How to trade cryptocurrencies as a CFD instrument – The ultimate guide

How to trade cryptocurrencies as a CFD instrument – The ultimate guide

If you thought that the only way to trade cryptocurrencies is through crypto exchanges, you were terribly wrong. Today, I will explain what is a CFD crypto trading, for what type of investors it is and why CFD traders can with the use of leverage get more out of their capital than regular crypto exchange investors.

Crypto CFD trading X Crypto exchanges

A contract for difference, known as a CFD, is an investment instrument that allows you to speculate on the price growth of a cryptocurrency as well as on its downfall. Not only that with a CFD you can predict whether the price will rise or drop, but you can also use leverage to maximise the potential of your investment. The leverage is a tool providing traders with the chance to earn or lose more than they would with just their own capital. Regulated cryptocurrency CFD brokers provide the leverage 2:1, which means you can earn or lose double from your investment than you would if you did not use it at all.

For whom is CFD cryptocurrency trading suitable?

Trading cryptocurrencies with CFDs is for day traders that plan to stay in a position for a couple of minutes or hours. As a crypto day trader, you do your best to make a profit on sudden price movements that occur during the day. There are a couple of reasons why CFD Crypto trading is mainly for day trading.

First of all, there is the convenience of buying and selling your contracts whenever you want in a matter of milliseconds and secondly because your account is charged with swaps whenever you stay in a position overnight.

Do not worry, this fee will not destroy your account if you forget to get out of your position before bed as most CFD providers have around 0.04%‎ overnight fee. Given the volatility of cryptocurrencies, this number is not a big deal for a couple of days, for long-term holding CFDs are, however, definitely not suitable.

Stop loss (SL) & Take profit (TP)

When trading crypto CFD you can set up when the trade should close itself when you are in profit – Take profit tool and when you are in loss – Stop loss tool. These features help you to limit the risk of each of your trades without the need to keep an eye on your positions all the time as you will manage when the loss is too much to bear or when the profit is sufficient.

Shorting cryptocurrencies

Most investors choose to buy cryptocurrencies as they go for long position. While this option is great in the bull market, it is not such a good choice when the bears appear. Let’s be honest here, the current situation which the crypto market faces is not as good as it used to be and speculating on the downfall of cryptocurrencies can be also very profitable if done properly. It seems like an eternity when Bitcoin reached the benchmark of $20k, doesn’t it? Especially now, when we are happy to see it’s price hitting a third of this amount. Unlike crypto exchanges, CFD crypto market is good for downfall speculations as well.

Conclusion – How to trade cryptocurrencies as a CFD instrument

The fact that crypto exchanges are suitable for long-term investors is undeniable. For traders who, however, want to make a profit on short time price movements is CFD trading more convenient. With CFDs, one can very easily get in and out of a position at any time and if a trader knows how to properly use ST and TP, risks are significantly lowered even with the use of leverage.


EOSToolKit Now has Testnet Support

Whether you are testing a smart contract or just want peace of mind the EOSToolKit now supports the Jungle Testnet.

The EOSToolkit is configured to be on the Mainnet by default.  You will be required to change networks to which to the Testnet.  This will automatically prompt Scatter to add the new network (providing you have not used the Testnet before). You will need to select your identity on the network for Scatter integration.

Here are is a detailed tutorial

Head over to

  1. Attach Identity with Scatter (see herefor tutorial)
  2. Enter your creator account name and account name (usually the same) – this can be found in your scatter identity.
  3. Select the Scatterdropdown


  1. Select Change Network

  1. Review the networks and endpoints and select the one you want

  1. Approve the new network on Scatter (if you haven’t used it before)
  2. If you haven’t used this network before, add new identities in Scatter and attach them like you normally do
  3. Confirm you are on the new network

  1. Enjoy using the EOSToolKit with your Testnet account!


Why is this important?

The Testnet support is important for a few reasons.

The Testnet allows developers the opportunity to launch their smart contracts and test them out before going live on the Mainnet.  This allows developers to test their smart contracts for bugs and ensure that everything is working correctly.

Another reason that the Testnet support is valuable is when it comes to permission management and changing account permissions.  With our toolkit you will be able to change your Owner and Active permission and the account that it is associated with.  It is important that when you change these permissions that you remain in control of the permissions you assign otherwise your account will become irrecoverable.  If you assign an account instead of a key as a permission you risk breaking your account and losing access to your tokens.  For these reasons you should always try our these functions on the testnet and be 100% sure of the changes you are going to make before carrying them out on the mainnet.

Here are some detailed instructions that can be found on the EOSToolKit

You can change active or owner permission or both

Leave blank any permission you DON’T want to change

To change only active permission select youraccount@active for your Scatter identity

To change any permission select youraccount@owner for your Scatter identity

If you change your active permission you have to update your scatter identity to use this new key pair

If you don’t have the key pairs you assign to the active permission you will no longer be able send transactions”


Want a Testnet or endpoint added?

Our toolkit is also able to add additional testnets and endpoints. To add them you will need to checkout our GitHub and create a Pull Request to add the appropriate network or endpoints to the networks.json

More updates coming soon!

We are also working on an Airdrop turnkey table which will allow anyone to send us a token.  This will allow us to immediately list it on our databased so that the community get find all the airdrops in once place.

Remember to use these great features you must install Scatter with your desired EOS Account. We hope the EOS community enjoys these tools and allows them to perform actions on the EOS Blockchain much more easily.  We would love to receive feedback on the features within the toolkit or suggestions on the features you would like to see added. We value your feedback and will keep working hard to be the number 1 online EOS Wallet.

Thanks for reading!



CoinView – your guide in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain

CoinView is a mobile solution for managing your personal crypto portfolio developed by the Japanese company CoinJinja. Now you need only one application instead of exchanges, news sites, wallets, charts providers, ICO-Trackers and paid widgets.

For convenience of users CoinView provides the synchronization with the basic cryptocurrency wallets, such as,, CoinBase, Counterparty, Ethereum, MONA, MyEtherWallet or NEM Nano wallet.

The application does not have any limitations in use and is available for iOS and Android in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

CoinView Benefits

Market Monitoring

Personal Portfolio & Trading

CoinView can be synchronized with accounts on Binance, BigONE, Bittrex, bitFlyer, Coincheck and Zaif for monitoring personal balance and trading directly from the application interface. In addition to the choice of the currency in which the overall balance will be displayed, the application provides visual statistics (in figures and percentages) on the daily balance change depending on the rate. The distribution of investments for different crypto assets is conveniently presented in the form of a pie chart.

All personal data is stored in an encrypted form. Access to accounts is provided using the Secure ID / Face ID (Apple Secure Enclave).

ICO Watch

Millions of people are trying to change the world. Some people succeed. To not miss the promising startups a special separate section for the ICO has been added to CoinView, where all past, current and planned projects have been collected. You can access their news archive, documentation, a list of team members and the Advisory Board, the current amount of fees, as well as a number of additional metrics.

Market News Reports & Tracking changes

News – the engine of trade. Get all the latest updates with the flexible CoinView news aggregator. With CoinView you won’t miss important quotes of the opinion leaders and crypto whales. Furthermore, with tracking tool you can set the price limits and receive notifications once they are reached. You no longer need to be in front of the PC all day – CoinView will let you know when it’s time to buy or sell.

HummingBird – a bot for mining

Some cryptocurrency exchanges such as FCoin and BigOne, attracted public attention by introducing an innovative financial model of “trans-fee mining” in which commissions for intra-exchange transactions are 100% returned in the form of internal platform tokens, encouraging users to actively trade.

The development of these platforms entailed the emergence of automated trading robots to maximize the profit from this type of mining. One of these HummingBird bots is built directly into the application itself, allowing its users to earn without any knowledge of complex technical skills.

Watchlist & Widgets

All the important information about the perspective coin won’t be missed If it’s added to the Watchlist. The CoinView app will inform you about all the important changes, events and news of this project.

CoinView also allows you to receive real-time exchange rates of major currencies and track the state of your accounts even without entering the application.You just need to swipe up the main screen to access two functional widgets.

More information about this tool is available at:

Airdrops: The easiest way for beginners to own cryptocurrency

Dipping your feet into the world wide pool of cryptocurrencies can be completely overwhelming. So often you read about how Bitcoin is dead, markets are down, new regulations and many more negative things.

I and many others believe that crypto is not only here to stay, but the way of the future, despite all the “news”. However, starting off small or even with zero capital with regards to investing in cryptocurrency can be great for those who are on the fence.

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NUI Review: Pre-Launch Blockchain Matrix Opportunity or Scam?

NUI Review: Pre-Launch Blockchain Matrix Opportunity or Scam?

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it……he who doesn’t……pays it”Albert Einstein

The fervent rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology over the past decade has gotten a lot of attention from those seeking opportunity; everybody wants a piece of the pie. However, amidst the global stampede for lucrative earnings, an abundance of scams are birthed every week. It’s hard to find a cryptocurrency or blockchain to invest in; they all seem to tell you exactly what you want to hear. In this digital economy, true decentralization and transparency are seldom…

…perhaps, until now.

Meet NUI Social

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5 Reasons Why Decentralized Exchanges are the Future of Crypto Trading

In 2015, Bitstamp, a popular crypto exchange ​encountered a hack​ and incurred losses upwards of 19,000 BTC, a crypto-equivalent of USD 1 million! In 2016, another crypto exchange, Bitfinex, widely known for its multi-signature technology,​ suffered a hack​ which resulted in losses close to 120,000 BTC. More recently, CoinSecure exchange experienced a ​similar attack​ wherein the perpetrators managed to steal 438 BTC from the customer’s exchange-aligned wallets.

Do you know what is common between all these instances?

They all occurred on Centralized Exchanges (CEXs), an entity similar to a bank which serves as an intermediary for transactions, maintaining crypto balances and facilitating transfers through its one central unit.

While there’s a lot that deserves credit and applauding when speaking about CEXs, rampant instances of security breach have caused crypto traders to demand better of the ecosystem. More and more crypto transactors are flocking to the simpler ways of the ​decentralized exchanges​ (DEXs), even if it’s for small trades, for the sake of secure transactions, enhanced trust and a pure play peer-to-peer ecosystem where there’s very little room for failure as well as monetary loss.

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10 Insights into the Future of Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain is not just another boring technology like, say, air-conditioning or electricity – depending on whether you live in south Florida or the eternal semi-darkness of Siberia, of course.

This new way of securing transactions through the miracle of a distributed database is actually poised to leap beyond the realm of cryptocurrency and make a dent in the day-to-day lives of Joe and Jane Average. Don’t believe us? Take a gander at the following 10 blockchain use cases you’ll likely encounter over the next decade.

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The Close Ties Between Tether and Bitfinex: Should You Be Concerned?

On March 21, Tether issued another 300 million USDT. What’s the big deal, you may ask? If you want a stablecoin, Tether’s value tends to hover around $1, making it useful for moving money between exchanges without touching the banks.

In fact, that’s what a lot of traders do. However, the value of Tether becomes a concern when you consider the fact that Tether is very vulnerable to investigations, has ties to Bitfinex that may be a little too close to comfort, and may not survive an effective bank run in which several large bagholders attempt to exchange their USDT for fiat all at once.

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Blocklancer Review: Worth A Closer Look?

Blocklancer Review: Worth A Closer Look?

Blocklancer claims to be an upcoming freelancing platform that works with Ethereum. Its status bars indicate that it is nearing completion and it has this cool new thing called the Token Holder Tribunal, in which the people who hold tokens are also the ones who settle disputes. Is it worth investing in? It could be, if it can get past the natural hurdles of impatient investors and a highly competitive space.

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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in the Market Based On Their Market Capital

Cryptocurrencies are invading the investor’s market with its secure transaction and business profitability. There are many investors who have made a fortune by investing in the right cryptocurrencies. They were able to generate profit by buying and selling cryptocurrencies at the right time when the price is right. Hence it is a great gift to comprehend the market status so that you can understand when to invest and sell the cryptocurrencies.

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