Substratum Altcoin Review – The Latest Push for Digital Decentralization

Substratum Altcoin Review – The Latest Push for Digital Decentralization

In the wave of recent cryptocurrency offerings, it’s a tall feat for any individual coin to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we decided to assemble this review of Substratum, a relatively new coin that has been getting a lot of press lately.

Substratum had a successful ICO, raising $13.8 USD, and their white paper promises to deliver on some of the biggest issues facing the digital currency revolution.


Substratum is focused on accelerating the trend of decentralization that is so prominent in the world of cryptocurrency. Substratum strongly believes in the idea of decentralization, and most of its features and qualities are geared to finding a way to facilitate decentralized transactions and content delivery.

The company takes the stance that service operations should not be controlled by any single entity. They cite national governments like China as an example of how a singular authority can create a burden on the free exchange of commerce and ideas.

Additionally, they cite Amazon Web Services as a place where the private industry has also started a trend toward centralization in the private sphere. Substratum seeks to undo these structures by utilizing a shared, peer-to-peer model for its functions.

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Features and Uses

Substratum offers man features and uses for users in their effort to facilitate a decentralized web. Their features are organized around facilitating content delivery and micro-transaction functionality in a way that draws in average and low-technical users.

Shared Hosting

Substratum also seeks to solve the issue of high hosting costs. Companies like Amazon Web Service allow users to pay by the minute for web and database servers, whereas Substratum seeks to offer web and database hosting by request.

Ease of Use

One of the most distinguishing features of Substratum is the accessibility it offers low-technical users. Average users won’t require any special software to use. The interface for SUB coins works on a point-and-click basis, which opens up access to a wider variety of users than digital currencies that require a higher degree of technical knowledge.

Decentralization of Content

Another perk of Substratum is the ability to decentralize content. Content served through Substratum can be delivered to Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, and comes through an easy to install application.

Advanced Databases

Substratum uses custom compression algorithms to serve sites and databases. These algorithms employ machine learning and other techniques to offer geolocation services, ensuring that Substratum serves the right content to the right user. The result is lower latency and faster load times.


Substratum uses multiple mechanisms, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to use Geolocation in innovative and unique ways. These include faster and more accurate content serving, DNS requests, privacy, and security features.


Substratum offers a host of security features. These features are generated through advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as proprietary cryptographic algorithms. In doing so, they attempt to follow the model of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies in offering a combination of privacy, security, and flexibility for users.

Development Tools

One of the other benefits that Substratum has going for it is the fact that they offer a range of development tools in the form of an API and an SDK. As a result, developers will have easier access when it comes to creating Substratum-based applications and websites.


Substratum was invented by a team of US-based software developers who have created innovative and durable solutions for Fortune 100 companies like Apple, HP, Facebook, and Disney.

Substratum was founded in February of 2017. They had their first ICO Token Sale in August of 2017, with a preICO happening Aug. 7, and the ICO itself occurring on Aug. 14. Their roadmap for the future includes listings on Coss, Liqui, Binance, and Bittrex. In early 2018 they plan to have the SubstratumNode, developer toolkit, SubstratumStore, and Substratum DNS products operational. Cryptopay and the Substratum Bridge are planned later on in 2018.

substratum chart

Total Supply and Circulating Amount

As of 1 P.M. UTC -5, Oct. 6, 2017, Substratum is trading at $0.125626 and has a circulating supply of 226,091,449, for a total market capitalization of $28.4 million. Substratum has a total supply of 352,000,000.


Substratum has a few things going for it, including an impressive ICO that raised $13.5 million USD. Moreover, their development team has the technical and industry chops that help any digital currency gain steam in the market.

However, we recommend waiting to see how things play out a bit more before you allocate any significant investment to Substratum. The company is currently promising much, but has delivered little.

The fact that it began in 2017, and has yet to deliver on many of their product offerings is reason enough to hold off on this particular coin. Moreover, it is difficult to find a solid Unique Selling Point for Substratum. Many of its goals and claims are duplicated by the vast majority of other cryptocoin offerings.

This situation doesn’t mean that there’s no future for Substratum, but rather that the future will largely be performance dependent. While Substratum has all the right pieces to deliver an excellent and successful product, the sheer volume of competition for their market space means that we’d like to wait and see how their products perform before we recommend an investment larger than nominal.

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