Limitlex: Making the Crypto Market Smart

The cryptocurrency trading market was so robust in the past 2 years that simply putting money into an exchange was usually enough to ensure returns.

This popularity made crypto trading a household name, with everyone wanting to get a piece of the action. The result is a saturated market with countless strategies and currencies to choose from.

This is where Limitlex steps in: a smart, intuitive platform offering both beginners and experts the trading mechanisms they need to expand their portfolio like never before. 2018 is the year when Limitlex makes the crypto trading market smart.

There are plenty of platforms to choose from out there, with little distinguishing them from one another. They were all built to handle the type of crypto trading that was popular a couple of years ago, namely large-scale trading of just 2 or 3 cryptocurrencies.

This is an industry where technology advances overnight and the exchanges designed for it are already outdated. On the date this article was written listed a whopping total of 1584 cryptocurrencies; clearly it’s time for an exchange constructed for the reality of the present and future, instead of what for the crypto industry is ancient history.

Limitlex’s first advantage for the future of crypto is transparency and organization. Users can group currencies and different trading strategies in several different ways in order to keep track of the growing list of coins.

Oversight over your portfolio is the most important advantage in making smart trades and diversifying investments. Bulk trading allows buying or selling many currencies with one click; a trader can sell his entire portfolio or, for example, buy top 10 cryptocurrencies according to the market capitalisation – all with just one click.

Beginners can start investing on their first day with no learning curve. Many of Limitlex’s powerful features give first-time traders several different options to ensure their trades are intelligent, including copycat trading, where they can mimic the investments of the platform’s top performers.

Our Traders’ Network will also be a true gem for beginners. The social-media-like platform will gather several experienced traders in one place and will serve as a vibrant community for trading success stories and caveats.

Experts and beginners alike will love Limitlex’s fund-like nature, as they can distribute their invested money into sub-accounts to test different trading strategies and track the performance of all of them in real time. If one sub-account isn’t working as well as another, one click redirects capital to the better-performing strategy.

Experienced crypto traders will find Limitlex’s options of “One-Cancel-All” feature indispensable. One of the common strategies is to buy when a currency dips in value, so a popular method is to spread money over several currencies and wait for a currency’s price to drop.

So to open buy positions for $1,000 on 50 currencies a trader would need to risk $50,000. Limitlex lets you post just a single amount for all currencies, and will automatically fill the buy order of the one currency that dips the most, saving you $49,000 and peace of mind in the process.

The more adventurous traders can try out the “random trading”. By running this feature they can buy one or many cryptocurrencies from an auto-generated random selection.

As counterintuitive as it may sound, random trading was in fact proven in a scientific study to be just as effective as regular trading strategies. More importantly, random trading can help traders find opportunities they might normally miss. Limitlex’s flexible system will allow users to determine the number of coins and the amount invested in random trades.

The best part of the Limitlex solution for active traders is the flexibility chain orders give. Setting alarm clocks and notifications is a thing of the past. Just set up your Limitlex account to invest smartly while you’re getting your rest. You’ll experience the value firsthand once you wake up and see what the world’s first smart cryptocurrency exchange has done for you overnight.

Limitlex was designed by experienced traders who know exactly what problems an exchange needs to solve. The market is changing rapidly and it’s not enough just to keep up with it. Today’s traders need to join an exchange that’s already looking toward the future. Limitlex: the smart crypto exchange.

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