Which Celebrities Are Promoting Cryptocurrencies?

The celebrities are more in touch with their fans all thanks to social media. The fans can be in constant touch with the celebrities and can know what they are up to currently with just a few clicks and swipes. The celebrities whether they are athletes, musicians, or actors keep a constant update in their social media about their new movies, songs, businesses, etc. The cryptocurrencies have been the new business move of many celebrities around the world. The Twitter has helped the people to know the stance of celebrities regarding cryptocurrencies and its applications.

Apparently, the number of cryptocurrency and Blockchain supporters is increasing rapidly in the limelight world. There are many celebrities who have publically made a tweet regarding their support to cryptocurrencies. This has even affected the user base of many cryptocurrencies those are being supported.

The fans have been able to accumulate knowledge regarding the cryptocurrency because of the support of their favourite celebrity towards it. Hence the cryptocurrencies are catching up to the normal people with the help of celebrities and their support. Here are some of the celebrities who have publically shown their support towards cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies.


The 45-year old African-American singer has announced a cryptocurrency of his own named “Akoin”. This will be the primary currency source in the Akon crypto city that is been planned to be built in Africa. The singer publically stated at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity that cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology would be the new saviour of Africa where the complete power will rest with the people and the security will be bought back to the currency system. The singer envisions the Akon crypto city to be a real-life “Wakanda” in reference to the Marvel movie “Black Panther” which could be achieved by cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Richard Branson

The founder of the Virgin group has expressed his profound love for cryptocurrency by investing $30 million USD in Bitcoin back in 2014. The Virgin airlines were one of the airlines that started accepting Bitcoin payments for the airline tickets which made Bitcoin popular amongst people and got them investing in them. The multi-billionaire has compete trust on the potential of the Bitcoin in the future and have wished the investors all success in their investment in Bitcoin. The optimism of the successful businessman towards Bitcoin has allowed other people to trust and invest in them.

Winklevoss Twins

The Winklevoss twins (Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss) are the living example of no matter what happens in life good luck always comes around. These entrepreneurs and Olympic rowing team members sued the Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg for stealing the idea of Facebook. After claiming around $65 million dollars from the Facebook lawsuit they invested their money in Bitcoin. Their $11 million dollar investment in Bitcoin turned into $1 billion dollars in 2013 which made them popular as “Bitcoin billionaires”. Hence the Winklevoss twins were a great inspiration for many investors of crypto from all around the world.

Ashton Kutcher

The tech fanatic Hollywood actor got his name back in 2013 when he depicted the legendary Steve Jobs (Founder of the Apple) in his biopic. The actor joined the vision of cryptocurrency back in 2014 when he tweeted about Ethereum. Many sources claim that Ashton is an active investor in BitPay. He is an active voice that supports the cryptocurrency with his regular updates on social media about the new happenings in the crypto industry.

DJ Khalid

The aristocratic music producer DJ Khalid also joined the tribe of celebrities that support IOCs and Blockchain. Many tweets and videos on Instagram followed regarding an ICO that he supported where he was shown demonstrating the application and showing his fans the crypto debit card. Such a rich voice of the industry will surely attract a lot of attention towards the cryptocurrency and the applications of Blockchain.

Jamie Fox

The 50-year old academy award winner has a few technological endorsements over the years. The cryptocurrency is one of the technologies that this actor supports. The actor showed his support to a Cryptocurrency Exchange platform with a tweet back in September 2017 which helped that platform raised around $10 million USD in a few weeks. Hence Jamie Fox also supports other cryptocurrencies and is an active investor according to a few sources.

Honourable mentions

Mike Tyson

The famous boxing legend partnered with Bitcoin Direct to promote their new line of Bitcoin ATMs and digital wallets for both iOS and Android platforms. The users of the wallet can sell and buy Bitcoin and store it in the wallet given by Bitcoin Direct.

Paris Hilton

The multiple-award-winning singer Paris Hilton had afflictions with a newly emerging cryptocurrency which she promoted using Twitter back in September 2017. The father of the famous singer was known to auction a $38 million USD mansion with the provision of bidding using Bitcoin.

Lionel Messi

The legendary football player joined hands with Sirin Labs developer of SOLARIN as their global brand ambassador. Lionel quoted in a promotional post saying that after an extensive research on Blockchain and decentralization he was excited to work with Sirin Labs.

Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino

Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino is an actor as well as a rapper who is also in the leagues of supporting cryptocurrency. The actor stated in an interview at the beginning of Bitcoin. He said that Bitcoin should be given a chance and people should be less skeptical. He also added that the path of cryptocurrency made more sense.

Floyd Mayweather

Talk about boxing stars in the field of cryptocurrency, Floyd Mayweather is a firm voice that has been associated with the crypto industry. The famous boxer endorsed an ICO platform for Blockchain prediction after which he was seen promoting a Blockchain based content marketplace. Hence the famous boxer was seen to promote cryptocurrency at its best.

Here are some of the celebrities who publically support cryptocurrency and Blockchain based technology. The investors find these celebrities as a huge influence in the field of crypto trading. Many claim that they have been attracted to the cryptocurrency after they saw the support of celebrities. Hence the cryptocurrency trading and Blockchain technology are on its way to mainstream success.

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