How to Mine Altcoins with easyMINE Review

How to Mine Altcoins with easyMINE Review

In case you haven’t heard, easyMINE is a popular cryptocurrency mining software. The software was particularly designed to simplify cryptocurrency mining procedures. Tech savvy veterans or complete newbies can both use the intuitive interface to start mining a number of coins. However, initiating the mining process isn’t always easy.

While setting up the hardware may seem fairly straightforward, getting the software running requires a notable amount of technical expertise. Mining operations typically require constant updates, repairs, adjustments and of course, constant supervision.

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What is an Altcoin?

Altcoins are alternatives to Bitcoins in the world of cryptocurrency. Most Altcoins are generated using the same basic framework as Bitcoins. It does offer a cheap and efficient way to carry out transactions. However, Bitcoins still have an edge and are considered as the more superior type of cryptocurrency.

Steps for Using EasyMINE

Miners will find that setting up easyMINE is a relatively easy process. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Download the EasyMINE software package in your computer
  2. Plug in the flash drive into the mining machine
  3. Boot up the software

Once you have followed these steps, EasyMINE will automatically adjust the software and hardware components of the rig for robust efficiency, profitability and maximum stability. You can remotely monitor the mining machine whilst configuring the settings using the EasyMINE dashboard. This is a useful feature for people who do not have physical access to their hardware since they can remotely adjust the settings to their liking.

Hardware Required for Mining

Needless to say, hardcore cryptocurrency mining will require specialized hardware. Users can use a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or Central Processing Unit (CPU) for cryptocurrency mining however, the former serves to be a better option and ensure better performance in terms of cryptographic computations. While Altcoins can be mined using a less-advanced laptop, a computer with internal graphics is recommended.

If you plan on using a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), it is important you use high quality graphic processors. Many skilled Altcoin miners develop special equipment, which can be used with the mother boards incorporating the graphic cards. Since mining crypto-coins is a tedious process, users will require a rigorous system that can keep up with the demands of the process or else it will wear down the electronic parts of the system. Thus, they ensure the equipment is stored in a cool area.

You may also require a special Bitcoin Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips. These chips are designed to offer maximum performance and have a higher capacity compared to older systems. Avoid using worn out video processor cards as it will consume too much electricity. Many companies are starting to offer specialized hardware for cryptocurrency mining.

Benefits of Using EasyMINE for Mining Altcoins

Using EasyMINE offers the following benefits:

  • User Friendly: EasyMINE is a user friendly platform that allows folks to initiate their own mining process without specialized knowledge.
  • No Manual Configuration: EasyMINE will automatically configure the hardware and software settings according to the rig.
  • Cost-Effective: EasyMINE ensures maximum profitability.

Components of EasyMINE

This robust software offers maximum benefits using four core platforms. This includes:

  • EasyMINE Server
  • EasyMINE Custom Linux Operating System
  • EasyMINE Dashboard
  • EasyMINE Mobile App for iOS and Android

EasyMINE Server

The server acts as the core frame of the software. It is designed to control and monitor the operation of each mining machine. The server offers AI-based performance optimization that keeps the hardware settings in check and makes adjustments if necessary. It includes settings such as clock frequency, BIOS version and core voltage). The entire performance data is gathered can be viewed by the user via the server.

EasyMINE Custom Linux Operating System

This operating system is exclusively designed for cryptocurrency mining. It already has all the components necessary for mining including a pre-installed mining software, server communication setup, script package and hardware management.

EasyMINE Dashboard

The dashboard makes it easier for users to manage the interface. You can access the administrative module using your web browser. This allows users to monitor the process of any mining machine as long as it is connected to the main server. Individuals can use their web browser to select from a number of settings and analytics. This makes the mining operation relatively simpler compared to other platforms.

EasyMINE Mobile

The EasyMINE Mobile app that is set to release for Android and iOS has similar functions to the web dashboard. This will provide users remote access to the mining project. And this will also allow remote analysis and dashboard.


Mining Altcoins using EasyMINE is a relatively simpler process. With its additional features, EasyMINE has altered the way people mine cryptocurrency.

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