Blockchain – the Next Disruptor in the Ad Industry

Advertising Transparency – Can Blockchain Help?

A recent Facebook post suggested that American politicians wear jackets similar to those of NSCAR drivers – sporting all of the companies/enterprises that have contributed to their campaigns.

This kind of transparency would certainly give voters like me a lot more insight as we choose our elected officials. As opposed as I am to GMO’s in foods, for example, it would be nice to know which politicians are receiving funds from companies like Monsanto and exactly how much.

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The Cryptocurrency Industry: On a Quest to Embrace Self-Regulation?

Technology is rapidly transforming the way we transact with one another. As these developments indicate, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are playing an increasingly important role.

There is an article on this topic in the media every day and within the past years, industry attitudes towards the Bitcoin – cryptocurrencies – blockchain triangle have varied from sheer criticism to absolute praise and action. The same goes for regulation in this already volatile space.

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Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bitcoins have managed to effectively revolutionize the way our online transactions work. Having gained widespread media coverage and international fame, cryptocurrencies look primed to truly become the currencies of the future.

But before we start transacting with Bitcoins, we must first understand what a bitcoin wallet is, and how it is used. Wallets or e-wallets to be precise, serve as online repositories for your Bitcoins and can even act as a gateway for buying or selling Bitcoins.

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Advantages of PoS algorithm over PoW mining

As everyone get accustomed to initial way of cryptocurrency emission which is called Proof-of-Work mining, more and more cryptos move onto new algorithms, that don’t require such expensive equipment to generate new blocks.

Let’s see the difference between PoW and PoS systems


Proof-of-Work is the original scheme that was implemented in Bitcoin, Litecoin and countless other currencies. The principal characteristic of this method is that it needs big amounts of electricity.

Why? The main duty of those who confirm transactions and generate new blocks in blockchain, and it doesn’t really matter is it mining, staking or any other algorithm, their main duty is to prevent attacks on the main net. Each transaction in blockchain must be verified by several nodes, the more verifications the safer a transaction is.

If someone gets enough resources, 51% of all resources on the main net, he would be able to verify his own transactions, and do anything he wants, for example, canceling transactions he already made. That’s called 51% attack.

All blockchain systems are designed in a way that makes no sense in attacking a system. Proof-of-Work requires miners to spend a lot of computing power to solve the tasks, finding the exact hashing number that starts with 0000. The miner who finds this number, generates the block and gets the reward.

To be a miner, you must have large amounts of computing power, that means an expensive equipment. The more power you have, the more chances you get to find the solution. That protects the chain from attacks, because anyone who would be able to attack, for example, Bitcoin, should have thousands of millions of dollars in equipment, which works only with Bitcoin, and he would lose the most from this attack.

Anyway, if wanna be a miner, you must buy some tech, and if you decide to get out, it’s hard to sell all this equipment.

That’s why Proof-of-Stake algorithm is invented.


With Proof-of-Stake you don’t need any computing power. All you need to verify transactions is some coins on the blockchain. That’s called staking, because you stake coins. The principle is the same – the more coins you get, the more chances you get to verify the transactions.

To stake you must have your coins locked somewhere in a contract or just simply keep it in the wallet, depending on the currency you have. You can’t sell it or move it, because if you do, you’re not able to verify the blocks hence no reason to reward you.

PoS algorithm makes attacking the chain really devastating for attacker, because if he can land a successful 51 attack, that means he has more than 51% of all coins, and if something happens with this chain, his own coins will lose its value.

In some currencies that require locking coins for staking, attacking the network results in loss of attacker’s coins, they get burned or destroyed – a heavy penalty to ensure that nobody with significant amount of influence over the network would try to do anything damaging to it.

As we see, as in PoW, you must spend some money to get a possibility to influence heavily on the process of verifications. But there a difference. No electricity wasted. If you want to get out, all you have to do is to sell all your coins on any exchange. No useless ASICs left. That’s a lot better. If you have enough staking coins, you’ll get your rewards pretty often.

Among cryptocurrencies with PoS algorithm there’s a lot of good promising coins. To name a few, DASH, NEO, PivX, CRP, OkCash, NAV Coin, Stratis, Reddcoin.

We feel the urge to talk about the CRP coin ( That`s a relatively new PoS coin, which lets you stake and get new coins in the process of staking.

They have a lot of plans for development, new wallets, an exchange, crypto cards, ATMs, and even a crypto bank with crypto loans! Seems like it`s a good time to do some research about this coin, because now staking seems to become more popular, and people seem to like the fact that you can enter the project and leave it whenever you want. Just accumulate it, no need to rush, and you`ll get a steady flow of income in new coins each month.

I hope this article helps you to understand the main difference between PoW and PoS and why Proof-of-Stake is better. Remember, liquidity of an asset is a very important thing in investing.

Thanks for reading!

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ICOs & Token Crowdsales: The Importance of a Network Ecosystem

Numerous current examples exist where an initial coin offering or token crowdsale has been initiated with no real clear path toward true sustainability.

We are back to the dotcom days where simply including blockchain or cryptocurrency into a company’s name or business plan creates a illogical but euphoric sense of value in the eyes of the investing public.

Unfortunate as it may be, the reality of the amount of capital raised into token and coin offerings is not currently justified by standard business valuation techniques and practices. Such is froth.

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International Auto Club (IAC) ICO Review: Is it Legit?

There are two ways through which a product can reach a consumer. Either he/she purchases the product directly from the manufacturer or he/she gets it from a middle man, the retail trader. If he goes the first route, then there are chances that the household might save a buck or two for obvious reasons. Fact is there are many economic benefits when the objectives of the consumer-who always intend to save-and those of a business always wanting to turn in a profit while reducing expenditure converge.

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4 Key Questions As Eterly Ramps Up For ICO

When I first began to develop the idea for my startup Eterly, a few years ago now, I wanted to build the ultimate platform for health, fitness, and the study of longevity.

Longevity fascinated me because, as a health and fitness fanatic, I knew a great deal about how to live well. Diets, gym work, sleep, how to get the body into the best possible shape – I had studied all of these areas intensively. But when I became aware of the science and the possibilities that Longevity dealt with, I realised I needed to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

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Top 3 Reasons Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt the Healthcare Industry

A long list of industries has been disrupted by Blockchain technology. The healthcare industry is now on that list. And the blockchain may be the solution to a number of current issues in the healthcare industry.

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Globatalent Decentralized Sports ICO Review: Is it Legit?

There is something different about the sporting industry.  It has this amazing power of setting all of us free as we relish all those unique moments without a care in the world.  In fact hard data from Statista shows that by 2017, the total global revenue from sports was expected to hit $91B with revenue from sports merchandising in North America reaching $15B. That’s not to forget the number of international transfers which stood at 14,591 by 2016 translating to $4.79B and this is on soccer alone.

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What is Cryptoflix ICO? Is it Legit?

Cryptoflix ICO Review: Get Paid to Watch Netflix

Cryptoflix is a media company that aims to use blockchain technology in order to disrupt the multi-billion dollar film, TV, and online learning markets. Through developing, patenting, and using new technologies, the team behind Cryptoflix wants to make it easy (and cheap) to stream movies legally.

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