Why Investing In Bitcoin And Ethereum Are Beneficial At This Time?

The year 2018 is almost halfway done and in that time it has brought a significant growth in the market of cryptocurrency. The market growth has been beneficial for many investors who invested in many prominent cryptocurrencies. But the growth of cryptocurrency market was short-lived and since May 2018, the market dropped nearly 18% and has been quivering since last week. The cryptocurrencies that were stable during this market fluctuation were Bitcoin and Ethereum.

There are many investors and cryptocurrency experts who advise on being ruthless in investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. These two cryptocurrencies are considered as the future of cryptocurrency and as they both are the top two cryptocurrencies, investing in them seems completely fair. There are many advantages of investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum that you should consider if you are unsure about the potential of these two cryptocurrencies.

The fact that Bitcoin and Ethereum coins were least affected during the market fluctuation proves that Ethereum and Bitcoin are beneficial as a market investment. The Blockchain technology that Bitcoin and Ethereum uses are high-end that can take care of all the transaction that happens in the network along with efficient user data security. Apart from these advantages, there are many advantages that should be considered by investors to choose coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for successfully conducting business.

Growing User Adoption Rates

There are many new investors and miners who are entering the field of cryptocurrency at a fast rate. They are basically trying to infiltrate the market using the best cryptocurrency to conduct business. Hence they are adopting the first two cryptocurrencies on the list Bitcoin and Ethereum which has a market capital of $123 billion USD and $53 billion USD respectively. The active number of Bitcoin wallets has increased to over $24 million. There is a large population of investors from all over the world who have adopted these cryptocurrencies.

Solving of Scalability Issue

The scalability is a pivotal issue in many cryptocurrencies. Although the transactional capacity of Ethereum and Bitcoin is far less from other traditional payment platforms such as PayPal or Visa, the developers at Bitcoin and Ethereum are making significant efforts to change to their system to solve the scalability issue. These changes can open doors for Ethereum and Bitcoin to many investors who are looking for a faster and capable cryptocurrency.


If you are not a big fan of government policy that is designed to manipulate your earnings, then cryptocurrencies are the appropriate option for your needs. The cryptocurrencies are decentralized currencies which mean that there is no government policy that governs the cryptocurrency rules and price. The coins can be mined by miners and can be traded to merchants without following any rules except the rules set by the cryptocurrency. The miners and investors can appeal for any regulation change with the cryptocurrency authorities which is adhered and changed if it is the majority opinion.

Improving Security

The security of the Bitcoin and Ethereum is well-recognized in the market and these cryptocurrencies are making efforts to furthermore enhance the security for greater user experience. The enhanced security will ensure the security of your investment in the future and hence develop your business. The wallets are also developed according to the needs of the investors. The security of the wallet is also enhanced along with the cryptocurrency. In the wallet, you can secure your investment for a long time without threats from any attackers.

Massive Return Rates

The return rates on Bitcoin and Ethereum is really high and is really beneficial for investors. If you compare the current rates with the previous year rates of Bitcoin and Ethereum, you will see a great deal of growth which is consistent and continuous. The market growth projection is showing a great deal of business potential for investors and miners alike. Such return rates can also be seen for many other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Business Acceptation

The businesses from all over the world are seeing the potential of the cryptocurrency and are using them for their business transactions. The adoption of Bitcoin and Ethereum on an enterprise-scale has been massive where they have made these coins their primary mode of transactions. There are many online cryptocurrency exchange platforms that are helping many small-scale and large-scale businesses to get their hands on Bitcoin and Ethereum in exchange for FIAT currencies. Hence the businesses from all over the world have accepted cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with open arms.

Here are the advantages and future scope of Bitcoin and Ethereum that have justified that investing in them is beneficial for their future. Bitcoin and Ethereum are on the top ten cryptocurrency list that makes it a revolutionary entity in the field of digital investment and business investment.

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