Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in the Market Based On Their Market Capital

Cryptocurrencies are invading the investor’s market with its secure transaction and business profitability. There are many investors who have made a fortune by investing in the right cryptocurrencies. They were able to generate profit by buying and selling cryptocurrencies at the right time when the price is right. Hence it is a great gift to comprehend the market status so that you can understand when to invest and sell the cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency is a multi-billion dollar industry but not all cryptocurrencies include in this vast business. Therefore, it becomes pivotal for the investor to select a cryptocurrency that includes in this multi-billion dollar business. The investors figure out the market status by keeping track on the market value and market capital of the cryptocurrency. The stability of the market capital is an important factor that decides the success of the cryptocurrency. Here are the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market based on their market capital that are beneficial for investing.


Bitcoin is undeniably the best cryptocurrency in the market as it has a great Blockchain technology governing it. It is the first cryptocurrency that was ever introduced in the market which ran on Blockchain technology. Apart from the technological point of view, the Bitcoin has the highest market capital leading with over $131 billion USD. Bitcoin is the investor’s most faithful cryptocurrency where they trade with over 17 million coins in circulation. The market value of Bitcoin is also around $ 7,000 USD which is a great online cryptocurrency exchange value. Bitcoins are both mined and bought from exchange platforms just like any other cryptocurrency.


Ethereum is a unique cryptocurrency that has been in a neck to neck competition with Bitcoin. The main reason that it has been this successful that it has reached the second rank is the technology that it implements in the cryptocurrency. The unique Blockchain of the Ethereum coin enables the transaction to be completed at a faster pace. The investors are attracted to the Ethereum because of the $61 billion USD market capital and 99 million circulating tokens. Even though the Ethereum coin is new, it is only a matter of time that it would be capable enough to beat Bitcoin.


Ripple cryptocurrency are known for their instant, secure, and global reach of transactions at a cost-effective rate. Ripple is a unique coin because it doesn’t use any Blockchain technology, rather it establishes a consensus for a transaction. This makes it faster than any other major cryptocurrencies, but getting it exposed to attacks. But it can be prevented if you use an efficient wallet to store your coins and keep a backup of your transactional details. The current market capital of Ripple coin is above $26 billion USD with a circulating token supply of over 39 billion coins. The abundance of Ripple coin makes it more attractive for investors.

Bitcoin Cash

This great fork coin was a spit of the Bitcoin from its golden times. Some Bitcoin users wanted some changes in the core technology of Bitcoin which was eventually denied and these users spit from Bitcoin and created Bitcoin Cash that had all the advanced technological changes. After the split, Bitcoin Cash was growing rapidly and secured the fourth rank in the list of top cryptocurrencies. The investors are gravitated to Bitcoin cash due to the advanced technology compared to Bitcoin. The current market capital of Bitcoin Cash is around $ 19 billion USD and circulating token supply of 17 million coins.


EOS is a cryptocurrency that operates as a smart contract platform for launching decentralized applications and decentralized autonomous corporation. The main motive of EOS is to decentralize everything that it develops. The market growth of the EOS currency was rapid and completely amazing. It didn’t only get in the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies but it made it to the 5th rank overcoming many major cryptocurrencies. EOS had made sure that it doesn’t suffer the same fate as Ethereum where Ethereum forks were created. They accomplish this by solving major bugs and making changes to the system based on user’s majority opinion. The current market capital of EOS currency is around $12 billion USD with circulating token supply of 896 million coins. This market growth has many investors attracted to EOS.


Litecoin was one of the very first altcoins (Coins that are not Bitcoin) in the market. It was considered as digital silver to Bitcoin’s digital gold. During its introduction, it was considered as Bitcoin clone by many investors but the technology that Litecoin uses was completely different than Bitcoin such as the hashing algorithm, the scrypt. This peer-to-peer cryptocurrency was instantly a hit when people started to realize the potential of Litecoin. The current market capital of Litecoin is around $6 billion USD and with only 56 million coins in circulation. The rarity of Litecoin made it more interesting to investors thinking that it would worth more.


Stellar cryptocurrency has minor similarities with Ripple coin. It is also an isolated coin where the investor has to trust a third party anchor for exchange purposes. Stellar coins have a current market capital of over $5 billion USD with over 18 billion circulating coins in the market. With this market reputation, stellar coins are making strides in the cryptocurrency investment business. There are many investors who have adopted Stellar coins and have made great investments in them.


The Cardano coins are really unique because of its development. The developers at Cardano have used Haskell language that has minimized the existence of any bugs in the system. This fact has many investors trust in this cryptocurrency. The market capital of around $5 billion USD and over 25 billion circulating coins have also made investors trust in Cardano coin.


IOTA has developed a digital ledger called Tangle just like Blockchain. This secures the transaction by asking proof of work to the sender to complete the transaction. The investors like the IOTA cryptocurrency because of its custom solution for transaction security and acceptance. The current market capital of IOTA coin is around $4 billion USD where the circulating token supply is over 2 billion MIOTA.


The main focus of TRON is to provide a secure base of a transaction for the entertainment sector. The transaction of TRON coins are at a low cost and done at a fast pace. The current market capital of TRON is nearly $3 billion USD with over 65 billion circulating coins in the market. The investors are taking a liking to TRON because of its fast development.

Here are the Top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market that are ranked based on the market capital. Each of these coins is unique in its own way, which is the reason it is attracted to several investors and turned into a multi-billion dollar business. The prices of the coins will fluctuate as the investor rates changes, but the cryptocurrency developers are making complete efforts to make their coin efficient for the investors.

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