TRON (TRX) Altcoin Review – The Next Innovation in Global Entertainment?

TRON (TRX) Altcoin Review – The Next Innovation in Global Entertainment?

It’s starting to feel like there’s a new cryptocurrency every day. The rise of bitcoin and the surge in value of altcoins has launched a wave of new ICO’s and IPO’s. However, the real question remains, how likely is it that these new altcoins will thrive in an increasingly crowded environment?

Today we’ll look at TRON, which has been making waves in the cryptocurrency world. In fact, there’s been such a buzz around TRON that its ICO caused Binance to crash, with users reporting waits of an hour or more to get in on the action. It’s already surpassed Bitcoin and Ethereum in the race to 10 million wallet users worldwide, and could be the next big thing.

Making Global Entertainment Truly Global

TRON is designed to handle payment, development, storage, and credit sharing for global digital entertainment platforms. That means someone in Thailand can purchase access to live entertainment from India without having to worry about overcoming the obstacles and barriers to payment that exist now.

Currently, the process of making this payment is incredibly tedious. The purchaser must either have a bank account in India, or must navigate a time-consuming series of exchanges to execute their transaction.

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TRON seeks to improve the efficiency of the global entertainment economy by acting as a universal currency and exchange host. The global entertainment industry is estimated at $1 trillion, so getting a piece of that pie can do wonders for the currency’s value.

Features and Uses

Consensus Mechanisms

The TRON Network uses innovative consensus mechanisms to resolve personal identification and credit issues in online transactions.

Point-to-Point Transactions

TRON employs point-to-point transactions which allows users to avoid centralized settlement structures.

Playing Host

TRON can act as a host between users and developers, verifying authenticity and compliance for credit information.

Smart Contract Protocol

TRON’s “Smart Contract Protocol” is what enables users to benefit from the features of this digital currency, breaking down information barriers that exist between apps and allowing apps to avoid becoming information silos as a result of the short monetization cycle inherent to entertainment apps and systems.

Blockchain Flexibility

TRON supports numerous blockchain networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and Qtum, which enhances its utility and liquidity

Gaming Currency Exchange

Additionally, gaming companies can issue any game or platform-specific currency and trade that currency freely with other publishers via TRON protocols. As a result, users can shift one game’s currency to another in a smooth and fast process. This sets up the foundation for a deregulated global gaming environment.

Trust in Gambling

While the online gambling industry has been booming, TRON stands to fuel it even more by creating a cross-platform system that provides authenticity and verification without going through centralized channels.


TRON is the brainchild of Justin Sun, founder and CEO. He has the notable distinction of being listed twice in Forbes 30 most influential Asians under 30. Mr. Sun also has the recognition of being the protégé of Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba. He created Peiwo, a Chinese version of Snapchat.

TRON’s first two rounds of ICO sold out in less than 5 seconds each, and it has only picked up steam since then. It had a pre-sale on Aug 29, and is looking at an IPO in the US soon.

TRX TRON chart altcoin review

Total Supply and Circulating Amount

As of Oct. 5, 2017, 12:50 P.M. UTC -5, TRON’s total circulating supply is 40,000,000,000 at a price per coin of $0.003208, giving it a total market capitalization of $128,320,800 USD. TRON has a total fixed supply of 100,000,000,000.

Conclusion: Should You Invest in TRON

TRON has a lot of things going for it which make it an appealing investment opportunity. It’s designed for an industry with a tremendous upside for growth (global entertainment) and the functionality it offers gamers means that it will likely become a particularly popular digital currency option.

Gamers and those interested in global digital entertainment are some of the most likely consumers to purchase and use a digital currency. Additionally, the benefits that TRON offers gamblers make it hard to compete with in the fast-growing online gambling world. Unlike some other altcoins, like No Limit (NLC2), TRON can be used across platforms and activities. As a result, users can take their online poker winnings and use them to buy access to a live concert in another country without having to go through a series of exchanges.

Furthermore, the smart contract protocol and ability to facilitate cross-platform transactions also gives TRON A leg up in terms of growth potential over some of the other coins that have hit the market lately. Therefore, we think that a moderate stake in TRON is a reasonably investment for any cryptocurrency portfolio, and can be a good choice if you are particularly interested in global entertainment, gaming, or online gambling.

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