Xmoneta ICO Token Review: Social Messenger for Value transactions?

Xmoneta ICO Token Review Social Messenger for Value transactions

Do you think of communication as a type of transaction? It makes sense if you look at it from a business perspective. Every phone call and email you send out should contain valuable information for the recipient and you hope the recipient will send value back.

You just hope that there are no government snoops or malicious actors intercepting your information every time that you send out an email or pay for a purchase with a credit card. Xmoneta Social Messenger claims to think the same way with its encrypted messenger for social and encrypted communication. However, is its token sale worth investing in?

What Xmoneta Social Messenger Can Do

Xmoneta aims to be the encrypted social messenger that you can use not only to communicate with friends, but also to buy products and book services. Not surprisingly because it is a blockchain app, it will have a wallet that it claims is secure. (Take that with a grain of salt, if you like.) It will also have a market platform that can be used to trade. It will also be good for businesses that want a way to reach the digitally connected audience beside Facebook and Twitter.

We may have gotten used to the trade-off between privacy, security, and convenience. Who expects privacy if they’re sharing pictures of their breakfast on Instagram, right? However, Xmoneta offers privacy when and if you want it and figures that it’s none of the government’s business if you got up at noon and decide to order pizza for breakfast.

Token Sale Upcoming

Naturally, Xmoneta is raising funds with an upcoming token sale with token bonuses and a free Xmoneta card for large investors. The Pre-ICO starts on January 25th.

And what do you get for investing even if you aren’t a heavy hitter in the Ethereum world? It’s kinda hard to tell beyond yet another ERC20-compliant token that you can hold in your wallet, spend on the upcoming Xmoneta marketplace, or dump on exchanges. According to the timeline, the app will be released in early February and some may prefer to wait until they see (excuse the possibly-avoidable pun) what’s up with the app.

Possible Weaknesses?

If there are any possible weaknesses, it’s that the app might become bogged down with potential spam and scams. So any listing you look at could turn into a potential caveat emptor. It may be possible to cut down on the spam with the nominal fee per listing in the marketplace and a realization that you aren’t going to get an authentic pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses for $10. Adding a reputation system that relies on the number of successful transactions that each user has participated in may also be a good idea.

Another weakness: Xmoneta’s Medium appears to be mostly repeated posts about the bonuses you can get by participating in the token sale and the posts are poorly written at that. It’s possible that nobody ever told these guys that you shouldn’t skimp on the content writer if you want people to take you seriously.

First impressions do matter and it’s tough to make a good first impression if your Medium account looks like a train wreck and all you can do is claim that you’re the best-ever ICO with very little to back that up beyond big token bonuses.

While I might choose an ICO that has a great product and offer to help with the marketing in exchange for bounties, the fact that Xmoneta hasn’t released its baseline product yet doesn’t exactly spark confidence in light of its unfortunately neglected Medium account.

Xmoneta also has no listing on ICOBench or ICOBazaar. Which basically means that investors should use caution when deciding where to put their ETH and maybe take a pass on at least the pre-ICO sale due to the limited information, not-so-impressive Medium account, and lack of an actual app that potential investors will want to look at more closely before making up their minds.

If it works, it can be a great tool for people who care about their privacy and business that want to do more selling through online apps that protect the right of buyers and sellers to conduct transactions with no one getting in the middle and telling them that they can’t. If it doesn’t, cautious investors will lose nothing if they just refuse to invest in a chancy ICO.

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