Maybe it’s just me, but I heard it’s happens to other too. Have you ever zoned out?  You don’t plan, it just happens and you can even find yourself in 2009. You are coder besides Satoshi creating that blockchain. Or sometimes you can be a blend between Mark, Buffet and that guy from “Wolf of Wall Street” minting cash like nobody’s business.

I like the Satoshi part because if it did happen, not only would I be making a killing but I would also be planking on a million or two every two days somewhere in Bali enjoying the warm tropical sunshine. Opportunities present themselves when you got something that solves a problem or two.

It can be Gold but Bitcoin is also our digital Gold and owners are the prom queens looking for the best bridegrooms offering high returns. Bitcoin lending platforms are cropping up faster than expected and as if you own some Bitcoins you can make more money given the insane monthly or quarterly rates they offer. Sometimes as highs as 40% which is cool! Super cool!

You see, when you are a Bitcoin owner, you’re a beneficiary of decentralization. You are basically your own bank and as such you can use a platform that allows you to loan out your “cash” to borrowers at your own terms.

This means that you can set interest rates for a specific period of time. As a decentralized and borderless technology, borrowers can be anywhere in the world and you would be doing them a great service while at the same time cutting out the rigid banks.

The Best Bitcoin lending platforms is nothing but a level playing ground, an arena where both parties win. No wolves, no pigs they say.

These are the top 5 best Bitcoin lending platforms that are not only trusted by the Bitcoin community but their reputable service earned them the top rated badge:

bitbond bitcoin lending for 2018


Like a patient-doctor relationship, trust is earned and comes with experience and age. These guys have been around for sometimes and this being their 4th year, they have extended their Bitcoin lending services to more than 170 countries. Radoslav Albrecht is the brains behind it.

BitBond define themselves as a social peer-to-peer lending platform where small businesses can get fast and cheap loans. Borrowers simply have to create an account and enjoy low interest rates ranging from 0.5% and 3.0%.

If you are the lender, then there are no charges, it’s all free to lend but you get a whopper in return. 25% on average and a couple of tools such as their innovative AutoInvest tool to automate your investment.

BTCPOP - P2P Lending platform


First off, BTCPOP is global and operates in more than 60 countries. If you are a small business looking for loans, then you will feel right at home with BTCPOP. Not only do they have a vibrant community of investors pooling their BTC, the platform makes BTC security their top priority.

Fact is most coins are stored off grid in cold storages away from hackers and other agents. Loans are also processed fast and it doesn’t matter the amount. BTCPOP daily volumes are high and this brings about liquidity from the borrowers perspective.

Lest I forget, you can borrow anywhere between 0.01BTC to 500 pieces but sometimes the borrower have to provide collateral especially if they are considered high risk individuals. Besides that precaution, verified, high worth BTC lenders with long transaction history have their coins insured BTC are insured.

btc jam bitcoin lending review 2018


BTCjam is an awesome Bitcoin lending and borrowing platform especially if you are not a US resident. Of course depending on jurisdiction, different rules apply. Checking on the metrics, lending your BTC on this site appears to be lucrative.

Last year alone, more than $20M worth of BTC was been lent out with more than 3000 satisfied customers rating this platform 5 stars. Then again, the good thing with BTCjam is that no borrower is locked out.

Businesses or individuals can get money but at different interest rates depending on their credit profiles. This credit score is generated from an in-house developed program and of course the riskier the borrower, the more interest payment they have to make. They also have an AutoInvest tool for lenders to invest their earnings automatically if they want.

xcoins bitcoin lending 2018


Xcoins is a US-based Bitcoin lending platform and a master piece of Sergey Nikitin. It’s a platform where borrowers need to deposit an equivalent amount of USD as collateral for the amount of Bitcoin they wish to borrow.

Borrowers and Lenders only need to sign up and get verified. Other than the normal platform verification-KYC, they-borrowers and lenders- will need to link their PayPal account with their Xcoins account.

This PayPal connection and verification is needed because every time you want to lend, the borrower will deposit the USD equivalent of the BTC you wanted to lend out plus any other processing fees needed to your PayPal account in USD.

Top 3 Reasons to Join BITCONNECT In 2018


Now this Bitcoin lending platform is what the internet is buzzing about. Fact is, there are two ways you can earn money when you lend out your Bitcoins to BitConnect. Of course you have to register first but no need to sweat, it’s free.

Thereafter, your coin will be locked in for a period of time say 120 days. Depending on the amount of coins you are willing to, you will earn both interest rate payments which you or the platform can set while at the same time benefit from BitConnect tokens called BitConnect Coins or simply BCC.

It launched last year and many participants say this platform is the next BTC. Well, there is some truth in it but average daily ROI hovers at around 0.25% if you invest more than $10,000 worth of BTC. That translates to 40% ROI per month for 3 months before your get your money back. Plus, you see those daily rates? The 0.25%? You can withdraw that anytime you want.

Update: Bitconnect is a SCAM, Read More HERE.

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