Top 5 PTC Clicking Ad Sites to Earn Free Bitcoin in 2018

Top 5 PTC Clicking Ad Sites to Earn Free Bitcoin in 2018

With a smart phone or a computer connected to the web, you can start making money by doing what lazy people hate to do. I mean guys, what’s easier than getting paid for visiting websites, watching videos or even clicking ads? It’s easier as it gets right? And you don’t get paid in fixed fiat but in BTC which is aiming for the moon. You are in real sense an Intelligent Investor that Benjamin Graham was talking about.

In exchange for clicks, you earn a gem, a coveted and intangible asset that people spend millions of dollars somewhere in Greenland or Iceland just to earn it. That’s not all.  The best thing about these best PTC clicking ad sites is that for every referral click, your BTC stash keep expanding. How sweet is that?

Well, don’t be left behind. In fact get started by signing up with all these Pay to click sites certified and endorsed by the Bitcoin community to increase you stacks of BTC.

These are the best PTC clicking ad sites where you can earn FREE Bitcoins while doing what you do best: watching videos and clicking ads:

Top 5 PTC Clicking Ad Sites to Earn Free Bitcoin in 2018


The first time I heard about BTCClicks I was like “get out of here. That’s a scam!” I mean which PTC site pays subscribers as much as 0.0098mBTC per click? None, nada and if there are, they don’t pay out swiftly as these guys. For starters, this PTC has a license and is one of those high payers.

Subscribers have an option of renting referrals such that every time these new subscribers click on any ad, you end up with commission which by the way can be as high as 80%.

The minimum payout is fixed at 0.1mBTc but if you want to accelerate your BTC minting, you got to upgrade your membership to premium at 0.108mBTC billed quarterly. Thereafter, your payout per click is doubled. But before you even upgrade you may try putting more effort because look, you know exactly what you going to earn after a given time elapses.

There is a timer and the average time for each ad takes about 45 seconds. Before proceeding to the next ad, you are required to verify if you are human or another bot trying to game the system.

difbux review 2018


Right after signing up with BTCClicks, you can consider DifBux. DifBux is a PTC site owned by a Vietnamese company called Naxuto Technology Communication Development Joinstock.

Look, they are unique in that they run on their own special script and incorporate special features like Click Exchange amongst others just to make you, the subscriber, successful. It’s a win-win and you truly enjoy the benefits of decentralization here.

It is only 6 months old as it was launched in July 2017.

I have not heard of members complaining about not being paid because for all I know payment is instant and channeled through PerfectMoney, Payeer or Payza once you click the $5 minimum withdrawal limit.

The other cool thing is that there is no limit for your earning. The more you burn the mid night oil completing surveys and clicking ads, the higher the pay check. On average, a standard member can view between 10-30 ads daily.

For Direct Referrals, every time your referral completes a survey, a standard member-those who have not upgrade their membership, earns 10% in commission. You can also rent referrals in DifBux at $0.20 for 30 days but it is advisable to extend duration because you will be cutting down on expenditure due to their attractive discount. There is a 30% discount if you extend it to 240 days.

neobux ptc review 2018


For novices with nothing more than a computer, an internet connection and positive attitude, I would confidently say NeoBux should be your first stop.

To get money, the company demands nothing from you irrespective of geographic location. Just signup, get a G-mail account and get inspired by the first guys-the money minters- who got in when the company launched in 2008.

When your account hits $2, you can choose to cash out but you can go on and on because there is no ceiling for earnings.

Payment can be expedited through Neteller, Skrill or Payza. Other than viewing ads and completing offers or surveys as common with other PTC sites, you can earn money in NEOBUXX by playing games.

For 9 years now, the company has been consistent in dispensing subscriber’s cash so we cannot say it is a scam and this can be verified from their 30 million loyal fans and clickers while not forgetting their impressive Alexa rank.

The recommended way of making money in NeoBux is through Mini Jobs, you can easily make $10 within 5 hours as each job takes roughly 8 minutes to complete. You can earn from Direct Referrals at 12% for all Mini Jobs they do and 20% when they finish up any coin offer.

adbtc ptc review 2018


AdBTC is a relatively young company that is based in Russia.

Let’s just say the site brings together advertisers and chaps like you and me who want to make money through referrals, clicking ads and for visiting websites. AdBTC pays in BTC only and so far, 24 BTC has been paid out to their 180,000 members.

This to me is awesome mainly because BTC is a fluctuating asset with an upwards potential. For each click you can earn as much as 0.01mBTC which can inch to 0.015mBTC on a good day. If you want to be paid per surf, then you can earn as much as 0.00007BTC a day if you surf as they 56 sites they advertise for at the moment.

You be paid 7% commission for direct referrals and your can withdraw directly to your wallet once your account strikes the 0.0015BTC mark.

clixsense ptc review 2018


This is a cool site to make money if you like completing surveys, making referrals, tasks and offers.

You won’t get it wrong with ClixSense because not only will you be working for experience professionals, you are sure your money will hit your Payoneer account regularly.

If Payoneer is not your preffered channel you can choose Neteller, Skrill or Payza but after this bank account linking comes after you have filled in all the needed details from your profile.

You earn $0.02 for viewing a 30 second ad and if your refer people who end up clicking more ads your earnings will increase because of that network effect. For those who favor surveys, the moment you sign up you will be assigned about 4 of them.

Complete each survey and your account is credited with anywhere between $0.5 and $1.25.

Thanks for reading the Top 5 PTC Clicking Ad Sites to Earn Free Bitcoin in 2018.




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