will benefit.

Thanks for reading!

Do you own due diligence, this is not a recommendation to invest

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