Top 3 Altcoin ICO Tokens for Virtual Assets and Video Game Developers

Top 3 Altcoin ICO Tokens for Virtual Assets and Video Game Developers

According to some estimates, the video game virtual goods market is worth $50 billion. These are gamers who might want to sell items in their inventory that they don’t need anymore or buy that one item that they need to take their game to the next level.

They would naturally like to have a system that can’t be shut down by a stuck-up owner of a centralized game and where they can count on other gamers to keep up their end of the bargain in any given transaction. These three ICOs can support the needs of gamers by making it easy to buy and sell virtual assets without the need to trust the other party. Here’s the Top 3 Altcoin ICO Tokens for Virtual Assets and Video Game Developers.

gameflip review 2018


Gameflip encourages the development of games in which gamers can buy and sell items at will. Imagine that you’ve been playing Game of War and maybe would like to get some of your money back by selling items you don’t need to other players.

Would a relatively new player be willing to buy those leftover Heroic Chalices now that your hero is at a high enough level that you don’t need them anymore?

If Game of War operated on a system like Gameflip, it would be easy to just dump unused items on other players who are willing to pay for them.

Game developers don’t need to lose out in such a scenario because they can gain access to new revenue streams with a platform like this. They can make use of free and open-source SDKs to make new tools available to users.

How will the proceeds from Gameflip’s ICO be used? According to the website’s charts, 40% will be used for project development, 30% for marketing, 15% for partnerships, and 15% for general overhead expenses and administration.

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digi token review 2018

Digi Token

Digi Token can be used for buying and selling items for games, but doesn’t limit itself to just games. It can be used to buy and sell digital items and services of all sorts.

The Digi team does intend to partner with exchanges, so you could dump your tokens on your favorite exchange when that happens. But if there’s some work you’ve been wanting to get done, why go through all the trouble and deal with the exchanges that take a cut of every trade when you could simply hire somebody who might be willing to work for Digi Tokens?

Regardless of whether you need a few articles written or just want an extra set of eyeballs to help you debug a new game, you could theoretically hire somebody to help you with that on the Digi system.

If I had to make a nitpick here, it’s that Digi sort of comes off as the ICO version of all those shitcoin creators who would get their cryptocurrencies on exchanges, dump their holdings, and then vanish.

There’s a roadmap but no guarantee that it will actually be followed. The team seems to push the fact that they intend to get on the exchanges just a little too much. There’s no sign that investors would be buying actual shares of Digi when they buy tokens. So I’d definitely issue a caveat emptor on this one.

Top 3 Altcoin ICO Tokens for Virtual Assets and Video Game Developers


WAX is an interesting platform that promises to decentralize the process of creating virtual stores where virtual assets can be bought and sold. It promises an escrow system, liquidity through quickly and easily connecting buyers and sellers, and the ability to make large and complex marketplaces look seamless.

The number one thing that WAX promises is a solution to the localized supply and demand imbalances that regional exchanges create. With WAX, a gamer in the United States could theoretically buy a component that he needs for a new weapon from a gamer in China.

Got some virtual assets you want to dump? WAX does make it easy to create a virtual store where gamers can simply list the items they aren’t using anymore.

If I had to make a nitpick here, it’s that it would be nice for gamers to list the equivalent of “wanted” ads listing the items that they would be willing to buy and also have a system by which buyers and sellers can negotiate a price that both parties in a transaction can live with. I also hope that WAX includes a directory and a search feature to make it easy for buyers to find sellers that have an item they want.

So these three ICOs promise to bootstrap Ethereum to meet the obvious idea that gamers might be attracted to decentralized virtual currencies and safe buying and selling of digital assets if they can put aside their traditional dislike of cryptocurrency insiders who drove up the price of graphics cards by buying a lot of them for Bitcoin and Litecoin mining.

Are they legit? It will help to balance the $50 billion market in “secondhand” virtual assets with the fact that people have been burned by ICOs before. But two out of the three of these ICOs do look like they might be worth investing in if you’re willing to take the chance of getting on the ground floor of decentralized virtual asset marketplaces.

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