White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange as a Service

White label products have long been a mainstay in the business world. White label solutions enable companies to use the technology and services of another company for offering services, under their own brand name, to their clients without having to invest in creating the technology and infrastructure themselves.

The traditional financial world has seen many white label solutions and delving into the cryptocurrency space with a white label solution seems like a natural line of progression. Setting up a trading platform that will have highly scalable trading performance, robust security system and an alert customer support team is challenging, so Limitlex took it upon themselves to provide a white label solution for other companies to easily start their own cryptocurrency exchanges. Limitlex will thus provide a customizable cryptocurrency trading platform for any businesses that want to have a crypto exchange of their own.

Limitlex White Label Partnership will provide traditional financial-service companies from around the globe with a reliable and cutting-edge platform that will cater to small and large companies alike. Additionally, trading sites that already offer stocks, CFDs or Forex will be able to use the white label solution to effortlessly expand their existing trading systems with the offering of cryptocurrency trading.

Every white label exchange will be customized in accordance with the client’s needs to maximize their earning potential. As a white label partner, they will receive a fast-working trading platform with their name, brand and logo. The white label partners will be able to list all of the currencies listed on the Limitlex exchange, or only a select few if they choose so. The main reasons to take advantage of the Limitlex’s White Label Partnership are:

  • Trading Platform: A trading platform is a part of the exchange where users take part in trading cryptocurrencies. Creating such an intricate system is a very demanding and delicate endeavor, so many businesses will want to remove the hassle of creating their own exchange platform and leave that to the Limitlex’s IT experts.
  • Smart Crypto Exchange: Limitlex will introduce the world’s first ‘smart’ cryptocurrency exchange with a set of innovative functions and smart features that will simplify transactions, enable a more advanced portfolio management and open up new opportunities in crypto trading. The white label partners will thus be able to provide their clients the best crypto trading platform unparalleled by any other currently on the market.
  • Currency Listing: White label partners can choose which cryptocurrencies users will be able to trade on their exchange. They can choose among coins, tokens and even fiat currencies.
  • Customisable Layout: White label partners can customize their exchange platform in terms of branding, color, and overall layout, in order to best suit their users’ needs.
  • Liquidity: Limitlex exchange users and affiliated white label partners will all share in an aggregated pool of liquidity on the platform. This means all users will have access to high liquidity and bountiful trading opportunities from the very beginning.
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM): Quick and reliable customer service is paramount if a business wishes to run a successful exchange, but it can also be quite expensive for smaller companies. This is why the Limitlex white label solution will have multiple exchange operators with share customer relations management teams, thus reducing the overall costs without sacrificing fast and responsible customer support.
  • Multilingual: The user interface of the exchange will at first be available in English, but will soon have Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and many other languages added to it.

To provide the best deals for their services and offerings, Limitlex will generate a new Ethereum-based utility token LMX, which will be used to pay transaction fees on the exchange and partner program fees at significant discounts.

When running a white label exchange, the transaction fees are split between Limitlex and the white label partner. Instead of automatically splitting the fees, white label partners will have the option to pay for Limitlex’s share of the fees in LMX tokens. When choosing that method, the white label partners will receive discounted fees, thus enjoying a better fee split in their favor.

For all white label partners Limitlex will provide a fully functioning white label cryptocurrency exchange service. Clients will need minimal investment, development, security and administration, as Limitlex will lay out a complete front- and back-end solution. From cutting-edge trading platform, a high liquidity pool to administrative and multilingual customer support, Limitlex will make sure their partners have a swiftly running cryptocurrency exchange and all users a pleasant trading experience.

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