SILBERPFEIL Crypto Drink Review: Become a Stakeholder in the First Crypto Drink

SILBERPFEIL Crypto Drink Review: Become a Stakeholder in the First Crypto Drink

How often do you wish that you got in on the rise of energy drinks at the ground floor by buying stock in companies like Red Bull before they went big? If so, you might take a closer look at SILBERPFEIL, a new energy drink based in Russia that is raising funds through an ICO.

The cool part about SIBERPFIEL (which translates as “Silver Arrow”) is that it’s already an established brand that seems pretty popular in its existing markets and, if the ICO website is to be believed, intends to use the money raised through sale of its tokens to expand into massive new markets.

Being an American, I haven’t had a chance to try this particular brand of energy drink. But SIPERPFEIL claims to already be established in 23 countries in Europe and Asia, with a strong potential for expansion.

In fact, part of the ICO-powered roadmap includes expansion into China starting in 2018 and expansion into Cyprus, USA annd Mexico in 2019. The energy drink could also launch in India and Africa as early as late 2019. It also has an official partnership with AMG Mercedes Motorsport as part of its marketing plan.

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SILBERPFEIL Will Use Blockchain to Ensure Authenticity

The company behind SIPBERPFEIL will be the first energy drink producer to implement a blockchain supply chain application to keep track of every can. They call this system a forgery control system: If somebody tries to make a fraudulent delivery of SIPERPFEIL, the system will reject it and retailers can check back with the manufacturer to make sure everything is on the level. This will cut down on the possibility of fraudulent deliveries of counterfeit SIPERPFEIL being made.

Austria is host to the primary manufacturer of this brand, which uses high-quality water and ingredients and has earned the right to stamp the “ECO” insignia on SIPERPFEIL cans through environmentally sound practices.

So it’s natural that SIPERFIEL wants to guarantee authenticity of every can produced and shipped even when its shipping partners have to cross international boundaries to deliver the product.

The blockchain forgery control system will make it possible to automatically reject fraudulent shipments and attempts to tamper with the manufacturing and delivery process so that consumers can always be sure that they’re getting a genuine, environmentally friendly product when they buy a can of this energy drink.

Make a Profit, or Try Some SILBERPFEIL

What can be said for an energy drink that is issuing an ICO? The best part is that the tokens are backed by a real, tangible product. You can theoretically earn a residual income by holding on to the tokens and getting a share of the profit from the sale of every can or you can redeem the tokens for cans of SILBERPFEIL when it goes into production.

(I’d recommend trying at least one can of the stuff even if it does cost you a token, just to make sure it’s palatable. It’ll give you an idea of whether you should hodl or dump your tokens. But this is only because I feel bad for anyone who invested in the company that once made Billy Beer.)

The sweet part is that three investors who invested the most money in SILBERPFEIL tokens will have the option to buy at a reduced cost per token. Basically, if you’re serious about investing in the first energy drink that is serious about integrating blockchain technology into its business, you could get tokens for as low as US$0.60 a token. Five investors will also get bonuses as high as 10% of their investment.

So. Buy, or ignore? The ICO seems to operate on a separate website from SILBERPFEIL’s official website, which may cause some potential investors to hesitate out of concern of a potential scammer using the SILBERPFEIL brand to make an easy fortune. As of the time of this writing, the official SILBERPFEIL team hadn’t responded to an email I sent to clarify the matter. So, like most things in life and investing, proceed with caution if you choose to invest.

If this is for real, though, this will make a good way to get in on the ground floor of this energy drink’s expansion. If I had to choose one ICO to buy, I’d probably go with a brand that is already established and intends to expand into some of the largest potential markets on Earth. Will it succeed? This may be a case where the intuition of the best investors applies, but an energy drink that is serious enough about cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain to implement a supply chain app could be very attractive for insiders looking for a legit ICO.

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