TOTUM ICO Review: Creating a Win-Win Gaming Platform

TOTUM ICO Review: Creating a Win-Win Gaming Platform

You know what, let’s pluck in some facts. I understand many fellas right here won’t do a thing, leave alone twitching without seeing some numbers. Interesting world for sure and some years back who would have even envisioned someone earning money from playing online video games? It would be ridiculous! Now, do you know that 71% of American parents think that video games is actually good fodder for their kids? Yes, they do. That is besides 77% of them playing with their children at least once a week.

Gaming is expanding and with each game hitting the market, the number of people joining the fray keep on growing. In 2016 alone close to $30B of American household money was in one way or another used to purchase gaming related gadgets.

This consumer spending alone contributed close to $12B to the US GDP and the number will undoubtedly continue to push limits going forward. Now, as an investor, would you like to tap in the global gaming industry? Well, there is a way you can do that with Totum.

Introducing Totum and Their Mission

Well, Totum is a Russian based company that is nothing but an awesome opportunity for gamers to fatten their bank account while playing their favorite online games. Totum will run on Ethereum meaning that it is decentralized and above all, provides that rare transparency that miss in most companies. It is simply a platform whose tokens can be used for in-platform purchase or exchange for other crypto-assets.

Totum is an idea that was conceived by a group of like-minded individuals who not only wanted everyone involved in the sector to grow and develop but also dismantle the skew that centralization brings. These guys wanted that win-win aspect that corporates hate to love.

With Totum, gamers can easily convert any workings of a web browser, a simple mobile or online game into an efficient tool that can be used to perfect its functionality. Basically, this platform provides a winning opportunity for everyone that is involved: players, game developers and publishers. Everyone will have a share.

What’s in for Gamers?

Now, you may be wondering how this works! It’s easy peasy guys. If you are a player, it’s often heart-warming when you see that super number you have racked over time when gaming. That’s the mark of virtual accomplishment but other than that short lived dopamine, that’s about it. Totum plans to reward you.

First, it realizes that that number not only represents your gaming expertise but most importantly all the time you have invested. Totum gives you an opportunity to convert this gaming number into TOTUM tokens that can be redeemed for cash or other crypto-asset in an external exchange or used for in platform game purchases.

Secondly, since you will be operating within one closed ecosystem, Totum will save you time when you want to play other games. By a click of a button, you will instantly transfer your TOTUMs-which were previous junk-from one game to another. If you are a player, you will instantly realize how that is a time saver and let’s not talk about the levels you will be jumping.

No way, you may say! Well dude, all this conversion and transfer is not only possible but extremely secure. I assume that by you reading this, you are already versed with blockchain and the decentralization it brings. It’s the very distribution that makes Totum ecosystem hacker proof and a vault meaning security is guaranteed.

Then, I talked of distribution or decentralization right? That also is advantageous because there will be many players that are connected online within the Totum system therefore coin transfer will be seamless and efficient.

All these are the benefits of decentralization that Totum leverages. It brings the much needed equity, reliability—oh no down time by the way, universality and profitability. Yes, profitability because that game balance can be exchanged into a Totum crypto-asset which can then be redeemed into fiat in an external exchange.

What It Solves For Developers

Over time, game developers have been on the receiving end. Let’s not forget about that layer of intermediaries that are not only keen on ripping developers but also want payments to be as slow as possible. Remember the fabled trickle down economy? It’s in the myth section courtesy of these guys, these intermediaries…I’m not being mean but this is true.

So, here’s the deal with Totum. Developers will earn extra cash by monetizing their game logic using TOTUM tokens as their means of exchange. That’s not all.

Totum places no hard ceilings and developers can fix a withdrawal limit they are comfortable with, the platform will only deduct a 30% miners fees. Besides the monetization aspect, Totum has this perfect technical integration that developers would surely love.

One of their objective is to create this simple but efficient interface where developers can test their logic through a readily available API and even additional connection to an external non-disruptive blockchain.

Ever heard of the Network Effect? This was a proposition forwarded by Robert Metcalfe back in the 80s. Totum use that proposition as a marketing tool. The logic is really simple and even laughable when you think about it.

Look, gamer’s time can now be converted to cash. Its money that people look every day and if people get to know about this, more gamers will be drawn to the platform and this won’t be a no brainer, it will create a network effect and as the platform becomes popular.

Totum also goes a step further and protects your earnings from the vagaries of volatility by securing your game logic by your name and rules.

Now what if I want to mine TOTUM?

Let’s now assume that you are not a gamer, in fact you think gaming is waste of precious time and you instead want to invest in mining equipment. Totum has you covered.

Earlier, I talked on the 30% mining fee charged on every transaction. That amount my friend will be channeled to miners whose identities are concealed and secured by the platform. If I was a miner, it’s that anonymity that I would first consider.

Other than the privacy that is well taken care of, there are no mining limits. This by itself means their tokens are attractive for investment meaning early adopters will benefit from capital gains.

Brains behind Totum Platform

Totum is a platform for gamers and it would be inconceivable if it was designed by guys who have no idea about gaming.

Take Vadim Cherepanov who is the CEO and Co-Founder for example. He’s not only a gamer but a crypto enthusiast and a blockchain evangelist with more than 10 years of entrepreneurship up his sleeve. Ivan Chernoshtan is also there to make sure that Totum has that wide reach.

He’s a marketing expert and before joining the team, he was leading top retail chains in the past 20 years. Ivan brings onboard marketing experience and skills he got from the more than 20 conferences he has attended.

David Williams Boateng will be serving Totum interests in Africa while Andrew Boyko is the CTO. Others include Margo Trofimova, Anton Rodionov, Elena Krykun and Alexander Russell Peach.

ICO details

For Totum to shape up, the company is looking to sell their TOTUM tokens. It is based on Ethereum meaning they are EIP-20 compliant and the only currency accepted is Ether (ETH). Because of mining, the total token supply is fixed at 15M and if you are interested you can buy a minimum of 10 TOTUMs each going at 0.0033ETH.

The maximum an individual can purchase is capped at 100,000 TOTUMs. Of the 15M TOTUMs, 88% will be sold during the ICO with early birds receiving a 20% bonus within the first 10 days. 5% of these tokens will be used for marketing and bounty programs and the team will keep 7% of these tokens.

Totum aims to raise a minimum of 3,300ETH and a maximum of 49,500 ETH.

The ICO begins on December 15, 2017 and ends on January 31, 2018.

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