Top 10 Companies that Mine Ethereum and Bitcoin

Top 10 Companies that Mine Ethereum and Bitcoin review

With the advent of the digital age, more and more people are preferring digital transactions over cash exchange. Cryptocurrencies, a form of digital currency has been topping the charts in terms of popularity and ease of use. Introduced by David Chaum in the year 1983, digital currencies have been applauded due to their typical decentralized nature and practical anonymity.

Transactions made using Cryptocurrencies are usually between user to user (C2C) or business to users  (B2C), without the involvement of federal authorities or any supervisory body. The negligible fees charged for each transaction is another favorable aspect.

The concepts of network nodes verifying the transactions and a distributed ledger called Blockchain recording such transaction heralds a new fascinating way money is being circulated and exchanged between parties.

Enthereum: Ahead of the Race

Enthereum is a cryptocurrency which is used for trading and payments, quite similar to cash currencies. First proposed by Vitalik Buterin, a researcher of cryptocurrency, Enthereum has taken the second position after bitcoin, the most popular Cryptocurrencies marching ahead at $8200 per unit in November 2017. Listed below is a consolidated list of Top Ethereum mining companies


MinerGate is one of the most well-known companies that mine Ethereum. Founded in the year 2014, it was the first company to introduce the concepts of mining pool.

The pool was designed for currencies based on CryptoNote – a protocol that enhances privacy for the transaction of cryptocurrencies. MinerGate supports both the payment modes i.e PPS (Prospective Payment System) and PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares). The company has 2 types of miners: GUI and Console. These mines are available on software like Windows, Ubuntu, and MAC.


The Ethermine is well known for its high-performance mining. However, it only distributes the payment through Pay Per Last N Shares or PPLNS method. It supports eth-proxy and ethminer officially that loads the network smoothly.

They are the stratum proxy for the pools based on the Ethereum. Some of the key offerings from Ethermine are Instant payouts, Accurate reporting of hash rate. Ethermine maintains anonymity in all its mining exercises. It mines almost $804.47 Ethereum.

USI Tech

The USI TECH  is a fast growing company that practices in the evolution of automated Forex trading software that analyses the price charts of currency and various market-related activities. Headquarter in Dubai, USI Tech was renowned for Forex Trading and steady payouts.  It gradually joined the bitcoin trading community and has evolved into one of the most consistent and renowned Ethereum mining company.

The company has an excellent reward system for its members through its unique and highly complicated algorithm system which helps to minimise the risk and maximising the profits of the members.

It offers almost 140% Return on Investment to its members on a regular basis. The hashrate of USI Tech is high i.e it increases the speed of completing a Bitcoin code operation. it has already mined ethereum worth $8.4 million. USITech is undoubtedly one of the leaders in ethereum mining.


This company is the solo Ethereum mining pool. The users do not have to download the blockchain to mine Ethereum. It gets the transaction fees of the pool mining from the block itself. The Payouts are really good. It has mined ethereum worth $161 million.Ethpool has a support portal for its miners that covers various questions including payment methods, payment frequency etc.


Uupool has the similar features such as 1% processing fees and associated registration fees like all the other pools in same categories. The operations on the site are secured with necessary encryptions and security controls.  The payouts are even and smooth. The FAQs provided over the Internet are helpful to miners. The company also provides exclusive phone support to its miners.


Antpool was founded by the Bitmain Coin Tech. This Ethereum mining pool relatively slow and rigid, i.e. the acceleration of mining is slow in comparison with the other mining companies.

However, the governing features offered by this company are similar to other companies in the league. A processing fees of 1% of the entire amount of money is invested in the pool. Establishing itself as one of the major players of bitcoin mining, Antpool has mined Enthereum worth $9 million.


The creator of waterhole Mining pool were the developers of an amazing trading app called the Waterhole. The mining pool has all the features required for a pool to determine the play.

The payouts are quite unique and enthralling which allows the miners to enjoy themselves in the pool. There are many servers for the Waterhole pool, which allows them to operate 24X7 without any downtime. Some of the servers are- BTC Pools, ETH pool, ZEC pools etc.

Dwarfpool 1

The Drawfpool is one of the most trusted pools and has a reputed payout system. This is one mining platform that requires no registration fees for the pool. The features of this company such as processing fees, payout scheme etc.  are extremely well designed for the miners. While the security features on the website are commendable, the customer support system in three or four different languages is actually worth mentioning.


The Bitcoin pool interface is very user-friendly and charges no registration fees. The Processing fees are also eliminated. The company operates very conveniently and works towards maximizing profits for the miners which makes it particularly popular. Bitclubpool is also a solo pool and only available to its members. So an aspiring miner has to first enroll as a pool member.

This is a China-based company and mines about 5% of the blocks available. It was established in the year 2014. The features of this company are similar to others. The hashrate is 80.66 and it shares a network of 0.57%. Accordingly, to popular feedbacks and reviews, is a very safe mining alternative.

Conclusion and Overall Verdict

The mining pools are diverse in functionalities and offerings.  Most of them take special care in allowing miners to win some substantial amount of money. USI Tech, in particular, has been gained a lot of momentum owing to its operation structures, great payment and rewarding systems and amazing ROIs.

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