NUI Review: Pre-Launch Blockchain Matrix Opportunity or Scam?

NUI Review: Pre-Launch Blockchain Matrix Opportunity or Scam?

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it……he who doesn’t……pays it”Albert Einstein

The fervent rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology over the past decade has gotten a lot of attention from those seeking opportunity; everybody wants a piece of the pie. However, amidst the global stampede for lucrative earnings, an abundance of scams are birthed every week. It’s hard to find a cryptocurrency or blockchain to invest in; they all seem to tell you exactly what you want to hear. In this digital economy, true decentralization and transparency are seldom…

…perhaps, until now.

Meet NUI Social

A new cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is brewing on U.S. soil, and word of it being 100% completely passive has begun to virally spread like wildfire. Although NUI Social is still technically in pre-launch, lucrative forecasts are already beginning to rise. The Utah based business has already sprung up a 26,000 square foot office with over 50 employees; each with over 25 years’ experience. It’s hard to believe that a startup could already be operating at such a remarkable capacity and it’s even harder to believe that NUI Social is debt free. Nonetheless, facts are facts, and this revolutionary establishment shows no sign of descending. But how can this be?

It’s not every day you see such a fast-growing, honest company. NUI Social does what most do not; they are tangible, transparent. With an on-site office, investors can visit them and set up appointments (rumors have circulated that NUI has actually flown out of state and out of country investors into their Utah office). When it comes to investing, it is all about trust, and how can you trust a business that is not transparent?

To further solidify their legitimacy, NUI partners with the country’s #1 law firm, Jones Day. Their expertise in law has been long recognized as the best, and to have them on your side is a great sign. To elaborate, NUI Social has their own Utility Coin—the Kala—which is truly decentralized and not regulated by the SCC. However, their alliance with Jones Day keeps them in complete compliance with the SCC. So, you have a purely decentralized coin that is still compliant with the SCC.

It’s true that skepticism stirs around new, bright-eyed blockchain businesses—especially ones that haven’t even gone live and are already doing so well—but NUI Social is upfront; there is no hiding. It is no surprise that they’re doing so well, and one cannot even begin to dream of the potential growth that this establishment will present after it is fully live.

Mining for Opportunity

It’s been a devastating few weeks for those mining Bitcoin on the blockchain. Bitcoin’s recent dark days has sent profitability into a state of shut-down, but NUI Social has found a way around such dilemmas. Using highly efficient bots with algorithms, NUI is always in search of the most profitable coins—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Blockchain has made a prominent mark on big enterprises and corporations. Walmart, IBM, GM, Amazon, and Ford are just a few heavy hitters to name that have recently adopted this economic future. When launched, NUI Social will have its OWN blockchain; with several large companies already using their service. It is not unbelievable to foresee NUI achieving their future goal of becoming the largest blockchain in the world.

Now, to understand the difference between mining benefits, let’s compare typical MLM with the innovative NUI Social. In a typical MLM, investors face over-priced products that they pay for with a monthly fee; or Autoship. The point of successful mining is to make your money work for you, so, when you have to sell products to others like you do with a standard MLM, then the whole purpose of mining seems to become obsolete. Furthermore, MLMs are never truly passive income and 3.5% success rates are enough to frighten anyone off.

With NUI Social, mining operates in the exact opposite way in which it does with typical MLM. There are no fees, no overpriced products to sell—in fact, the product pays you directly—and this true passive income has a 100% success rate for anyone involved with a mining agreement.

Since its inception, Mintage is paying a weekly average of 3%, while NUI already averages from 1.5% to 5%; over 3 years, this amount compounded is outstanding. To make things better, NUI Social only requires a one-time membership payment of $125 and a minimum of $25 for mining. The latter clearly entails that for merely $150, you will enter a 3-year contract with empty pockets and emerge with cash pouring down your pant legs.

Imagine this: You stay passive with only a $100 investment. That investment rolling over at 2.5% per week—a realistic starting number that will significantly grow after the blockchain combines with mining—will, over 3 years, transform into $4,608.94; a 4,600% turn around for literally doing nothing. That is just with $100—so, $225 for first-time investors.

When it comes to mining, most companies sell tall tales of a set income, but the latter is simply not true and is a great example of a company that is not transparent. The reason why this is a false guarantee is because hash rates are never stable; they’re always rising and declining every week. NUI Social stays honest; they do not make guarantees that they cannot keep. Instead, they keep it transparent by letting you know that weekly (every Wednesday) payments will vary due to hash rates. Again, a sense of trust is established when honesty and integrity overcome dirty business.

Other factors will create a difference in profits between investors; even two who made the same investment. The reason for this is when you make a mining agreement, you are actually renting a rig; so each rig presents different results. However, with NUI, you don’t just have to rent a rig, you can purchase one of your own. This asset will allow you to earn the Kala (currently at 2 cents a coin, but expecting a significant rise after NUI launch) even before NUI Social goes live! So, when those profits start soaring, you will be right there next to them.

Is There More?

As mentioned before, the Kala is currently worth 2 cents a coin. However, this number is destined for a fortune in a couple of months. NUI is planning on having their own exchange where one has to buy Kala to go to other coins; an inevitable inhibitor of an increase in value. The exchange system will be called Vault or The Vault—this benefit is something to really consider.

The last we thing we will cover pertaining to NUI Social and their remarkable opportunities is there referral program. For every referral you make, you will receive 10% of their profit for life; this reigns true for the first three referrals you make. But let’s say that your referrals start making referrals. In this case, you will receive 2% of their profits, on top of your 10% from your original three referrals, and on top of your weekly income. If you have 100 people under you, then this bonus will yield a tremendous profit. Remember, this is for life!

A True Company

When we look at NUI Social, we do not just see a potential investment opportunity, but we see an honest, American company—using their integrity to build a transparent business from the ground up, and in a global industry that breeds those who will do anything to take advantage of investors. It’s safe to know that NUI Social is there to offer truly decentralized currency alongside innovative blockchain technology. But more importantly, it’s even better to know that both of these things are offered by a truly transparent company. Because today, that’s just hard to find.

Check out NUI today!


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