STELLAR Altcoin Price Predictions FOR 2018

The high volatility of the crypto market was once again demonstrated at the end of 2017. The market has gone through many ups and downs testing investors’ confidence in cryptocurrencies. Stellar proved to be a strong competitor to older and well-established cryptocurrencies and its development raises expectations among the crypto-community.

Although it is hard to make forecasts in such an unstable environment as the crypto market is, we offer you some plausible Stellar price predictions for 2018.

Factors Influencing Stellar Price

When predicting Stellar price development and assessing the cryptocurrency’s potential, there are several influences to consider. The crypto market is a highly competitive environment and there are different aspects that make a cryptocurrency appealing. In the case of Stellar, those include high-speed transactions at low fees which makes it very convenient to use.

Its perks are widely recognized and they help Stellar secure deals with the big players such as IBM or Deloitte. Such partnerships give Stellar great exposure and raise its popularity resulting in higher demand and increasing value. The Stellar community is very strong and its members are confident about the currency’s potential.

Moreover, the position of Stellar as an important up-and-coming cryptocurrency has been further strengthened when the eToro trading platform listed Stellar as one of the eight cryptocurrencies available for trading. For those of you who do know of eToro, it is a leading social trading network on which you can follow and copy other traders. These traders can be sorted out by a number of followers or their success rate.

The convincing growth Stellar has experienced makes most of the price predictions for 2018 very optimistic and it seems Stellar is the cryptocurrency to invest in.

Stellar Price Development

Stellar was first introduced to crypto markets in 2014 and it started gaining massive popularity at the end of 2017. Its value surged and it became one of the top ten cryptocurrencies. It reached its all-time high on January 4 trading at $0.938144 USD. Since its introduction, the total cumulative return has reached 12,465.29%

As the whole crypto market has taken a hit, the Stellar price is currently down at $0.3451 USD (Feb 24, 2018). For the last three weeks, the Stellar value has been fluctuating from $0.266352 USD to $0.486165 USD.

However, due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies in general, it does not mean the investors should panic. Stellar is a strong currency with a great potential that has not been fully unleashed yet. This fact is also the reason for our positive predictions of the Stellar value in 2018, which we will not describe in greater details.

Stellar price forecast for 2018

As we have already mentioned, the expectations for Stellar’s performance in 2018 are quite high and based on the past development, we can see why. Stellar’s ability to sustain the investors’ optimism will keep the cryptocurrency going strong and as soon as the whole crypto market recovers, it will grow and move up the ranking. If that does happen, the eight place on which Stellar is currently sitting can quickly change possibly even to top 5.

Stellar is an innovative cryptocurrency actively seeking opportunities to benefit from. Its partnerships with big names make Stellar an important player on the crypto market while raising the demand. In general, the more a currency is used, the more significance it gains, the higher it is valued and such is the case of Stellar.

There are numerous circumstances and events that can influence Stellar price in a negative way. No prediction is, therefore, risk-free which is important to bear in mind when deciding on an investment strategy.

Stellar is a perfect cryptocurrency choice for long-term investments. According to experts, its value is supposed to hit the $1 mark by mid-year. The upward trend should continue in the latter half of this year as well provided there are no market disturbances. Some predict the price of Stellar Lumens might reach $2-3 at the end of 2018.

Investing in cryptocurrencies – How does it work

There is a number of ways how one can go around investing in cryptocurrencies. Let’s take the cryptocurrency Stellar for instance. In case you want to buy it, you can do so by a direct purchase from a cryptocurrency exchange.

This option is however quite complex and no crypto exchange is regulated. As a result of that, your money is not anyhow insured and if the cryptocurrency exchange got hacked or it goes to insolvency, you receive no compensation.

Whereas if you decide to buy or trade a coin with a regulated company, that focuses on trading CFDs. You are not required to open a cryptocurrency wallet nor you must go through any other complicated registrational process.

Another huge advantage is that you can always turn with your questions to a specialist that is sitting on a customer service seat. Cryptocurrency exchanges do not include this possibility in their offer which is an enormous drawback to most crypto beginners.

The best way how to test your potential as an investor of the cryptocurrency Stellar is to use a free demo account. By using this feature, you allow yourself to test crypto trading without taking any risks.

Be, however, careful to pick only a company that features Stellar in their cryptocurrency portfolio because even given its great popularity, Stellar is still not as famous as its big brother Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you do not plan on using our Stellar price forecast for 2018, you can, of course, pick any other coin to invest in. I am personally, however, currently of the opinion that Stellar has the biggest space to grow in.

No matter how much you trust these exchange rates predictions, please follow the number one rule of trading, which is never to invest more than you are prepared to lose.

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