Top 6 Female Cryptocurrency Investors and Learn Investing with iCoin Pro

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency and meet the women who believe in cryptocurrency, and learn more about how to invest in cryptocurrency with iCoinPro.

Currency of the 21st Century: Cryptocurrency

Is your wallet weighed down with metal? Lighten your wallet and fill up your “bank account” with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency does not come in paper and metal form, and is being called “digital cash” or “electronic currency.”

One of the most notable and popular cryptocurrencies is called BitCoin, which is now used and accepted by multi-billion dollar companies across the globe.

Although the vast majority of society is not familiar with cryptocurrencies, there is a possibility that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin will become the international currency of the future.

It may be a surprise to you that plenty of women are getting involved in the cryptocurrency industry, however, it’s not a surprise to us! Cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin are not just the wave of the future, they are here now, and possibly to stay. If you’re wondering who uses bitcoin or how you can make money from using bitcoin, keep reading and get the answers to these questions and more!

Top 6 Female Cryptocurrency Investors

Elizabeth Rossiello Bitpesa

Elizabeth Rossiello- Meet Elizabeth Rossiello, the co-founder of BitPesa and current CEO of BitPesa, who is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Rossiello enables Africa to be on the global payment grid with her development of BitPesa, which focuses on making it easier to transfer funds to and from Africa through utilizing current technologies. Rossiello is also an expert in financial product development, has a Masters in International Finance, and speaks five languages!

Connie Gallippi- Connie Gallippi is the founder and executive director of @BitGiveOrg, which was founded in 2013 to create a positive philanthropic connection between the BitCoin industry and nonprofits as well as humanitarian organizations. Gallippi serves as a representative and spokesperson for BitCoin, BitGive, and educates others about the impact that BitCoin can have in the world of digital currency.

Cindy McAdam top bitcoin investor

Cindy McAdam- Cindy McAdam, the President of Xapo, which is a provider of bitcoin wallet, served as the General Counsel of Postini and was heavily involved in the General Counsel of mobile payments. She also played a critical role in the selling of Postini to Google for $643 million!

Alena Vranova cryptocurrency top female investor

Alena Vranova- Alena Vranova, the former CEO of Satoshi Labs, is now leading the team at Trezor in the BitCoin wallet industry. Her efforts ensure that your bitcoin investments are safe, and works towards making it more user-friendly.

Pamela Morgan top female cryptocurrency investor

Pamela Morgan – The CEO of Third Key Solutions, LLC. Pamela Morgan entered the Bitcoin industry in 2014. As an attorney, Morgan is interested in how blockchain technology can make legal processes faster. She is also credited for the creation of Empowered Law, which revolves around preserving crypto-friendly law practices. Her interest is in promoting the use of BitCoin in legal settings and gaining acceptance for BitCoin as a form of payment. Morgan is also a former college professor and previously taught courses about business, law, management, communication, and writing.

Blythe Masters top female cryptocurrency investor

Blythe Masters –Blythe Masters left behind her role as an executive at JPMorgan Chase to pursue her interest in BitCoin. Now, she is the founder of Digital Asset Holdings, a new business that offers settlement and ledger services. Masters is also known for becoming a director at JP Morgan at the young age of 28 and is an advisory board member of the US Chamber of Digital Commerce.

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2 thoughts on “Top 6 Female Cryptocurrency Investors and Learn Investing with iCoin Pro”

  1. BitGive is a cool charity with global focus and accessibility, and I’m glad to see them getting some spotlight. Pretty sure they contributed to The Water Project and a bunch of other stuff. I had no idea they were founded by a woman, but that’s exciting news!

    I’d never heard of BitPesa before this and had to do some Googling for follow-up, but it sounds like Ms. Rossiello is doing good things in Africa with Bitcoin. Currently only in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria, but that’s pretty impressive to be just four years into it. Definitely going to keep an eye on that one.

    There’s still a ton of room in the crypto market for financial services and other related stuff, so it would be really nice to see more women step up to the plate. I’m not at all surprised that women are involved in cryptocurrency, but since I AM a woman who’s had a Bitcoin wallet since 2013, maybe I’m a little biased?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Erika!

      I’m excited for all the new charities and non-profits centered around cryptocurrency.

      We have only scratched the surface, and since Bitcoin only began in 2009 and has only been realized by the masses in the last two years, I’m really excited to see the explosive growth in this sector.

      As far as Africa goes, some of my biggest leaders in business have come from Nigeria. iCoin Pro, the cryptocurrency training platform, is an ideal tool for Nigerians and Kenyans and other African countries to truly learn what cryptocurrency is and how to profit from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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